Primavera’s La Rondine Hall Open for Public Use




Primavera Residences Condominium Corporation officially opens to the public La Rondine Hall as a new venue in Cagayan de Oro catering to parties, events, training and learning sessions, among others. La Rondine Hall is also a venue for art appreciation, providing an avenue for local artists to showcase their art works.

Formerly Primavera’s multi-purpose hall, La Rondine has been a venue for social gatherings, trainings, seminars and art exhibits. Now that it has opened its doors to the public, more people can experience Primavera as an alternative venue in uptown Cagayan de Oro.

La Rondine  which is Italian for Barn Swallow is a bird that returns to Italy during spring season, or Primavera. It is mainly for this reason that we opted to use the name,” ITPI CEO and Arch. Romolo Nati explained.

source: wikipedia

La Rondine is a migrant bird that is known to gracefully dart over fields and open water. With its shiny cobalt blue top mixed with tawny feathers underneath, this agile flier comes back to Italy at Primavera, when the countryside is brimming with colors and nature is at its best.

Provided with a 90 sq. m. floor area and decorated with a variety of artworks (for display and for sale), La Rondine Hall is suited for versatile events such as birthday parties, learning sessions, yoga parties to mention some.

“We offer our clients with an affordable deal of P750 per hour. This is inclusive of hall, electricity charges, and maintenance personnel assistance. There are no corkage fees also,” Jelly Galleto, Primavera Residences Property Manager said.

La Rondine Hall can accommodate up to 80-100 people.

To know more about Primavera’s La Rondine Hall, call 088-880-8001 or you  may go here.


Cool fact:

Did you know that the barn swallow has a legend of its own?

According to an old legend, La Rondine got its forked tail because it stole fire from the gods to bring to mankind. An angry deity hurled a firebrand at the swallow, singeing away its middle tail feathers.