How is Halloween celebrated in CDO?

CDO Halloween

What does Halloween have in store for CDO? Who is cooking up an exciting treats for Kagay-anons this November? Our writer Sanna gives some hints.


From my side of the world, we never really celebrated Halloween. In our belief, it was some form of paganism of some sort. It was not explained to us nor was it a part of our yearly routine as a family – or maybe I just was not that interested about it then. All I could see happening around the city during that time of the year would be the changes of decors from malls, to schools, to offices all around the city. Decorations would be hanging around like webs, skulls, ghosts, spiders, witches hats, and the famous jack-o-lanterns would be everywhere.

As I grew older, I slowly understood why it happens every year and tried to learn more about it for my own knowledge and for some facts to pass on my children in the future – so they don’t grow up ignorant like me.

As I searched through the city for events related to it last year, I found out there was not much celebration here. No trick-or-treatin’ kids, not much adults welcoming kids either or maybe that was just at my side of the town. There were only private costume parties and none of them really explained what the event was for nor were there any explanation for such celebration.

From what I remember last year, there was a Halloween fun run for A Liter of Light, a Halloween gig at a local bar where they awarded people with best costumes on the event, malls would have promos for decors and groceries, and that’s just about it.

Maybe this year would be different from the previous years. I’m looking into how the uptown people would celebrate Halloween. Maybe I should explore there more. I hear my new favorite place, Primavera Residences, is cooking up something for trick-or-treaters and that would be surely something to look forward to. I will surely write about that event really soon as soon as I get the facts, so watch out for my new article.

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