Passion, Purpose and Photography Merge at Primavera Residences’ Glenn Palacio Photo Exhibit


Aspiring photographers and photography enthusiasts, here’s a lovely opportunity for you to get inspired this May. Primavera Residences is once again opening its doors for a photo exhibit featuring the works of local photographer Glenn Palacio. On May 24, photography enthusiasts can visit the photo gallery at the second floor of Primavera Residences.

Glenn Palacio is a young professional photographer in Cagayan de Oro and an official brand ambassador of the Fujifilm X-series cameras. He was one of the winners in Microsoft Philippines’ Upgrade My Business Promo contest last year, and one of the judges in the recently concluded Primavera Residences’ Earth Day Photography Contest. He specializes in portraiture and fashion advertising. As he puts it, he loves to immortalize people through portraiture.

“I started with street photography. I’ve always kept my distance from people but as I grew in this profession, I learned that as a photographer you should interact with your subject. So I became a photographer that deals with people,” shared Palacio.

“I like shooting people because it makes them immortal. A few years from now when they look back and see themselves in those photos, they become timeless. Shooting portraits is shooting a landscape of emotions of people,” he explained.

On May 24, Palacio will also hold a free photography workshop at Primavera Residences. Aspiring photographers can learn more about street lighting in this workshop.


“It’s part of my advocacy to help other young photographers in Cagayan de Oro. This way, students who can’t afford to go to Manila can have their sessions here,” said Palacio.

Palacio also shared three motivational words for aspiring photographers: passion, purpose, and photography.

“If you have the passion for the art, you know your purpose. You know your advocacy and your direction. You need to find yourself in photography because it reflects who you are.”


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