Start Your New Year Right with Eco-friendly Resolutions


To open 2015 with a bang, New Year’s resolutions could bring hope of new beginnings and a fresh start. A lot of people are beginning to look at what they would like to achieve this year, while there are a number of traditional resolutions adopted from the past years such as to lose weight, get a new job, buy a home, to mention some. However, there are also various non-traditional resolutions which can be made.

As you sit and ponder what 2015 may hold, take a few minutes to look over the following list of 10 green New Year’s resolutions worth embracing. Whether you adopt one, a few or all 10 of them, resolving to be greener in the upcoming year is something worth doing.

  1. Separate your waste into materials that can be recycled, those that can be composted and those to throw away. If not, you can donate them to those in need of extras, I believe there’s a lot of them.
  2. Set up a garden, either indoors or out, so you can grow your own fruit, vegetables and/or herbs. Your compost can help you get started.
  3. Spend at least 30 minutes a day outdoors. Chill, relax and live life as how you wanted it.
  4. Schedule time each day or week where you and your family go unplugged. This way, you can lessen your home’s electricity consumption.
  5. Make sure your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher are full before you run a load.
  6. Reduce water consumption by limiting shower time, making your toilets low-flow, turning off water while brushing your teeth, etc.
  7. Drive less. Leave your vehicle at home at least one day a week (or more). Walk, bike, take the tricycle or opt for other means of public transportation to get where you need to go.
  8. Improve your overall health by resolving to eat fresher, raw foods and less pre-packaged, processed foods.
  9. Switch to reusable products. Ditch one-use or disposable products.
  10. Lower the level of indoor air pollution in your home by adding more plants, airing out your home regularly, using natural homemade cleaners and making your own candles or air fresheners.

These are just simple green tips to live a sustainable life from Mother Nature Network.

Adding these to your resolutions for the year will get you off to a good start on living a greener, more sustainable life.

Here’s hoping this year is your greenest yet!

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