Water Conservation 101: 10 Simple Ways to Conserve Water


Due to the increasingly intense heat brought about by climate change, most of us Filipinos tend to consume tons of water supply to overcome the unpleasant heat and humidity. This might help in the short term but excessive use of water can also contribute to environmental degradation.

We enjoy a year of abundant rain and full reservoirs, and it is easy to think that our water supply is endless, yet we couldn’t afford to be complacent in whatever might come next.

The United Nations (UN) expects 3.4 billion people to be living in countries defined as water-scarce by 2025. When water is scarce, people are forced to consume contaminated water. But prevention is always better than cure, so we might as well do our very best in helping avoid this scenario. Remember, every little act counts.

The National Water Resources Board (NWRB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) offers these water conservation tips:

  1. Turn the faucet off firmly to prevent leakage. Installing low volume/high pressure (LV/HP) nozzles or flow constrictors reduces water usage by up to 50%.
  2. Use water dipper and pail instead of the shower while taking a bath.
  3. Instead of running water, use a glass of water when brushing your teeth.
  4. Buy new, water efficient toilet bowls that consume only 2.6-4 liters of water for every flush. Old models use up to 14 liters of water per flush.
  5. Discard leftover food before washing the dishes. As much as possible, use a basin to save water as well as the dishwashing soap.
  6. Wash all your clothes at once. Don’t allow the water in your wash basin to overflow.
  7. Reuse water from your laundry to flush your toilet or to clean your car.
  8. Instead of a water hose, use only a water pail and a towel to clean your car.
  9. Water your plants only before sunrise or after sunset to prevent water loss due to vaporization.
  10. Switch off the water valve in buildings and homes that are not operational at night. Turn off the gate valve in the evening and turn it on again the following morning.

With the environmental changes that we are experiencing now, our energy-saving acts should hopefully become habits of conservation.

For any concerns about your water supply and related matters, call Cagayan de Oro Water District Hotlines at (08822) 72-8359, (088) 856-4509. If you’re near in their Macasandig and Bugo offices, you can contact them thru (088) 857-2469 and (088) 855-3994.

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