5 awesome things you didn’t know about ITPI’s Italian CEO

Architect Romolo V Nati at Philippines Clean Energy Financing Forum

Architect Romolo V Nati at Philippines Clean Energy Financing Forum held 21 November 2013, where he was invited to speak on green buildings and sustainable development


He’s brilliant, he’s charming, and he talks about his work so passionately that you can’t leave the room without starting to feel strongly about his advocacies as well. Maybe it’s the Italian in him, but mostly it’s the man himself. He is Romolo Valentino Nati, the CEO and Architect of Italpinas, developer of Primavera Residences in Cagayan de Oro.

I have heard so many good things about this inspiring and brilliant guy, and I was finally able to meet him for a little interview recently. The interview proved fruitful, and what I learned about the highly interesting and charismatic Architect Nati, I’m now sharing with you. And yes, ladies, he’s a certified bachelor.

Here are five amazing things about ITPI’s Italian architect.

1. He’s an animal welfare advocate.

A lot of people care about pets, but not everyone does something about it. Not so with Arch. Nati. Being a lover of pets and animals since he was little has spurred him to take on a role in helping improve the plight of animals. He actively supports animal welfare organizations and does everything he could to alleviate the suffering of animals. How uber cool is that?

2. His first love is not architecture.

Yup, you read it right. His first love is something else — cars! He once entered and won awards from car giants BMW and Mitsubishi for car design. Architecture followed soon after.

3. His Favorite Filipino architectural design is the Bahay Kubo.

Sure, he likes the design of several buildings in the Philippines, but his hands-down most favorite? The Bahay Kubo. It is a good example of sustainable and eco-friendly design, says Arch. Nati. The bahay kubo is made from natural materials found in the vicinity of the house, the wall and the floor is built in such a way that allows proper ventilation, and the flooring is raised to avoid being flooded.

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Aside from the bahay kubo, he also cited the houses at Tondo as an interesting piece of architecture. The designs which are made of scraps or whatever materials are available and built on very little area take a lot of creativity and know-how to build.

4. He cooks the best pasta.

In cooking, just like in design, he strives to improve on his previous work and outperform himself each time. The result? Excellent, of course. For now his favorite pasta to whip up is a magical concoction with seafood.

5. He’s born on the 14th of February

He’s born on Valentine’s Day, thus the second name Valentino. Romolo Valentino Nati (or RVN as he is fondly called) celebrates both his birthday and Valentine’s Day on the same date.

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