5 Useful Tips to Maximize Your Space


maximize space

The rising cost of the real estate assets in the Philippines is generally based in two things: location and size. Especially for properties in prime locations, it is sometimes necessary to downsize in order to achieve a cost-effective investment. In this case, for a condominium unit.

A typical condo unit in the Philippines comes in different sizes and structures that are expectedly smaller than our usual homes, however, this does not imply that condo occupants need to sacrifice the comfort of their property.

Living in a studio or a small apartment (pad) can be quite difficult. There’ll be little space for desired furniture and appliances. This challenge somehow gives the owner an idea to hire professional interior designers, but we know that this can be very expensive. With just the right amount of planning and organizing, maximizing the space in your unit and apartment could be put off easily.

Here are some 5 useful condo design ideas that can maximize the space and make it visually bigger:

  1. Buy things that are dual purpose

Before resorting to any cheats to create an illusion of space, think first of ways on how you can actually make space. Double-purpose furniture, such as sofa beds, allow you to accommodate guests for daytime chit-chat and night time sleep over, without actually wasting space on added furniture. There are also sofa tables where extended chairs are available which could save you a lot of space in your home.

  1. Store things neatly

Small things, when put together, can be potentially big. Your usual clutters may eat up your tabletop and floor space when not arranged accordingly. These refer to your small belongings, cleaning items and tiny figurines and decors.

You may look around for potential storage spaces. Under your bed, a secret cabinet under your couch, or buy a stool that has hidden drawers or compartments. The space under the staircase may be used for shelves and cabinets to hide bigger items such vacuum cleaner and baby stroller.

  1. The brighter, the bigger

Perhaps the most basic step in creating a grand optical illusion is to maximize light. Proper lighting combines the right use of natural and artificial lights. Use lamps to bounce off light towards the ceiling, making it appear higher. Using corner spotlights, instead of a center chandelier, provides added brightness and more visual space. For spotlights, consider using LED bulbs for an energy-efficient home design.

  1. Choose vibrant colors for your furniture

Neutral base paint that matches neutral furnishings can be very dark and boring. Bright and eye-catching furniture such as sofa, throw pillows, curtains and carpets can add texture to your space. It also lets you see the amount of space you have in your unit or apartment.

  1. Looking through

Put on light-colored, thin draperies to allow guests to look through your windows, creating an impression of the outside view as an extension of your home. What’s better than visually pushing back the walls? You can also let the mirror do the trick. Mirrors never fail to create an illusion to make your space look wider. Use them in living room and hallways. Putting these ideas together essentially points out one thing – allow people to look through.

On May 24 last year, Primavera Residences in partnership with Truly Wealthy Realty and interior designer Anna Christina Sagarbarria began a series of workshops that tackled how to maximize small spaces. For details on upcoming events and learning sessions, like the Primavera Residences Official Facebook page or visit www.primaveraresidences.com.