Making spaces do more

People nowadays find it ideal and practical to live in condos, apartments, flats or pads with easy access to their daily living essential e.g. education, work and leisure that affords them amenities providing comfort and recreation all within walking distance. And because of higher demands to live in condominium developments, most developers sacrifice quality over quantity creating smaller living spaces.

Believe it or not according to the Design Standard and Guideline for Condominiums in accordance to the revised rules and regulations implementing the Condominium Buyer’s Protective Decree or PD 957, the minimum floor area for a single occupancy unit is 18sqm and a net of 12sqm provided that it is integrated in a highly urbanized location and for a family dwelling unit the minimum floor area is 36sqm and 22sqm for open market & medium cost projects. Seems such a small space to hold all our dreams but this is the supply and now businessmen and investors are attracted to purchase and venture into business like leasing their units.

So with this small space, what does a unit owner do? How can condo dwellers maximize their unit making space do more?

I have found this unique Scandinavian modern style furniture maker named IKEA that creates affordable solutions for better living with vast array to choose from living room and bedroom essentials, storage options, lighting, décor products, kitchen appliance and even pet care. And the amazing part is, it is now in the Philippines!

I have here a video clip from YouTube titled:IKEA Small Spaces- Small ideas. The clip showcases how to be creative in finding hidden spaces and using furniture that are multipurpose. It is amazing how they incorporated all this living ideas into a minimal space and transformed common spaces into a multipurpose area that as much as a group of six adults can enjoy. It is a matter of finding and using the hidden spaces, after all a dream home doesn’t need to be big, just smart.

For me an ideal home needs to be in a secure mid-rise suburban enclave located at a fair distance from the hustle and bustle with easy access to daily living essentials, units size meant for humans with natural lighting and ventilation features and well maintained amenities–just like the newest internationally multi-awarded development of ITPI, The Primavera Residences inside Pueblo De Oro township at the thriving “the city of golden friendship” Cagayan De Oro, a highly-urbanized and capital city of the province of Misamis Oriental in Mindanao, southern part of the Philippines.

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