5 reasons Ms. Primavera rocks

Beauty queens come and go, but there are those who truly stand out from the sea of pageant winners. Miss Primavera 2013 Kristia Jolina Alde is one of them. With a stellar mix of beauty, charm, personality, and smarts, she’s a certified knockout who is sure to win the hearts of not only the Kagay-anons, but the rest of the world as well.

Here are the top 5 reasons Kristia is a real world-class Kagay-anon beauty.

1. She’s drop-dead gorgeous!


5 reasons Ms Primavera rocks | Kristia Jolina Alde


Time to close your gaping mouths, guys, and for Pete’s sake, rearrange those slack jaws! But I can’t blame you though. This girl is sizzling with timeless elegance, loads of appeal, and that undeniably beautiful and classic Filipina look. Aside from Miss Primavera 2013, she was also crowned Miss Silka Cagayan de Oro 2011, as a testament to her flawless beauty!


2. She’s Got a Fun & Fab personality

 What’s a pretty face without the great personality to match? Luckily, Kristia has both. With her funny and carefree disposition, positive yet realistic perspective, plus her awesome confidence, she’s quite beautiful in the inside too!

3. Family-oriented? Check!


5 reasons Ms Primavera rocks | Kristia Jolina Alde

When style effortlessly blends with substance. Miss Primavera at the Primavera Residences.


She loves her family dearly and looks up to her mom as her main role model in life. Following her mom’s footsteps, she strives to become the selfless, caring, and inspiring woman that other young ladies could look up to.


4. She’s not just a pretty face! She’s smart too!

She’s pretty eloquent and knows exactly what we could do and how we could help Cagayan de Oro reach its potentials as a booming, world-class city.


5. She’s a soon-to-be Civil Engineer!


 5 reasons Ms Primavera rocks | Kristia Jolina Alde

A true-blue Kagay-anon beauty


Speaking of intelligence, this girl’s surely got the brains to become a kick-ass civil engineer someday. She is currently on her 3rd year of studying BS Civil Engineering in Ateneo de Cagayan University (Xavier University), and she believes that being a civil engineer is “the most rewarding, hands-on, and people-oriented profession because it makes people’s lives easier”.

No wonder she is crowned Miss Primavera, right? She absolutely embodies the qualities that make Primavera Residences stand out not only in Cagayan de Oro but in the rest of the world. A world-class beauty to match a world-class eco-friendly facility. Simply two of a kind!

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