Zumba Craze Hits CDO!

5 Reasons Zumba is Effective - Zumba Craze Hits CdO

Fun meets fitness at the Primavera Residences Zumba sessions

You’ve probably heard about Zumba so many times, and chances are, you have already joined a session or two (or more!) Whether at the gym, at your fave fitness center, or at home in front of YouTube, Zumba is everywhere and it has definitely come a long way from its roots in Latin America.

Here in Cagayan de Oro alone, there are several Zumba groups scattered all over the city with the latest one in uptown CDO at Primavera Events Venue. If you’re looking for some fun events to go to in uptown CDO, head on over on Wednesday evenings to join in the fun!

For those who are wondering why Zumba has become such a hit, here are the [awesome] reasons why you ought to be adding it to your fitness routine.

1. It is so much FUN!

Ask anyone who has tried Zumba and they will all tell you the same thing: it’s filled with loads of awesomeness and crazy fun! Melt the fats away while sashaying to hiphop, salsa, merengue, mambo, soca, and yes, even a few martial arts moves thrown in for good measure. It’s a mixture of aerobics and dance which makes up for a fantastic and fun-filled cardio.


Goodbye exercise monotony! With Zumba, every session is an instant party. That’s exactly what happens when you fill a room with fun-loving fitness enthusiasts, lots of dancing and upbeat music. There’s no way a single session could bore you, and you’ll come out of each session filled with that euphoric party high!


Whether you’re the dancing type or not, Zumba can definitely teach you some moves. Groove to the beat of hiphop tunes and shake those hips to some sexy Latin music. With your new dance moves, you’ll feel like a star in you own music video in no time!

4. It’s so TRENDY!

In the early 90’s there was Step Aerobics, followed by Tae Bo and kickboxing in the late 90s. The 2000s came and made spinning the “it” cardio exercise. Zumba took the throne when the 2010s rolled in, and it became the world’s most successful dance fitness workout. Now wouldn’t you want to be part of this latest worldwide craze.


What’s the point in doing a workout if you won’t get to lose at least a few pounds? With Zumba, regular exercisers have reported weight loss up to 50 pounds or more! Amazing? Yes indeed! But the key reason behind this is the fun factor. Fitness programs often fizzle after a few months because it could not maintain the interest of its participants. But since Zumba is all about good old sweaty fun, people just keep coming back for more!

Each session could melt away an average of 369 calories, according to a study done for the American Council on Exercise, making it even more effective than cardio kickboxing, step aerobics and power yoga.

So dance the fats away and stay in shape with the biggest and most enjoyable cardio workout to hit town!

Looking for a Zumba venue to join in? Check out the Wednesday evening sessions at Primavera Residences. For only P25 per person, you get to train with a certified Zumba coach. So grab your friends, pick out some comfy (but sexy!) sweats and head on over to the  Primavera Events Venue in uptown Cagayan de Oro City. You may call +63-917-7921080 to reserve a slot.

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