EEK-O-FRIENDLY Ideas: 10 Fun Ways to Go Green this Halloween!


Just like other holidays, the Halloween season can rake in a hefty amount of carbon footprint and make a huge impact on the environment. Trick-or-treat candies, costumes, decorations, party favors – producing these goods require large amounts of energy, not to mention that all of these end up in landfills worldwide. With the holiday becoming seemingly less spiritual and more and more commercial with each passing year, the Halloween industry is now approximately worth 6 billion US dollars annually, according to experts.

The good news is, you can still celebrate Halloween without spending a lot of cash and wasting resources. With a good dose of imagination, enthusiasm, and a sincere desire to have a GREEN Halloween, you can have an “eek-o-friendly” good time while still being kind to the planet. Here are some tips for you to consider when planning your Halloween event this year.

1. Simplicity is the way to go

You might want to re-think your over-the-top plans for your Halloween event. Remember, less is always more. If you can opt for a simpler decor for your home and a lesser scale party, not only will you help save the planet, you will also be able to impart to your children the value of moderation.

2. Go for digital invitations

Instead of printing your party invites, go digital and send your invitations online. There are several apps and websites (see that will help you create a personalized invitation for free. But if you’re really into actual invitations and would rather go old school, you can create your own handmade cards from recycled paper products.

3. Activities and games

You know what’s a great way to have a fun-filled green Halloween? Focus on the intangible — games and activities instead of tangible stuff. Remember, laughter and good memories need not cost a thing, and it doesn’t leave a carbon footprint either.

4. Make homemade costumes

What better way to showcase your creativity and style than to make your own Halloween costume? Chances are, there are outfit gems tucked in your closet, waiting for a second breathe of life. It’s about time you rummage into your closet and re-purpose your old clothes. This is easier on the pocket, too!

5. Make your own treats

Skip the individually-wrapped candies and chocolates and choose to make your own treats instead. Surely, you can whip up something even better than the plastic-wrapped, highly-commercialized, conservatives-laden treats you can buy in stores.

6. DIY decorations

Mason jars, plastic gallons, bottles, old books — stir your creative juices a little bit and you can turn these items into fancy Halloween decor. The options are endless!

recycled halloween decor_book

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7. Natural decor works, too!

Another option is to use natural materials for your decorations. Twigs, plants, pumpkins, or even fruits — tweak it a little and you’ll have your very own artsy-craftsy decorations!

8. Say no to plastic trick-or-treat buckets

Those orange smiley buckets might be a Halloween tradition for kids, but the plastic material is another contributor to environmental degradation. This year, choose organic baskets, non-plastic locally-made buckets or recyclable materials. Explain to your kids, too why this is so much better for Mother Earth!

9. Skip disposable party items

During your Halloween parties, make sure to use regular plates, utensils, and glasses. These reusable items are so much more eco-friendly than plastic cups and paper plates.

10. Store your décors and costumes 

Do not dispose decorations and Halloween materials. Make sure to keep them in storage to be used in next year’s Halloween, and in the coming Halloweens to come.

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