How To Have Lunch at Primavera Residences, According to Blogger Sanna

 Testimonial: Rosanna Lim Experience at Primavera Residences

While hanging out by the Primavera Residences’ poolside, I explored the idea of acquiring a condo unit of my own. I realized that there were so many benefits. Aside from the awe-inspiring features and amenities of the building, benefits include living just a stone throw away from SM City Mall where I could so conveniently shop and buy groceries. Primavera Residences is just one-minute walk away from the mall.

My friend dropped by for a visit so we showed him around the condo building. He too was wowed by every spot that we showed him. He couldn’t stop himself from taking photos. After the quick tour, we decided to cook-in for lunch and experience being a true resident by buying groceries at SM and cooking a meal at our condo unit. Our unit had a wonderful kitchen with an exhaust. We opened the windows and we felt a gentle wind coming in from the bay. The wind carried the scent of cooking out to the other window. Now I know what cross-ventilation means!

Upon setting food and table, we said our grace and had a sumptuous lunch together with our guest. We talked about the possibility of making our dreams come true at the soonest. We also talked about how convenient and practical living at Primavera Residences is given as how the city’s top schools are just nearby. Restaurants like Jeanette’s Pizza and Barkadahan are also nearby.

Uptown also hosts many business offices . For sports, Pueblo de Oro’s golf course is nearby. To top it all off, downtown isn’t that far away. It’s just one ride away to and from uptown.

After our lunch we concluded that living our Primavera dream could be closer to reality than we think. The rates are basically the same or lower than offered by other condo developers in the city. The really nice thing about Primavera Residences is that it’s ready for occupancy. No need to wait for years until we can claim our investment.

Testimonial: Rosanna Lim Experience at Primavera Residences

Testimonial: Rosanna Lim Experience at Primavera Residences



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