On Mindanao Daily and Business Week Mindanao: Primavera Residences Unveils Investment Solutions for Condo Buyers, Launches ‘Green’ Activities in Cagayan de Oro

Primavera booth at SM City

Primavera Residences will introduce investment opportunities and solutions for condo buyers in Cagayan de Oro at the launch of its new booth at SM City CdO on April 25.  In addition to introducing its affordable and eco-friendly condo units, Primavera Residences will debut a host of exciting ‘green’ activities including monthly raffles and giveaways.

The booth launch activities will start at 3:00 PM and will see the unveiling of the 10 finalists of the Primavera Residences’ Earth Day Photography Contest.

Featured in Mindanao Daily, 25 April 2014 and Business Week Mindanao, 25 April 2014.