On Business Mirror: European builders pitch for green tech, energy efficiency in PHL construction

DAVAO CITY—European companies pitched for more aggressive application of energy efficiency and green technology in construction in the Philippines, and cited the natural environment and abundance of renewable-energy sources to back this technology.

The Filipino-Italian firm ItalPinas Euro Asian Design and Eco-Development Corp. said the Philippines is endowed with the natural fresh environment that could be tapped for natural ventilation of buildings, and the same structures, including industrial and other commercial operations, could be aided with more cost-saving, energy-efficiency solutions.

Romolo Valentino Nati, chairman of ItalPinas, told reporters at the sidelines of the energy-efficiency forum held in this city on Tuesday that green buildings and the application of green technology in other structures “should not scare investors over the addition of expensive materials and devices.”

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– Manuel T. Cayon

Featured in Business Mirror, 27 July 2013