5 things you need to know about business and investment opportunities in CdO

5 things you need to know about business and investment opportunities in CdO


I recently attended the Sustainable Opportunities and Advocacies in the Region (SOAR) Business and Investment Forum conducted by Primavera Residences and BPI Family Savings Bank. It turned out to be a very exciting and fruitful few hours.

The event was divided into three parts:

• an Economic and Investment Opportunity Briefing conducted by Mr. Louis Sidney “Mark” T. Capanzana the Investment Counselor/ Trust Officer of BPI-Cagayan de Oro
• a talk about Green Architecture Design and Construction conducted by Italpinas CEO Mr. Romolo Nati, and
• a discussion on Bank Products and Services by Ms. Tyrene Tanaka of BPI Family Savings Bank

As a quick rundown of the thoroughly enlightening activity, here are 5 important things that every investment-savvy individual must know.

1. The Different Concepts of Investing

Before you decide to put your money in an investment, make sure to arm yourself with the basic knowledge first. Are you already familiar with the 7 concepts of investing? If not, head over to this link to get the blow-by-blow account of the topic.

2. Eco-friendly investments

Did you know that green properties are appraised 10 – 15% higher than its non-green counterparts? And that retail sales of eco-friendly buildings are higher by 20%, and they sell twice as fast as conventional homes? If you’re planning to invest in real estate, green properties are the way to go. Not only will you be helping the environment, you are getting a surefire win-win investment too!

3. Housing Loans

If you need a little help on securing finances for your dream home, let your friendly neighborhood bank help you out. BPI Family Savings Bank has easy loan terms and friendly rates to help you get going. Visit their CDO Business Center at the 2nd floor of BPI Lapasan Branch in C.M. Recto Ave, Cagayan de Oro for more details and sound advice that is perfectly tailored for you.

4. Franchising Loans

Thinking of opening up a franchise but lacking funds to start? No worries because there’s BPI Ka-Negosyo Franchising Loan to the rescue! Here are some details that you might be very interested in.

5. The first and only eco-friendly location in CDO

In just 3 years, Primavera Residences, the first green building in Cagayan de Oro, has already sold 188 units with a total value of Php 367 million. Why are these units selling like hotcakes, you ask? Aside from its eco-friendly design that allows lesser costs in upkeep and maintenance, its chic uptown location is carefully picked. Not only is it 110 meters above sea level, it is also strategically located in Pueblo de Oro Business Park.


Click here to know why Primavera Residences is the perfect real estate investment in Cagayan de Oro.