Italpinas accepts Special Award in Real Estate Dev’t at the 4th Mindanao Business Leaders Awards

Last July 25, BusinessWeek Mindanao, together with its sister publications, awarded 10 business individuals and organizations and 15 special citations to establishments and personalities at the 4th Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards.

For the fourth time, BusinessWeek Mindanao consistently gave recognition to the most deserved magnates that have massively contributed to the economic development of Mindanao.

One of the 13 special citations is Primavera Residences for being the Best Leader in Real Estate Development for Green Condominium.


“It was an honor to receive the award on behalf of the people behind the success of this development. We share this award with fellow Kagay-anons as we provide them an eco-friendly place to live in,” Cesar Stefan Rago, Italpinas’ Public Relations and Marketing Officer, said.

The following were the awardees – Mega Entrepreneur Jose Alvarez, Darling Foods Corporation (Food Production and Marketing), Ecoverde Homes (Housing and Realty Development), MASS-SPECC Coop Development Center (Cooperatives), N Hotel (Hotel Industry), Thai Me Up (Outstanding Franchisee), Botoy’s Lechon Manok (Outstanding Franchisor), Apple Tree Resort & Hotel (Resort and Entertainment), Gama Foods Corporation (Agro-Industry Leader) and Vjandep (Micro Entrepreneur).

Special citations were given to the following: Tieza general manager Mark Lapid (Outstanding Tourism Leadership), DOT 10 director Catalino Chan III (Tourism Promotion), Apple Tree Resort & Hotel (Tourism Development), RR Family Spring Resort (Outstanding Tourism Destination), jointly the city government of Tangub and the municipal government of Maramag, Bukidnon (Outstanding LGU in Tourism Development), the city government of Ozamiz (Outstanding LGU in Economic Enterprise Development), Mimi Parrel-Pimentel (Outstanding in Fashion Industry), jointly the provincial governments of Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental (Outstanding LGU Healthcare Program), jointly Paglaum Multi-purpose Cooperative and NARCICO of Compostela Valley (Cooperative Development), Holcim (Social Responsibility Program), Johndorf Ventures Corporation (Housing Industry Development), Primavera Residences (Green Condominium), MCDC and Ecoverde Homes (Socialized Housing) and Tesda Misamis Oriental provincial director Leo Velez (Business and Industry Integrator).


“Entrepreneurs go through the process of having business plans, acquiring human and other required resources, and are fully responsible for their success or failure. One of the reasons we have the Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards, which is on its fourth year now, is because we are with you — businessmen and entrepreneurs — all through these years, and we celebrate in every step you make to success. Let me and BusinessWeek lead you exactly there.” Sudaria said.

IDC’s premier project in Cagayan de Oro – Primavera Residences, a green, mixed-use development – was built to serve the city’s increasing demand for affordable housing with sustainability in mind. It was awarded this year as the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines by the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

To know more about Primavera Residences, you may visit or call 088-880-5002.

Earth Hour: More than just a Global Switch-off


March 28, 2015, Saturday.

All homes and establishments across the Philippines will go dark on Saturday evening. Earth hour, as the annual lights-out event is called, will happen this Saturday, March 28, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, when the World Wildlife Fund organized 2.2 million people to dim their lights to signify their concern for the planet. Since then, the event has grown immensely. Then in the later years, Earth Hour 2013, the event drew participants from 7,000 cities and more than 150 countries and the Philippines is one of them.

The Philippines has been an active participant in this global grass roots movement since 2008 with the participation of known business establishments, schools and individuals. Led by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the Philippines, Earth hour aims to unite the world to take action for the planet against climate change.

More than just a switch-off

In 2014, Earth Hour became the world’s largest crowd funding and crowdsourcing movements. It has supported many projects including the construction of fiberglass boats in the Philippines. Because of this, the Philippine government is inviting all Filipinos to participate in this year’s Earth Hour and take part in changing the world for the better.

This year, according to DENR Sec. Ramon Jesus Paje, funds raised through Earth Hour will be used to provide portable solar lamps to remote communities in Palawan which are not connected to any source of electricity.

Though the whole situation of climate change won’t be solved after an hour, the organizers believe switching off from our usual wasteful habits and switching on to clean, renewable energy paves more possibilities to a better future.

Yes, Earth Hour is more than just a global switch-off.


Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corporation’s (ITPI) flagship sustainable condominium development in Cagayan de Oro, Primavera Residences, fully supports the goals of Earth Hour. Being one of Cagayan de Oro’ green advocates, the green building is designed with eco-friendly features that help reduce the residents’ electricity consumption.

Do you want to know more about the Primavera Residences and its advocacies? You may click here.

PH is Asia’s 2nd Fastest Growing Economy in 2014


The Philippines ended 2014 on a high note as Asia’s second-fastest growing economy drawing a full-year GDP growth rate of 6.1%. Increasing from 6.3% to 6.9% in the fourth quarter of last year, the Philippines’ solid economic performance brought the country’s GDP growth rate higher than its expected growth in the last quarter of 2014 making it Asia’s fastest-growing economy next to China.

No longer the ‘sick man’ of Asia

In a media briefing at the Philippine Statistics Authority central office in Makati City, NEDA Director and Socio-economic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan said that the Philippine economy’s performance for 2014 and the preceding years starting in 2010 shows how the Philippines can no longer be called the ‘sick man’ of Asia. “Our economic growth is becoming more competitive with our East and Southeast Asian neighbors”, Balisacan said.

He added, “The growth in the fourth quarter of 2014 appears to be broad-based as all three major productive sectors –the agriculture, industry and services sectors – have shown positive and robust growth during the period”.

This development led J.P. Morgan to revise its 2015 GDP forecast from an earlier projection of 5.4% to 6.4%.

“Upward growth trajectory”

In an emailed statement to GMA News, Finance secretary Cesar Purisima said that the country’s fourth quarter and full year performance “resoundingly affirm its upward growth trajectory buoyed by strong macroeconomic fundamentals”.

“Despite the challenging external environment in the global economy, both the Q4 and full year growth rates exceeded market expectations, lodging the Philippines firmly among the three fastest growing countries in Asia,” he said.

Balisacan also added that the Philippine economy should hit its target of 7% to 8% for 2015, as more public funds are freed up. Falling oil prices and spending for the 2016 elections would also push the economy upward, he said.

“We believe that our economy has moved into a long-term growth path that 7% is quite sustainable and achievable,” he concluded.


On Business Week Mindanao & Cagayan De Oro Times: Cagayan De Oro Condo Property Rakes In International Awards


Primavera Residences, the first eco-friendly mixed-use condominium in Cagayan de Oro, has garnered several recognitions from international award-giving bodies for its commitment to green architecture and design. It recently won in the Asia Pacific regional competition of the prestigious 2014 International Property Awards.

Previously, it was recognized by Southeast Asia Property Awards (SEAPA) for Best Condo Development in the Philippines in 2011. Primavera Residences was also one of the finalists in the Most Promising Clean Energy Investment Opportunity of the Year category by the CTI PFAN Philippines Clean Energy Investor Forum last 2010.

Featured in Business Week Mindanao, 4 April 2014 and Cagayan de Oro Times, 6-12 April 2014

On Business Week Mindanao: Primavera Residences Tower B gets BOI approval

The Board of Investments (BOI) recently gave ITPI the approval for registration under the 2012 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) for Tower B of Primavera Residences, the first eco-friendly and multi-awarded condominium in Cagayan de Oro city.

THE Board of Investments (BOI) recently gave ITALPINAS Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation (ITPI) the approval for registration under the 2012 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) for Tower B of Primavera Residences, the first eco-friendly and self-sustaining condominium in Cagayan de Oro city. The first tower of Primavera Residences has already been registered with the BOI, which was approved on April 12, 2012.

The Italian-designed Primavera Residences is composed of two 10-storey towers located in the masterfully planned Pueblo de Oro Business Park in uptown Cagayan de Oro City. Tower A, whose occupancy permit for unit acceptance was given on September 12, 2012, has a capacity of 162 residential and commercial units, ninety percent of which are already sold, while the rest are already being rented out.

“Being the first green building in CdO is really a great advantage,” says Arch. Romolo V. Nati, Chairman and CEO of ITPI. “We are setting the trend here in the most competitive city in the Philippines. We also purposely selected to put our project in uptown Cagayan de Oro because of its good urban planning, better air quality and higher land area – 110 meters above sea level – making it practically a flood-free zone,” adds the Italian architect.

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BusinessWeek Mindanao: 22 August 2013

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Italpinas to put up green buildings in Mindanao

Tower A of Primavera Residences stands tall in uptown CdO

Through the power of good design, see how we are able to increase natural airflow and light, and therefore decrease energy consumption.

Property developer Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corp. (ITPI) is putting up green buildings in Mindanao to help residents save on power costs.

ITPI chairman and CEO Romolo Nati said ITPI is putting up green buildings in Cagayan de Oro City to help residents save as much as 32 percent on air-con energy consumption cost.

“People in Mindanao either suffer from the full force and effect of the tropical heat due to blackouts, or the high energy cost of running air-conditioning units,” said Nati, an Italian who designed and built his green Primavera Residences condominium in Mindanao.

The initial plan would comprise of two towers of mixed-used 10-story green buildings each. It would have an inner courtyard and a cross-ventilation layout to increase the natural airflow and light.

Nati said the structure would also have shaded facades to reduce direct sun illumination on the windows and to reduce the internal temperature of each unit.

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From the Philippine Star: 20 Aug 2013, 12:00 am


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On Kagay-an: Italpinas reiterates offer to new city admin


Misamis Oriental Gov. Oscar S. Moreno cuts the ceremonial ribbon for the grand launch of Primavera Tower A, with the assistance of (lL-R) Non-Exective Chairman Jose P. Leviste, Jr., Italpinas; Engr. Syntax B. Manuta, VP-Ops, AVP Trading & Construction; Arch. Romolo V. Nati, Chairman and CEO, Italpinas and Pueblo de Oro Dev. Corp. President Rommel M. Leuterio. Mr. Moreno was recently elected Mayor of Cagayan de Oro City.


The builders of Cagayan de Oro’s first true green building recently assured the incoming administration of Mayor Oscar S. Moreno its offer to extend its services for free to the city’s plan to provide incentives for the construction of green buildings in Cagayan de Oro City still stands.

“We agree perfectly with the City Council on Environment and Natural Resources’ view that incentives would better serve to encourage the construction of eco-friendly buildings in the city rather than penalties,” said Architect Romolo V. Nati, chairman and CEO of Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation.

“We also wholeheartedly support the initiative of Architect Galua and Engineer Albina to set local green building standards which would encourage natural ventilation and reduce energy consumption,” he added.

Italpinas is the designer and builder of Cagayan de Oro City’s first real green building, the Primavera Residences at the Pueblo de Oro Business Park.

Earlier, the firm wrote to Councilor President D. Elipe, chairman of the said committee, through City Building Official Isidro Obligado (as chairman of the technical working group) offering its services for free as consultants in the study to set parameters for the granting of incentives for the proposed ordinance.


“We believe our track record in the design and construction of Primavera Residences would serve the TWG and your committee in good stead as it endeavors to lead the way for a more eco-friendly city,” the letter said.

Italpinas has already been cited three times internationally:

·         As one of the most promising clean energy investment opportunities in the Philippines  by the Climate Technology Initiative- Private Financing Advisory Networks (CTI-PFAN) Asia Forum for Clean Energy Financing during the 2nd annual Philippines Clean Energy Investor Forum held in Manila in 2011 (for Primavera Residences);

·         as one of the Best Condo Developments in the Philippines by the South East Asia Property Awards in 2011 (for Primavera Residences) in Singapore;

·         and, most recently, as one of the top 10 and only entry from the Philippines which made it to the finals of the CTI PFAN Asia Forum for Clean Energy Financing (AFCEF-3) Business Plan Competition held February 22, 2013 in Singapore (for a new project).

Mr. Nati has a graduate degree in Architecture in Design from The University of Rome La Sapienza where he was graduated summa cum laude. He taught Green Architecture at the La Sapienza Faculty of Architecture and Master in Urban Landscape and Layers at the University of Tallin, Estonia Faculty of Architecture.

– by Mike Banos


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Featured in Kagay-an, 2 Jun 2013


On Manila Daily News: BPI grants Italpinas loan for green condo tower 2

Atty. Jose D. Leviste III, President and Architect Romolo V. Nati, Chairman and CEO of Italpinas EuroAsian Design and Eco-Development Corp. sign a PhP 180-million Green Development Loan with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) represented by Mr. Alfonso L. Salcedo, Jr., Executive Vice President and Group Head, Corporate Banking Division and Mr. Mario B. Palou, Senior Vice President. The loan will partially finance construction of Italpinas’ Primavera Residences Tower 2 in Cagayan de Oro City.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) recently granted a PhP 180-million green development loan to Italpinas EuroAsian Design and Eco-Development Corporation to partially finance the construction of its Primavera Residences Tower 2.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) recently granted a PhP 180-million green development loan to Italpinas EuroAsian Design and Eco-Development Corporation to partially finance the construction of its Primavera Residences Tower 2.

“BPI advances its Sustainable Energy Finance (SEF) by continuing to support the energy investments of its clients,” BPI said in a statement. “In collaboration with International Finance Corporation (IFC), the four-year old innovative financing approach funds various efficient and renewable technologies all over the country.”

The loan agreement was signed last month at the BPI Head Office by Architect Romolo Nati, Chairman and CEO, and Atty. Jose D. Leviste III, President, in behalf of Italpinas and by Mr. Alfonso L. Salcedo, Jr., Executive Vice President and Group Head, Corporate Banking Division and Mr. Mario B. Palou, Senior Vice President for BPI.

BPI is the third ranked universal bank in the country with over 809 branches (inclusive of 105 kiosks and five branches abroad) and 2,542 automated teller machines (ATMs) which together form Expressnet, the largest combined network of branches/kiosk units and ATMs, servicing the largest number of bank customers, including over one million overseas Filipinos.

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February 25, 2013, Mindanao Daily News