Travelling Eco-friendly to CDO

Global warming or climate change has been the talk of the world ever since there has been a visible and feelable effect on all our places, even in Cagayan de Oro. Not everyone is aware of this, no idea of it, or no care about it at all because they have no idea how it affects them and their families.


Travelling eco-friendly in CDO

Waterworld if climate change isn’t controlled. As it is, polar bears are fast losing their glacier homes because of global warming.  Th effect is global as well as local, as we Kagay-anons know very well.


Climate change means the global rise in temperature change of the air and the sea. People are seeing all the change all over the world. Glaciers are disappearing, the arctic sea is melting, storms, heat waves are forming everywhere, plants and flowers are blooming earlier than expected, and unfamiliar insects in our territories are emerging from all angles, birds and other animals are multiplying before they are expected to and those animals that are supposedly hibernating are all awake – the cycles are distorted.

So you ask, what is going on? The planet is getting warmer. Any change in our climate affects each and every one of us. Humans are known to be high energy consumers. No one can deny we consume almost all the energy than any other living creature there is on the planet.

We use tons of energy in our everyday tasks – from cleaning, heating, pumping, even disposing of water. Even the food that we eat is an enormous source of greenhouse gases: the fossil fuels we use in fertilizers and farm machinery, the processing of food, transportation – cars, ships, even jets, the cooking and packing. Even construction requires all kinds of building materials that can only be made with massive amounts of energy.

Even the major necessity we have which is electricity isn’t captured magically – it takes the burning of immense amounts of fossil fuel to convert energy into electrical current. Majority of the things in our lives – clothes, mobile phones, toothbrushes, etc. – are all made using energy.

Individually, we may not be able to make much of a difference. But if we all combine our habits of conservation, I do believe we can do something to minimize our carbon footprint. Even when we travel.

When travelling to CDO, here are a few tips to help conserve energy:

  1. Book your next flight to an airline that is environmental friendly
  2. Stay in a green hotel – (in CDO it’s Primavera Residences)
  3. Drink eco-friendly water (bring your own stainless water containers instead of buying plastic bottles).
  4. Reduce any excess use of carbon or plastic use.
  5. And lastly – Reduce, reuse, recyle in any way possible – even hotel freebies.

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