What are the property rights of the Unit Owners?

Each Owner shall have the following rights arising from its ownership of the Unit:

  • Ownership of the Unit to the extent of its horizontal and vertical dimensions, including an undivided interest in the land where the Condominium Unit is built and open spaces within the Project area;
  • Undivided but pro-rata beneficial interest in the Common Areas and Central Facilities of the Project as defined in this MDDR in the same proportion that the Net Floor Area of a Unit bears to the total Net Floor Area of all Units;
  • Rights as a member in the Condominium Corporation;
  • Right to lease or encumber the Unit subject to Article 2.17; and
  • Right to sell and dispose of the Unit, subject to the requirements of Article 2.15 and Article 2.16 and to any prohibition or restriction against such re-sale arising from an agreement entered into by the Owner with the Declarant or any other third party.