Italian Movie “The Great Beauty” Wins an Oscar!

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Italian movie “The Great Beauty” wins an Oscar!

The whole world just recently witnessed the awarding of notable films in the highly prestigious Oscar Awards last March 2nd. Of course, apart from wanting to know the best films, there’s always wanting to find out who were the best dressed, the sloppiest, who performed in the awards night, among other things (trust me, I did my share in looking up photos of the best dressed and I’m sure you did, too). Yet, the very highlight of it all is really honoring the achievements of talented people behind the film industry. They are the ones who put life to the stories weaved in our imaginations or even from real life events.

I am a fan of movies, whether local or international, but I have a particular interest for foreign language flicks (thanks to my Film class instructor!). I learned appreciation for foreign language films from my Film class back in college, and I have grown fondly of the subject because the only things we do are watch foreign language flicks and criticize right after. So, during last Sunday’s Oscars, I salute the winner of the Best Foreign Language Film, Italy’s “The Great Beauty” or “La Grande Belleza” by Paolo Sorrentino for bagging the award. This movie must have something special in it for being honored as such. Let me give you a brief description of the storyline.

The story revolves around the life of  high socialite Jep Gambardella and his reflections of how he wasted away the years of his life throwing parties and living a superbly lavish lifestyle with his social and literary circles in Rome, yet not feeling contented at all. Jep was a successful writer, having gained his writing feat for that one novel during his early twenties. But after his 65th birthday, he came to a personal reflection of what went missing with his life. He just can’t seem to find satisfaction and he’s at a loss for finding meaning to living.

As the movie was set in Rome, scenes depicted several of Rome’s classical architecture and landscape including the high-rise condos of Jep’s socialite friends. The mixture of sights and sounds in the movie is just as fascinating, as the movie portrays the extravagant nightlife of the main character.  Ah, Italy!

If you are not so much a fan of foreign language flicks as this, you may get into the trouble of fully understanding the movie plot. The Great Beauty needs a good amount of comprehension, considering that the title doesn’t really illustrate the story line as it is. But it will make you question what the great beauty is, and Jep shows a discovery of himself after a series of interactions with individuals who he met as he goes about a reflective journey of his life. I think the story itself is what made it the deserving winner of the foreign language film category.

You wouldn’t want to miss watching this award-winning Italian film and getting a feel of Italian living, so find yourself a copy and you might just see an image of yourself on Jep Gambardella. Then, don’t forget to do some serious personal reflections, too!

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