Animal welfare in Cagayan de Oro – what can you do to help

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Or maybe you love all kinds of animals equally? Then there’s great news for you! Primavera Residences, the newest eco-friendly location here in Cagayan de Oro, is a partner of CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) Welfare  Philippines. They actually keep rescued cats in their premises –  all properly taken care of, and spayed/neutered to prevent overpopulation. Dogs are welcome too! So far they have one adopted dog and two cats. Now, how many businesses in the city actually does that?

Compassion to animals contribute to being a “world-class Kagay-anon” and it goes beyond mere appreciation of “how cute and cuddly” a pet is. It entails a lot of responsibility, initiative, awareness of animal rights, and a genuine care towards the plight of animals.

You can be a world-class Kagay-anon animal advocate in your own little way! Here are three ways you can help improve animal welfare in the city.

1. Be a responsible pet owner.

Having a pet is not merely about fun and play (or even making it as a prop to talk to members of the opposite sex). It comes with a lot of responsibility. When you get a pet, you are responsible for the life of that living creature, and it is your duty to nurture your pet for as long as he lives. Make sure that you are capable of investing time and money for the well-being of your pet. The selection process matters too. Choose a pet that is well-suited to your environment. This means, you need to do some research before you go out and get a pet.

Aside from the pet’s compatibility with your home, family, location, temperament, and schedule, you also have to ensure that the pet gets the complete preventive vaccines and proper training. That way, both you and your pet, will get the best out of your relationship.

2. Adopt stray pets!

Unfortunately, not everyone is a responsible pet owner. There are those who do not bother caring for their furry family members. As a result, many strays live on the streets – getting exposed to diseases, cruelty, hunger, malnutrition, and all sorts of suffering. Instead of being impounded, or worse – euthanized, why don’t you consider rescuing that poor cat or dog who lives off the scraps in your street? With a bath, a visit to the vet, and lots of attention, that scrawny little stray is sure to bloom under your care!


Animal Welfare in Cagayan de Oro

Meet Kitkat, the stray cat we adopted a few months back. Look how she’s bloomed!


3. Talk to like-minded friends.

Whether you choose to form an animal advocacy group or join an existing one, more heads are always better than one! So get together with your animal lover friends and discuss what you can do together to help the animal welfare situation in Cagayan de Oro. Every little help counts!

Be an animal welfare advocate in CDO! Click here to talk with fellow animal lovers.  

To find out how to volunteer with CARA, an animal welfare group in the Philippines, click here.