5 Ways Filipinos can Adapt to Climate Change

How Filipinos can Adapt to Climate Change

How can Filipinos adapt to climate change?

The recent typhoons and floods that devastated the country should be enough proof that indeed the known and familiar weather patterns are gone. What we have now is a change in weather disturbances made more intense. And they are more destructive if we do not develop climate resiliency and allow these natural occurrences to take us unaware every time.

We cannot just rely on our policy-makers. We are part of this society. We need to put in our little efforts too in adapting to climate change.

1. Check our lifestyles. Even if we say it is not our fault that we are experiencing this climate change, we cannot deny that each of us has a carbon footprint. We can definitely help lessen carbon levels by holding our own emissions in check. And in here it might be good to say, do so even if others did not, do not and will not.

2. Check the sturdiness of your houses. If you had been complacent even if your houses had been patched up over the years with light weight materials, you might want to check if these are still durable against the more intense weather conditions.

3. Plant more trees and plants around our houses. It will certainly help cool down your house, which will help in lessening your use of fans and air conditioners. For houses without a backyard, potted plants are still a good option. It not only helps the environment but also adds to aesthetics.

4. For those who are involved in the agricultural industry, monitor your processes and outputs. There might be a new pattern emerging or there might be problems that are best addressed at the onset to prevent further damage. Try to venture into indigenous crop varieties that might not produce high yields such as their commercial counterparts but are durable and would be less prone to damages caused by intense weather.

5. Finally, monitor weather reports as often as you browse your Facebook news feed. It is not a habit of Filipinos to check the weather situation when they leave their houses. As a consequence, many get stranded outside when a storm sets in. Many are caught unaware.

Although these simple ways will not reverse the reality of climate change, these are good steps we can take to prepare ourselves and be more ready to face nature’s new challenges.

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