Primavera Residences Ends July with a Successful Wellness Day


Primavera Residences hosted a three-part wellness activity for the health conscious and fitness enthusiasts in the city last Saturday, July 26. Primavera Wellness Day is part of a series of activities at Primavera Residences celebrating Nutrition Month.

At 2 P.M., the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro (CIC), the first culinary school in Northern Mindanao offering programs such as Culinary Arts with Holistic Nutrition and specialized courses like Certificate in Catering and Restaurant Operations, conducted a free healthy cooking demo with three hale and hearty recipes—Coleslaw, Granola Bars and Pepperoni Bruschetta.


Aside from that, Chef Ivy Trapero and her student JP Tan of CIC shared their experiences in eating not only healthy food but having a healthy lifestyle. “We only live once; why not make the most out of it by enjoying your food without feeling guilty?” Tan asked.


More so, attendees became more conscious and were eager to find out what went wrong after getting evaluated on their wellness levels. It was indeed a day full of knowledge and motivation.

At 3 P.M., Coach Noel Villa, the founder of CDO Rugby Club, demonstrated different exercises you can do at home. He further explained how to train smart through the Dynamic Training Approach, a specialized training approach that focuses on body sculpting, strength training, and sports conditioning. It is ideal for both men and women who want to get in shape, stay in shape and carry on a healthy lifestyle. D.T.A. is not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle.



Primavera Wellness Day didn’t just end with knowing your wellness status and how to be fit through D.T.A. but it ended with a deeper sense of peace and contentment, with a yoga party. Julie Bonita Corrales, a US-trained yoga instructor, had a great time with Primavera Residences’ clients and partners as they connect with the universe through yoga.



Also present during the event were representatives from Pascual Laboratories who gave away free samples of their fitness product C-lium and Calchews.



The Primavera Wellness Day was the perfect time for unit owners and guests to start living a healthy lifestyle, because sometimes all we need is just a little nudge in the right direction to get our motivations going.

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