Living the Good Life the Healthy Way with Chef Ivy Trapero

chef ivy

They say the fad that never fades is health. Fashion trends come and go and even the concept of beauty changes over time. Whatever the color your skin is or what shape your eyes have, people notice your healthy glow even if the clothes you wear are two seasons past. Fashion and beauty products are only add-ons that enhance what is already there. Beauty comes from the inside – literally.

Filipinos have caught with this trend of living the good life through health and wellness. Cagayan de Oro, a city not to be left out, now sees a growing number of marathon runners, yoga centers, and more recently, nutrition clubs. One such nutrition club is being run by Chef Ivy Trapero, a Cagayan de Oro native who had trained in the culinary arts in Davao City.

Her experience in the food business reaches far back to when her family had a bakery when she was still 12 years old. She and her siblings would help in the baing and marketing of their goods. Later on, even as she majored in human resource development, her involvement in the industry did not stop as she worked in a fastfood chain during her undergraduate years.

After graduating from college, she further earned a Diploma in Special Education Teaching. Her engagements also show her propensity for wanting to share whatever knowledge she gains. She took short courses on  E-WORLD, ‘Enhancing Essential Skills – Teachers’ Seminar/Workshop,’ and ‘Teachers’ Effectiveness Training, and joined the Dep Ed-organized Seminar Workshop on Early Childhood Care Development.

Her training in education and her love for cooking have added fuel to her passion for teaching chef wannabes. Chef Ivy is an instructor at Northern Mindanao’s first culinary school, the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro. She teaches Culinary Arts with Holistic Nutrition. Her enthusiasm about food and health also led her to create the nutrition club which aims at changing people’s lives through a healthy lifestyle.

To share more of this healthy way of life without foregoing the simple luxury of eating good food, she will be giving a talk at the Primavera Residences on the 26th of this month together with a free wellness evaluation for the guests.


Her nutrition club does not have a template for its members. Rather, nutrition and health practices are recommended depending on each person’s goal and each person’s circumstance. A recommended diet usually allows an individual to have two meals with meat and rice, and one meal substituted with a protein shake and herbal tea. Exercise should of course complement the diet.

Believing that a recipe is a simple guide to achieving a delicious dish, she is innovative in her ways of food preparation including short cuts in what could be tedious and long traditional kitchen practices. Ultimately, the goal she espouses is for the individual to not only be able to prepare something delicious, but to bring the individual to a state of accomplishment and happiness.

For more information about the Primavera Wellness Day on July 26, visit the official Primavera Residences page on Facebook or call 088-880-5002.


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