Top 5 reasons Why Young Professionals Love PRIMAVERA

This article is the winning piece from the Marketing Management 61 class of Xavier University Section D. The photo essay was created by the “Guardians of the Galaxy” team which bested four other groups. The original article was posted here


  1.  Convenience should always be a priority and Primavera sure has this on their list. We like to be time efficient as much as possible and it’s easy to achieve it when you’re in the perfect place that serves your ease.  The condominium has access to most of what you will need and to the places that you have to go, from malls, restaurants, and the friendly neighboring sites to the complete amenities that should make their way on top of your list on searching for the right condo.
  2.  It is of great pleasure to stay in an  eco-friendly environment. Primavera carries the banner for the “Green Revolution” that’s sweeping across Pueblo de Oro Township, Uptown Cagayan de Oro’s most progressive communit. This leads us to a beneficial establishment for the people staying in Primavera which brings us to number 3.
  3. When choosing a condominium, one has to be wise and wise will always be in the vocabulary in Primavera. Because of its astounding architectural design and features, Primavera establishes an energy efficient environment directly benefitting condominium residents  with an energy consumption for air conditioning by approximately 32% or around 20% of total energy consumption.
  4. When looking for a condominium, one does not simply ignore the design of the building and the units, whether it is well furnished and if it has all the necessary things a condo must have. Well say no more! Primavera does not only have all those necessities, they also gives us the “ Optimization of space, elegant and minimalist furniture, maintenance of privacy of every single space,  not to mention the view In which youre going to live with when staying.  Macalajar bay or the breath taking mountains here in Cdo, you choose.
  5. Being busy, stressed, and tired will always get in your system but one thing’s for sure, the ambiance of the place that you’re going to wake up with and go home for is definitely a changer. With Primavera, having the sense of  `home’ and the ambiance wherein you can lighten up your mood is definitely there.

Competitive Edge

Aside from the management and technological advantages, Primavera embraces mother nature like no other. The sense of simplicity and the sense of HOME is what they sought through and achieved which makes them stand out from the others. The way they fit in to the sustainable environment and the set of trends they show from the architectural designs and units.

And not to mention the title that they are holding which is the first eco-friendly condominium in the region which gives benefit the community and to the environment.

These are the factors that people should and would want to live in, a place wherein serenity and hospitability is present. The place where we are able to appreciate more what God given nature has to offer and thrive in for a much more ethical, sustainable and healthy environment. Having a healthy environment would mean that you will also have a better time when you stay at home and Primavera sure would make you feel all of these.



Having breakfast conversations are always a good head-start for their day because nothing compares to waking up having breakfast in a fresh ambiance of a place and of you-and-I time


Great view great pool, Fred prefers a dip in the pool before getting ready for work to be able to see things clearer and realize better. That day sure made him realize one thing..  that his life is going to change forever with a simple yes from her.

So he’s thinking.. if he can move the water, he can move her.


A breathtaking view of the world before stepping out to the world would be a great way to prepare for work with Nicole not knowing Fred’s plans for her.


 Nothing compares to having quality time with friends and getting opinions and advices from them. Here, Fred was discussing to his barkada/co-workers what plan was best to do on how to propose to Nicole.


The night finally came, candles, roses and the touch of nature centering the building was  the perfect setting… and with everything set aside, she finally said yes.


Selected photos from the 24 different groups may also be viewed at the Primavera Residences booth in SM City CDO from September 15 to 22, 2014.

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