Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Primavera Residences!


This article is the winning piece from the Marketing Management 61 class of Xavier University Section C. The photo essay was created by the “James’ Angels” team which bested four other groups. The original article was posted HERE.


If someone would have to ask you about your speculations and thoughts about influencing ideas and considerations of buying a condo unit, what would you proudly remark? Do you really find the need and want from within yourself the buzz and fuss you wish to experience when sooner you’ll be enjoying one?

Take the first two (5) reasons- of course, you would want a welcoming, persuasive and relatively chilly room for you to relax whether you’re sleeping, eating and even watching television or movies of your choice with your family, friends and even loved ones. Who would never want to relax witnessing the sun setting by your window with a fluffy sofa at a considerable price for your satisfying experience? We all are!

Moreover, talking about developing an eco-friendly kind of environment and way of living life, it’s better and more interesting when you get the chance to stay in one of these developers. One of them is ITALPINAS; a sustainable real estate developer. Headed by an unusual twist of two great minds, an award-winning Italian architect Romolo V. Nati who is an expert in applying biomimicry into his designs, and lawyer Jojo Leviste, president of two environmental start-up companies. Together they created a new trend and standard in condominiums here in the Philippines and also by being the first movers here in the City of Golden Friendship they paved a way for Kagayanons to continue to enjoy living with nature.


It is true indeed that men cannot survive with bread alone! Against all sorts of calamities and also the effect of global warming today, nowadays we need more than just bread we also need a good shelter. Declaring that looking back at nature is the solution for the survival of men, ITALPINAS applied biomimicry in their design.

Fact is that Primavera in Cagayan de Oro is designed after a mound. Yes you read it right a termite mound! A termite mound is known for its shape and structure for it can maintain a constant temperature inside despite wide temperature swings outside and also for its attribute of optimizing the suns effect. Just like a termite mound it is designed to be flood-proof, earthquake and typhoon resistant. Built with solar panels to be able to maximize energy efficiency and designed with cross air ventilation together with window-shading façade you can enjoy the comfortable cool climate inside without the worries from all those hectic electric bills.



Living in a busy world we find ways t start our morning right! And a breathtaking view can be just the right answer in starting the day. Primavera Residences is located at Upper Carmen, on top of the city, where a building’s height can greatly enhance the view of the horizon. Instead of seeing a busy street and buildings outside your window, you can enjoy watching the facade of the mountain horizon. What more is there to complete a convenient experience? One of the Philippines’ leading supermarkets is located right beside Primavera! You don’t need to go the distance just to shop or buy daily necessities which can really save time and money. Now that’s what you call convenient!



Everyone deserves a good home especially where we can rest our worries. Nowadays it is hard to find a place to find an ideal home that suits our budget. Fact is that size and looks really matters. Good thing that Primavera Residences provides a wide variety of units that can cater your budget. Yes, having our own Italian designed condo unit is possible! Primavera Residence offers you a possible way of acquiring your dream condo unit.

Primavera Residence offers eight floors for residential usage lavishing with diverse unit designs from studio units up to a 2 bedroom designed unit, so what more are you looking for? Who said that only celebrities can enjoy an elegant lifestyle?



Living in a Primavera condo doesn’t only offer elegant lifestyle but is also suits and adapt to your busy lifestyle giving you a stress free and relaxing atmosphere. The Residence offer physical activity venues like the swimming pool and  the fitness gym. Laundry space and drying cage for proper laundry care and convenience. Cafe, Bars, Food court and Restaurant in the ground floor to hang out or to just grab a bite if you’re in a hurry. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without cable TV and high speed internet connection in all rooms for entertainment and social connections.


Cagayan de Oro City today is known as one of the most competitive cities in the world. It is also known as the adventure capital of the Philippines which really depicts the city’s quality of blending with the country’s natural resource. These qualities made way for individuals to want to visit and reside in Cagayan.

Primavera Residence being the first to influence a standard in creating High-rise eco-friendly buildings was able to reflect the same qualities, which is its care for the environment, that entitles to be a perfect residence for individuals residing in a growing city. The City of Golden friendship is indeed ready to start its relationship with real estate. Who said that condo units are only for big cities? It is indeed a residence to love for it achieved its goal as a solution for both men and nature to be preserved. So what are you waiting for?


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