Get More than Your Money’s Worth at Primavera Residences

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Not so long ago, I learned that a friend was invited to join a conference on urban development in Colombia. Why you? was my initial reaction. Sure, he works for the CdO city government but our country definitely has other bigger metropolises.

Well, Cagayan de Oro is internationally recognized as one of the country’s rapidly developing cities, he said sipping his coffee and looking at me as if to ask where I have been hiding in the past years.

That was definitely news for me. I have known that there are real estate developments happening in CdO. But I was just thinking that maybe it was because of the population increase. Of course, with more people around, more houses are needed to accommodate them. I never really considered why there are suddenly more people around. Sure, CdO is obviously a business hub, the center of Northern Mindanao. But I didn’t know the extent of the impact of the city’s growth.

Now come to think of it, lately we have seen an influx of people coming from far provinces, seeking for employment in the city. Business Process Outsourcing, which comprises a large part of the Philippine economy at the moment, is expanding in the city for one.

Complementing this real estate development, the uptown area of the city is fast becoming self-sufficient. All the conveniences of living and conducting business is already there – mall, schools, and active neighborhoods – free from the downtown congestion of the city.

Primavera Residences, located in Uptown CdO, is convenient for this particular engagement. Developed by Cagayan de Oro property developer Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corp. (ITPI), the environment-friendly building is a mixed-used property with office and commercial units comprising the lower floors, and private residences filling up the upper levels.  It provides a unique and wise investment for property buyers because of its prime location and green features. Residents at Primavera Residences can save up to 20% in energy consumption because of the building’s unique and sustainable design. Since it is located in the uptown part of the city, home buyers are provided with easy access to modern conveniences like commercial establishments. In fact, SM City CdO is just walking distance away from the property. One of the major call centers in the country is also located just some paces away.

As the city creaks and flexes under greater developments, it would be wise for investors to foresee the direction of its expansion. If not already an economic power pack, Cagayan de Oro is set to mobilize the economic potentials of Northern Mindanao and the nearby regions. Therefore, when it comes to real estate investing in CdO, getting more than your money’s worth is an important factor to consider.

For more information about Primavera Residences, check out its website here.