Getting to know Miss Primavera 2014 Novanmae Marcojos


Two weeks after the Miss Cagayan de Oro 2014 coronation night and after all the pageant frenzy has finally started to settle down, the newly hailed Miss Primavera dropped by at the multi-awarded eco-friendly property for a meet-and-greet with her new Italpinas family. Novanmae Marcojos arrived at the Primavera Sales Office, sans make up, but looking as bright and pretty as ever.

Novan is currently a BS Development Communication student with a major in Educational Communication which focuses in equipping students with the expertise in audio-visual communication. As a photography enthusiast, she fits perfectly in her chosen path of education. Her creativity brings out her desire to uncover the beauties around her while her bubbly personality and artistry makes her stand out among the rest.

Being a DevCom student at Xavier University, Novan enjoys helping the less fortunate communities that inspired her to pursue her goal to someday be someone who can be the voice of the voiceless. She wants to be an image of hope, love and inspiration. She loves the idea of adventure that it brings her to live every moment of every day. Resolute and always up for a challenge, she loves the opportunities in every challenge she encounters.

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2014 journey

“I always embrace the existence of challenges; it is where I can truly enjoy life and make the most out of it. Though a first-timer in this path, I know I can get through it,” Marcojos expressed.

She considers her experience in the Miss Cagayan de Oro pageant as one of the most difficult and challenging experiences she ever had in all her 21 years.

“Many people could not help but question my participation in this year’s Miss CDO. Yes, it’s my first time to join any pageant and I felt a bit overwhelmed from the experience. Getting injured during the pageant was the most excruciating challenge I ever had to face,” she added.

Novanmae was injured from a cheer dance rehearsal which resulted to a lengthy hospitalization that involves surgery in her right arm.

“I never allowed that obstacle to become a hindrance in this once in a lifetime experience. Though I wasn’t able to attend to some exposures yet I made it a point that I will be able to regain my strength and still move forward despite the situation. In the end, that’s what every Kagay-anon is known for, to be resilient to every storm that may come our way,” she clarified.

Novan on a tour of the Primavera Residences units

What’s next for Novan?

She is happy to embrace the changes that happened in her life. Moreover, she learned to set priorities and become a better version of herself.

Novan has a way of inspiring herself to be optimistic with whatever she faces. “Everything has its own timing and purpose. Treasuring every moment and making the most out of these adventures help me boost my confidence,” she said.

After the pageant, she will continue her studies at the university as she continues to pursue her learning and passion to be a role model for development of our community.

“Being Miss Primavera gives me the chance to pursue one of my advocacies—to promote cleanliness and proper segregation of wastes. To help create a clean and green environment,” she expressed.

Novan will be present in Primavera Residences’ major events as well as to help promote the advocacy the green developer is proud of and known for.


Primavera Residences is a green mixed-use property located in Uptown Cagayan de Oro comprising residential, commercial and office units for rent and purchase.  Because of its unique design and green features, it recently won an award in the 2014-2015 Asia Pacific Property Awards held in Kuala Lumpur for Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines.

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