ITPI Joins BPI Family Bank’s Cagyan de Oro ‘Housing Madness’


Special acquisition deals for ‘Madness’ clients make Primavera Residences units more affordable for Kagay-anons

For many overseas Filipino workers, owning a home is the ultimate dream — next only to putting their children through college.

Now for OFWs from Cagayan de Oro City, owning a home — a truly “green” one found in a prime location — is affordable.

ITPI Corp. (Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation), is a young and dynamic green property developer that is leading the country’s push into developing eco-friendly but affordable mixed-use condominium developments for the global Filipino. What’s more, it’s developing in places that are closer to the home towns of OFWs: the country’s secondary cities.

In Cagayan de Oro, ITPI has developed Primavera Residences, the first mixed-use condominium complex in southern Philippines that incorporates state-of-the-art sustainable building technologies.

The 10-storey, twin-tower, mixed-use condominium complex is built in the safe and accessible Pueblo de Oro IT & Business Park, where 24-hour security, electric service and transportation are guaranteed.

It is also found in high ground (110 meters above sea level), which ensures that it is flood-free even during heavy rains and storms.

The condominium is located close to universities, places of worship, and commercial establishments like SM City.

The first eco-friendly development in Mindanao, the two towers of Primavera Residences were designed to reduce overall energy consumption by using a combination of ‘passive’ cooling strategies integrated into a sustainable architectural design and ‘active’ renewable energy produced from photovoltaic panels.

“OFWs have long been called ‘Filipino heroes,’ because their remittances have kept the Philippine economy afloat for decades and have granted it the phenomenal growth of recent years,” notes Architect Romolo V. Nati, ITPI’s Executive Chairman and CEO.

“We’d like to go beyond the rhetoric, to honor the OFW dream — and help make it come true,” Architect Nati said.

Making Primavera Residences affordable

To make Primavera Residences more affordable, ITPI partnered with the BPI Family Savings Bank Housing Loan during the 1st run of the Housing Madness, held in Cagayan de Oro’s Centrio Mall from December 27 to 29, 2013.

During the housing fair, BPI and ITPI partnered to offer the best housing loan deals for Primavera Residences and at guaranteed low rates.

Housing loan clients who filed their applications during the ‘Madness’ event and whose applications were booked on or before February 28, 2014 were  able to enjoy:

  • Special rates, exclusively offered at this event, which translated to low monthly amortizations
  • Waived appraisal and processing fees
  • On-the-spot loan approval based on income documents presented

Borrowers whose loan applications had been approved and availed of were given a chance to get a free BPII Express Credit Gold MasterCard.

These benefits were also made available to clients who availed of properties from the other property developers who joined the Housing Madness.

“Our Housing Madness provides our clients with ease and convenience as we gathered under one roof the best developers who have projects in here in CDO,” BPI Family Savings Bank President, Mr. Jose Teodoro Limcaoco told SunStar Cagayan de Oro.

“As a bank that understands the primary needs of every Filipino, we create the best value for them through our special rates and payment schemes. With faster turnaround, it will be very convenient for clients to apply for a loan,” he added.

SunStar Cagayan de Oro also wrote about this event.