Cagayan de Oro Rugby’s Noel Villa: Training Smarter with D.T.A. (Dynamic Training Approach)

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Passion. Character. Strength.

These three words are what describe best the main man of rugby football in Cagayan de Oro. For Noel Villa, the one man who introduced the remarkable tackling and full-contact sport to Kagay-anons, it’s all about the courage and the determination to pursue his goals and share his advocacies.

Noel has been extensively trained in rugby football in the UK as early as 8 years old, and in this tough sport that combines the use of strength, speed and strategy, he found his calling. Inspired by how this game has taught him discipline and self-control, he moved back to the Philippines and pursue his dream to better the youth through the sport.

After a year of building the Cagayan de Oro Rugby Club from the ground up, Noel’s team now has 30 active rugby players, and it continues to grow with his ‘Get Into Rugby’ program for children, high school and college students – for both men and women alike. Through his leadership and training, the CDO Rugby Club or the CDO Rafters, took home the championship cup in the recent Philippine National Games Rugby 7s Shield Division.

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While in the UK for 27 years, aside from playing his favorite sport, rugby, and representing his school and town in various rugby games, Noel also worked as a personal trainer and Body Conditioning Coach.

With his extensive background in sports, coaching, and fitness training, Noel also shares his expertise in DTA or Dynamic Training Approach, a specialized training approach that focuses on body sculpting, strength training, and sports conditioning. His years of working with some of the world’s top fitness professionals, athletes, and strength coaches make him your perfect partner in achieving your fitness goals.

Catch coach Noel Villa this coming July 26, 4:30PM as he talks about how to train smart with Dynamic Training Approach, and see how you too can achieve your ideal weight and fitness level.

Primavera Wellness Day, July 26, will also feature a wellness talk by Chef Ivy Trapero of the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro at 3PM, a free wellness evaluation for all participants, and a yoga party finale with Ms. Julie Bonita Corrales of The YOGAHOME. All this is happening at the multi-purpose hall of Primavera Residences.

 All photos courtesy of Cagayan de Oro Rugby Club


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