On the Philippine Star: Italian firm set to complete eco-friendly housing project in Mindanao

Italian design and eco-friendly architecture

Green energy real estate firm Italpinas Euroasian Design and Ecodevelopment Corp

, said it is on track to completing its eco-friendly residential building project in Mindanao, which is seen to help address urban congestion problems in the country

The Primavera Residences in Cagayan de Oro is a joint venture project with renewable energy firm Constellation Energy Corp

The project consists of two towers, with the 161-unit Primavera Residences Tower A is a 10-storey building completed last year

The building’s Tower B is set to finish construction in 2014 and will have a capacity of 166 residential and commercial units and 54 parking slots, said Jojo Leviste, president of both ITPI and CEC

“Creating sustainable power plants and real estate developments in the regions will provide economic activity and improve the quality of life of the people in other centers across the country so they will not need to migrate to major cities in search of opportunities and better living conditions,” Leviste said

Italian architect Romolo Nati, executive chairman and CEO of ITPI said that their partnership with CEC aims to give people more reasons to stay and contribute to exciting growth in the provinces rather than go to metropolises like Metro Manila

“One way to decongest Metro Manila is to develop the provinces

People live in the crowded city because developers usually build properties in the metro, but if you put your developments in the provinces, people will also invest and live there,” Nati said

Citing data from Forbes magazine, Italpinas said urban migration in Metro Manila is at its worst in 2011, with 41,014 persons packed like sardines per square kilometer

ITPI’s passive designs include an inner courtyard that, together with the cross ventilation layout of the units, increases the natural ventilation and illumination of the building, the company said

Furthermore, it is also equipped with shaded facades that minimize direct solar illumination on the windows and moderate the temperature inside each unit

Featured in Philippine Star, 7 October 2013, by Iris C