Cagayan de Oro’s Breathing Space Joins the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog 2014 Writing Project


A lot has happened since we started this blog in 2013. Since then, we are proud of what this blog has achieved in just a short period of time. Cagayan de Oro’s Breathing Space has become a hub of news and events related to CdO and Primavera Residences, as well as a valuable source of information on topics that are dear to us – sustainable living and development. We are also proud that this space has become an avenue for other CdO bloggers to share their thoughts and ideas about the city and on various subjects that inspire them.

It is for these reasons that we are joining a global writing project called the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014. Part of the criteria for joining in this project is to blog and list down what we think are the ten most influential emerging blogs. These blogs need to met the criteria of the competition. We’ve selected the blogs mainly for their interesting and notable content.

Below is our list of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in the Philippines:

1. Cagayan de Oro’s Breathing Space


We included our very own blog in the list because we believe we are making a positive influence on the community through our stories and experiences about our design philosophy. Through our informative articles on sustainable development and design, we are inspiring our readers to live a better life by having a more responsible and greener lifestyle.

2. Not Your Ordinary Mum


We love the perspective of this mom, and her recipes. She brings a refreshing and vibrant POV into the blogosphere.

3. Dok Tour


It is indeed rare to see someone from the medical profession blog and have so much doing it. It would be very interesting to follow more of the experiences of this blogger.

4. Dateline Movies


This is a blog of a 14-year old boy who is a certified movie buff. He uses this blog to offer his thoughts and comments about movies and anything related to it. We’re impressed that someone this young will have definitive opinions about things that matter to him and have the eagerness and skill to share these opinions to others.

5. Knowing Ropes


This blogger uses her blog as another way to connect with her students. The first topics are indirect answers to the questions of her students.

6. Nutri Facts in the Packs


We think we need more of this kind of blog, which helps promote nutrition consciousness by describing nutrition facts and figures of what we eat and drink. The blog’s author believes that becoming an informed consumer is a way to a healthier eating lifestyle.

7. Quite Simple Bits


This blog is dedicated to the pursuit of simple and sustainable living by making gradual changes in the blogger’s family’s choices and habits. She provides easy-to-understand information about climate change and how to conserve energy. A blog after our own heart.

8. JLofied


We like the tips and practical advice this blogger gives related to her industry (events and marketing). We also like its key idea of inspiring women and encouraging them to be the woman they want to be.

9. Rackethub


“Raket” is an informal Filipino term meaning sideline. The blogger shares tips learned from attending webinars and seminars for entrepreneurs. Handy resource for aspiring entrepreneurs.

10. Dizkarteng Noypi – “Ang Tambayan ng Madiskarteng Pinoy!”


Written in Taglish (Tagalog and English), this blog aims to promote financial literacy and help Filipinos achieve financial independence. How can we not support that?


The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog 2014 Writing Project is spearheaded by one of the country’s top Internet marketing specialist and blogger, Janette Toral – founder of Digital Filipino Club.

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