A Tribute Night at Primavera Residences to Celebrate Women’s Month

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A Tribute Night at Primavera Residences to Celebrate Women’s Month

It’s March and it means one thing: it’s international women’s month. During this time of the year, public and private organizations across the globe find time to celebrate the role of women in societies. As a show of honor and gratitude to the strong and beautiful women of CDO, Primavera Residences is also cooking up activities that you sure must not miss. Dubbed as “Women’s Night at Primavera: A Tribute to the Strength and Resiliency of the Modern Empowered Women”, this women’s night event will be held on March 22nd at the multi-purpose hall of Primavera Residences from 6PM to 9PM. It will be a night of cocktails and chatting, a showcase of women’s talent through the art exhibits and inspiring thoughts from notable women of Northern Mindanao.

As a proud woman myself, I’d like to quote one of my favorite lines on women empowerment from the lovely Nancy Reagan that says “A woman is like a tea bag: you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” Wonderful line from a wonderful woman, isn’t it? Oh, I’d like to make it even more specific. Let’s use the term “modern woman” to make it even more impactful. This does not mean that we belittle the men out there. As the cliché goes, a man will always be a man. What the quote simply says is that women have their strengths and they can contribute to the society as much as men can.

Since it women’s month anyway, I’d like to share to you a simple truth and you have to agree with me on this: the secret behind every man’s success is a woman. Really, the woman is a man’s backseat driver in the many things he does. She makes him behave, she dresses him up decently, she plans where to dine for a date, and she drags him to church. I could go and on but the list is endless for the woman’s capabilities is boundless, both at home and in society. This is no theory because history itself recorded women empowerment in politics and the labor force, which is even more manifested these days. No wonder career women with families are coined as “super women” because they can juggle work and kids and husband chores. Now that is something!

Here in the Philippines, we pay tribute to the strong and resilient “Juanas” who inspired positive changes to our country. Did Miriam Defensor Santiago cross your mind? Yes, she makes a good example, and she is just one of the many resilient “Juanas” who inspires women to come out of their shell and be the strong woman that they are.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars this 22nd for a night of fun and socialization at the premiere eco-friendly residential condo of uptown CDO. Remember though, this event is not just for women, it’s for everyone. But it’s a celebration for women and we wish to highlight the beauty of a woman’s role not just in the home, or in society but to the entire world.



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