Career Opportunities in Real Estate Highlighted in CUAA Seminar

CUAA career seminar speakers

As part of its continuing mission to provide its members with activities and opportunities that benefit the community, Capitol University Alumni Association (CUAA) recently conducted a career orientation seminar on real estate at its Audio Visual Room. Organized in partnership with Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corp. (ITPI) – a Cagayan de Oro property developer specializing in sustainable development and design, the seminar sought to provide guidance to Capitol University students seeking career development in real estate.

About 180 students from Capitol University and guests from other schools attended the seminar. Career opportunities in real estate in the country and abroad were presented to the students during the seminar. Participants also learned about the techniques on how to respond to an increasingly global market of Philippine buyers and sellers.

CUAA career seminar

National Real Estate Association (NREA) president Alejandro Mañalac, who was one of the guest speakers at the event, lauded CUAA for organizing the seminar.

“It was a very good initiative done by the university to open the eyes of the students and have a different perception of real estate, exposing them to different aspects of the industry,” he said.

CUAA Board Member and Coordinator Mark Doblas also shared: “It has been a delight to serve our general membership yet the opportunity to extend these services to the students and to the community as a whole is even more delightful and fulfilling.”

Also invited to speak at the seminar were Cheryll Barriga, general manager of Primavera Residences – an initial project of ITPI – and Lorens Ziller, chairman of Multiplata Investment Group. Barriga presented Primavera Residences as a case study on sustainable development.

Cheryll Barriga at CUAA seminar

Recognizing the increasing number of real estate developments in Cagayan de Oro and their significant contributions to the city’s economy, the association believed that students should start exploring the industry as a career potential.

“Real estate is not just for salesmen or brokers. For students, it doesn’t mean that their future is dependent on the course they’re taking. The most important thing is for people now to consider real estate as a true profession – as a true career not just a sideline, but a real full time profession,” shared Mañalac.

For more information about Primavera Residences, visit or call (088) 310-8173, 0917-7921078.