Discover a Healthier you at the Primavera Wellness Day




Summer’s over but the excruciating heat never left, and now it has brought with it rain showers and gloomy weather.

Exhausted. Lethargic. Easily annoyed. These are but few of the things we experience with the kind of climate we have right now. Oftentimes, this leads to a decline in our interest in doing work, affecting our productivity and ultimately making us succumb to negative emotions.

But it’s not just the weather. More often than not, it all boils down to our level of wellness.

Your health and well-being plays a very significant role in helping you achieve your goals, and we at Primavera Residences understand how important it is to constantly be on optimum health. If you’re looking for a time and place to kickstart a better and healthier lifestyle and learn to take a proactive role in achieving good health, then July 26 is the date to remember.

Primavera Residences is inviting you to join the Primavera Wellness Day on July 26, Saturday, 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. at 2/F Primavera Residences, Pueblo de Oro Business Park, Cagayan de Oro City.

At 3PM, don’t miss your chance to be inspired and get motivated by wellness and nutrition expert, Chef Ivy Trapero of the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro. All participants will be given a FREE wellness evaluation by Chef Ivy herself!

When 4:30PM rolls in, get inspired to start a fitness routine and learn about Dynamic Training Approach (D.T.A.) from Coach Noel Villa of CDO Rugby Team. Coach Noel is a Filipino fitness instructor from the UK specializing in body sculpting, strength training, and sports conditioning.

For the finale, treat yourself to a fun and relaxing yoga session with the acclaimed yogi, Ms. Julie Bonita Corrales of The YOGAHOME. The Yoga Party  starts at 5PM.

From good nutrition, fitness training, and an invigorating yoga party, the Primavera Wellness Day has all your fitness needs covered.

While waiting for July 26, you can participate in our social media contest in Facebook by sharing your wellness goals. Post your fitness goals and get a chance to win a free 10-day nutrition club membership. One winner will be announced during the Primavera Wellness Day on July 26.

I repeat, July 26.

Be fit. Be healthy. It’s for free!