Congratulations to the February Social Media Contest Winner!

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For February this year, we asked everyone to send their Valentine selfies with the Primavera Residences building or booth in the background.


We received several entries, but the entry submitted by Mr. Shim Suan and his family won our hearts and garnered dozens of likes from the Facebook community.

Suan family
The winning entry

As the selected February social media contest winner, Mr. Shim Suan and family won a dinner date courtesy of Primavera Residences.

Here are some photos from their family dinner date at Barkadahan Grill in Primavera Residences. The entire family claimed the prize last Sunday, March 30.


2014-03-30 17.53.27_1 (1)

2014-03-30 17.57.39_1 (1)

Thank you so much, Suan family!

Many thanks also to the management and staff of Barkadahan Grill Pueblo for the assistance and support.

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