The Marriage of Harmony and Comfort in Architectural Design


We all appreciate beautifully designed buildings, but if the design does not serve any other purpose beyond what it is essentially built for, then the building would be just another ordinary structure.

Things are different with Primavera Residences, though. Behind that admiringly beautiful façade of an elegant, nature-inspired design lies a deeper purpose for its construction. As the cliché goes, there is more to Primavera Residences than meets the eye.

There are two things that make Primavera Residences unique: its sustainable architectural design and its energy efficiency features. Its design is based upon the analysis of wind flow, solar positioning and the local climate.

If you notice the brown cantilevered edges that give the building a sophisticated look, they are not just there for aesthetics. Those cantilevers actually provide shade and reduce heat as they prevent direct sunlight from getting through the window surfaces. The building’s inner courtyard also provides natural ventilation for the residents as it collects cool air while expulses warm air out through the roof. This passive cooling system of the building enables unit owners to minimize their aircon use, thus saving on energy consumption and electricity costs. These green features further enhances the health and well-being of its occupants as comfort is one of the most important factors in condo living. As a result, residents at Primavera Residences are able to live in harmony.

Nowhere in the city can you find a building that is designed with nature in mind but only at Primavera Residences.

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