Energy-Saving Tips for Kagay-anons

Energy-Saving Tips for Kagay-anons

Many of us were born with a flood of light beaming down the fluorescent bulbs of emergency rooms. From then on, the magic of electricity has been with us, a part of our lives – so much so that we have taken it for granted.

But then we started experiencing power shortages – and in the middle of summer at that – and we realize that electricity is a limited resource after all. While varied groups are busy looking for more sources of energy, we can do our part by conserving this very valuable resource at home, in school, or at the office.

Here are some energy saving tips we can easily do:

  1. Minimize the use of fans or air conditioning units at home. When you leave for school or office, draw in your curtains at the windows where you are sure the midday sun will be hitting the most. You will be able to keep a cooler temperature inside your house if you don’t allow the heat to come it. Have some of the beneficial sunshine early in the morning while you are preparing to leave.
  2. Have plants inside and around your house. This may sound geeky but remember biology class? The transpiration activities of the plants around actually help keep your environment cooler. So bring in those green and leafy beings into your life.
  3. Don’t charge your electronic gadgets overnight. This was a personal lesson I learned when I was younger and more careless. By doing so, you also save your gadgets from damage. This reminder, I am sure, has been run through us by our parents for a zillion times already and yet we don’t pay attention to it.
  4. Check the wattage of your lamps. My father is very keen on this. Because he knows I always leave a light on at night, he checks if my bed lamp wouldn’t cost him bucks when the bill arrives.
  5. Read books. You don’t only add to your knowledge but you also allow the television set or your computer to rest as you flip through those pages of make-believe.

With the environmental changes that we are experiencing now, our energy-saving acts should hopefully become habits of conservation.

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