On Business Week Mindanao: Green tech to reduce energy consumption

DAVAO CITY—To reduce the use of energy, it’s high time for real estate developers in the Philippines to go into green technology, said Architect Romolo Valentino Nati, chair of Italpinas Euroasian design and Eco Development Corporation.

Speaking at a press conference Tuesday at the sidelines of the 1st Mindanao Energy Efficiency Forum, Nati said that 60 percent of the country’s buildings is utilized on air conditioning units.

“We can reduce this with green building technology,” Nati said.

He confirmed that most of the developers in the country are hesitant to engage in green building technology in real estate because of the high cost.

Nati, however, said to avoid high cost, developers should not implement “too much technology because it would cost too much. If conceptualized, we can avoid high cost.”

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– Judy Quiros

Featured in Business Week Mindanao, 26 July 2013