Health and fitness in CDO: get back into shape!

Health and Fitness in Cagayan de OroZumba Experience at Primavera

Have you stepped on a weighing scale lately? If you haven’t, you have to go get find one and check if you’re over or under weight

Sometimes we get so caught up with work or school that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves, our health, bodies, families, even our lives as a whole

Getting back into shape is a pretty hard thing to do, but it is doable

Doing this requires a change of lifestyle

One has to be ready and prepared for these changes if you really love yourself

I for one have been so caught up with a whole lot of things in life that getting sick was a wake-up call for me to stand up and check on my health – for myself and my family

Changing lifestyles is one of the major changes; it’s like exploring a new world

Doesn’t mean you have to do the changes abruptly – but if you want, you could

Changes in food, daily routine, even people you hang out with matters

For meals, as you plan out the menu for the week you could slowly change or add healthier menu choices that your family would love also – this way you could move up altogether to that healthier lifestyle or you could also choose to take a quicker route and do the abrupt change from everything meaty to green, no meat, and leafy – if there’d be no problem with that

But from my experience, there usually are especially with kids in the picture

With the diet change, you need to go get active also

Recently, I’ve been hooked on checking into this new place uptown, Primavera Residences, that’s eco-friendly and has almost all the amenities that I want in life

They have a gym and a pool! Who wouldn’t want that? I have been thinking of moving there really soon so me and my family could get easier access to everything fun, healthy, and eco-friendly

If ever you have the same goal as I do, you have to check their place out

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