On MyProperty.ph: Primavera Residences to Help Malacanang Develop Sustainable Solutions for the Philippines

PCSI Malacanang Dinner - Italpinas photo

Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corp. (ITPI), the developer of Primavera Residences, was among the delegates invited by Malacanang for a discussion on sustainable solutions during the Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative (PCSI) 2nd Annual Forum last March. The event was attended by civic groups, global leaders in urban planning and property development, environmentalists and sustainability experts, as well as members of the private sector. Dubbed, “Creating Resilient and Livable Cities,” the forum addressed the growing concern on the impact of climate change and urbanization on communities. It also sought to develop solutions for a more sustainable city while also enhancing the economic development of a country.

“We have seen how communities were destroyed by strong calamities. This has never been more relevant and alarming than the recent Typhoon Haiyan that devastated the Philippines,” said Romolo V. Nati, the executive chairman and CEO of ITPI.


Featured in MyProperty.ph, 7 May 2014.