September 2014 Media Roundup


We have a total of 22 media mentions in September. Feature stories, news and announcements about various events happening in and around Primavera Residences as well as at Italpinas made up the whole month. These stories all came out of CdO newspapers, magazines, blogs and other websites. Thanks to all our media partners for continuously featuring our stories.

Here is a list of all the media pickups in September:


Business Week Mindanao

Cagayan de Oro Times

Mindanao Daily News

Sun Star CDO

Gold Star Daily

  • Primavera partners with local groups for tourism week celebration (print, published Sept. 19, 2014)


July Media Roundup: Steadily Climbing

Primavera Residences commends CdO, stakeholders on awards win

Thanks to our partners, media pickups for July have increased compared to the previous month. We now have a total of 65 media mentions in July. Feature stories, news and announcements about various events happening in and around Primavera Residences as well as articles about our design philosophy made up the whole fruitful month. These stories all came out of local and national newspapers, magazines, blogs and other websites.

Here is a list of all the media pickups in July:


Manila Standard Today

  • Energy-efficient buildings pushed (print, published July 5, 2014)


Philippine Star

  • USAID execs visit CDO (print, published July 7, 2014)

Manila Bulletin


  • Primavera celebrates  win at Aspac Property award (print, published July 17, 2014)
  • Italpinas to invest P4.3B in new project (print, published July 23, 2014)
  • Disaster-proofing tips from Ital-Pinas (print, published July 31, 2014)

Business Mirror

  • How to prepare for natural disasters (print, published July 30, 2014)

Business Week Mindanao

Cagayan de Oro Times

Mindanao Daily

Sun Star CDO

Gold Star Daily

  • Primavera Residences commends Oro, stakeholders on awards win (print, published July 5-6, 2014)
  • Career Opportunities in real estate highlighted in CUAA seminar (print, published July 10, 2014)
  • Primavera Residences awards top realties, brokers and agents (print, published July 23, 2014)

PowerPlay Magazine

  • A Green Partnership (print, published July 17, 2014)

PowerPlay screenshot



The Trading Pulse


Just Interior Design

Total Home Style


City of Bacolod


June Media Roundup: Steady as We Go

USAID visit

Our media efforts in June were steady as we managed to get a total of 57 mentions compared to last month’s number. Media mentions in June included stories on the activities held at Primavera Residences such as the art workshops, monthly promos and contests, lifestyle features, and important events like the visit of USAID officials. These stories were published on both local and national publications as well as on various blogs and websites. Thanks to all our media partners for continuously featuring our stories.

Below is a list of all the media mentions in June:


Business Mirror

Asia Pacific Property awards Italpinas (print, published June 4, 2014)

ITALPINAS,June42014,ItalpinasWins PropertyAwards,BusinessMirror

Philippine Star

Best in Asia Pacific

USAID visits Primavera Residences (print, published June 20, 2014)

Manila Bulletin

ITALPINAS,June302014,USAID,Manila Bulletin



The challenge of building energy-efficient homes (print, published June 26, 2014)


Business Week Mindanao

Sun Star

Gold Star Daily

  • Italpinas named best mixed-use development at Asia Pacific Property Awards (print, published June 5, 2014)
  • Primavera Residences, CUAA team up to provide career dev’t opportunities to studes (print, published June 19, 2014)
  • Join the FIFA World Cup Guess and Win contest and get a chance to stay at Primavera Residences (print, published June 21, 2014)

Mindanao Daily

Cagayan De Oro Times Magazine

The Primavera partnership: Merging Green with home solutions hunting ease

Cagayan de Oro Times

Yahoo Philippines

‘Biomimicry’ inspires design of Primavera Residences


Cagayan de Oro City’s Primavera Residences: Live Harmoniously with Nature in a Multi-awarded Eco-friendly Residence!


Primavera Residences to pour more investments in Oro


8 Real Estate Hotspots Outside Metro Manila

Primavera Residences a Biomimicry inspired design


Primavera Residences honors Oro LGU, stakeholders

Primavera Residences honors Oro LGU, stakeholders

Just Interior Ideas

Primavera residences retains workshops for art lovers in Oro


April Media Roundup: Primavera Residences Developer Continues to Move Ahead

Manila Bulletin- Italpinas,042114


April was a very busy month for us at Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corp. (ITPI), thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaae developer of Primavera Residences, as our media efforts have doubled in the past month compared to the previous one. For the month of April,  we had a total of 58 media mentions including those that have been posted on various blogs. Stories about ITPI and Primavera Residences appeared in various national and local print publications as well as online.

National newspapers such as The Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Mirror, and Manila Standard Today ran our stories. Local broadsheets like Business Week Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro Times, Mindanao Daily, and Gold Star Daily also covered our stories and events in April.

Here’s a recap of the stories in April that appeared in various publications:

Primavera Residences Goes Beyond March Madness

While March Madness might be all about graduations and basketball championships for some people, for us at Primavera Residences, it was more than that. March was definitely a good month for us as we got more media mileage and online visibility. This was due in part to our continuous efforts to provide the real estate industry and stakeholders with the latest information about us and through our involvement in industry-related events. Let’s take a quick look at the highlights that happened in March at Primavera Residences:

  • #AnticipatingSummer Photo Contest

What could be more fun than sharing your memorable summer photos with your friends on Facebook? Our #AnticipatingSummer Photo Contest ran for the whole month in March and drew a lot of good entries from participants.

Join the #AnticipatingSummer Photo Contest on Facebook

  • Women’s Night at Primavera Residences

March was not just about graduations and the end of the school year. It was also a celebration of International Women’s Month. Primavera Residences had its own celebration last March 22 within its premises. Dubbed Women’s Night at Primavera: A Tribute to the Strength and Resiliency of the Modern Empowered Women, the tribute saw a gathering of women from the private and public sectors, each sharing stories and experiences about female empowerment.


  • Earth Day Photography Contest

In preparation of the upcoming Earth Day on April 22, Primavera Residences is currently holding a photography contest for amateur photographers in Cagayan de Oro. Initiated last March 1, the contest reflects Primavera Residences’ beliefs in sustainability and green living and support for promising photographers. So far we have received amazing entries from various amateurs and will soon announce the finalists on April 25.

Calling all amateur photographers in CDO! Join the Primavera Earth Day Photography Contest!

  • Art exhibit at Primavera Residences

Since March 25, select artworks of local artist Nick Aca, Jr. are on display at the function hall of Primavera Residences. The art exhibit was initially started during Women’s Night as tribute to International Women’s Month but will now be a monthly event at Primavera Residences. Watch out for our second art exhibit by another local artist coming soon.

Nick Aca Jr. artwork

  • 2nd NREA Regional Biz-con and Trade Exhibits 

It was an honor for Primavera Residences to be a part of the 2nd National Real Estate Association (NREA) Regional Biz-con and Trade Exhibits held last March 27 to 29 at Centrio Mall. Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corp. (ITPI), the developer of Primavera Residences, was invited to speak at the event and share knowledge on green architecture and sustainability. Primavera Residences also participated as an exhibitor at the three-day event.

RVN receiving cert

  • Earth Hour 2014

Our participation in Earth Hour 2014 was truly memorable as ITPI was once again invited to be one of the guest speakers. We witnessed and experienced on hand the symbolic turning off of the lights at SM City Cagayan de Oro last March 29.

From left: SM City CdO Mall Manager Clara Elizaga, ITPI CEO Arch. Romolo V. Nati, renewable energy expert Gabriele Boccia
From left: SM City CdO Mall Manager Clara Elizaga, ITPI CEO Arch. Romolo V. Nati, renewable energy expert Gabriele Boccia, SM City CdO Assistant Mall Manager Constantine Arce, and SM City CdO PR Manager Ivy Guantero

And that’s a wrap of our media highlights in March. Stay tuned for more exciting activities and events by Primavera Residences in the coming months.