ITPI expansion (published in Manila Standard Today)

Italian Architect Romolo V Nati and Filipino Lawyer Jojo Leviste

Italian Architect Romolo V

Nati and Filipino lawyer Jojo Leviste team up to develop eco-logic properties in the Philippines

They founded ITPI Corp

, which is now pursuing a  $600-million expansion plan over the next six years

Green building developer ITPI Corp

(Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corp) is scouting for investors to pursue its expansion plan that involves developing $600 million worth of projects over the next six years

ITPI said it planned to expand nationwide from developing mixed-use buildings to developing condotels, hotels, resorts and ‘beach mixed communities

“We are set to develop at least $200 million worth of projects within the next six years,” Italian architect Romolo Nati, ITPI executive chairman, said

Nati said there were plans to increase the company’s capitalization as it prepared for an initial public offering in the next two years

“We are preparing to increase our authorized capital

to attract new equity investors as we envision an initial public offering in the next two years,” he said

The company’s capitalization is currently at around P50 million

Nati said the company would increase capitalization in the first quarter next year and was now searching for a financial advisor for the deal

“We started small and now we’d like to expand because we are appreciated by the market

We need new investors to help us develop new projects,” Nati said

Published 9 December 2013 in Manila Standard Today

Written by Alena Mae S