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7 concepts you should know about investing

7 Concepts You Should Know About Investing

I recently attended the Business and Investment Opportunity Forum conducted by Primavera Residences together with its partner bank BPI Family Savings Bank

It proved to be a very productive and enlightening few hours for me

The forum which is the first of a series, is aptly titled SOAR or Sustainable Opportunities and Advocacies in the Regions

One of the topics discussed during the forum is something each and everyone of us should be concerning ourselves — INVESTMENT

The inspiring talk conducted by Louis Sidney “Mark” T

Capanzana the Investment Counselor/ Trust Officer of BPI-Cagayan de Oro, was full of eye-opening ideas that made me alternately scratch my chin in deep thought and examine my investments and finances right then and there

Here, I’ll be sharing with you 7 key points that Mark discussed

Hopefully this will hit a chord inside you and propel you to take some actions too

Concept No


You can’t really grow something that you haven’t really identified yet, right? Or as the speaker puts it, “you can only grow the things that you measure

That being said, the first thing you need to do if you want to grow your money is to examine your current financial situation

As a tidbit of information, did you know that the average Filipino only has P6,785 worth of savings? And the sad part is, only 2 out of 10 Filipinos actually have money in the bank

To remedy this situation, we should take to heart this formula:

Income – savings = expenses

Remember to pay yourself first before you pay the bills

Concept No


Most people don’t really give a lot of thought about investing, and saving is often mistaken as a form of investing

Well, it’s not

Saving is just like putting your money inside a piggy bank and leaving it there for a period of time

  Investing is a totally different story altogether

It is making your money work even harder, and letting it grow bigger and bigger in the process

Take for example putting your money in time deposit versus in a bond fund

The interest for time deposit would be at 0

75%, while for bond fund, it’s at 4


See the big difference?

Concept No


As Mark describes it, inflation is like running on a conveyor belt

The prices of commodities increase so you have to make more money

Your money should be growing faster than the prices can increase, It should be outrunning inflation and kicking it in the gut

Concept No


Just as each person has a unique personality, so does our own individual investment personalities differ

Based on a little quiz Mark gave to the attendees, it turns out that I have a moderately aggressive investment personality

And I have to agree on that

Whatever your investment personality is, there is a set of investments suited for you

Find one that suits you best

There is no one-size-fits-all for investments

If you know the kind of risks that are suited to you, then you will be able to sleep easier at night and feel better with your choices

After all, our peace of mind is something we should always factor in on our decisions

Concept No


The higher the risks, the higher the return

Which one should you go after? Remember, the high-risk investments aren’t for the faint of heart

Based on your personality, you could focus on the types of investments that are better suited for you

Take time to read up and research

Better yet, talk to an investment counselor like Mark

It is also advisable that you mix up your investment options a little

Like the cliché goes, never put all your eggs in a single basket

Concept No


While some people insist that investment is all about timing, our speaker begs to disagree

We shouldn’t just rely on timing

The important thing is to start early and to do it consistently

As an example, your 100 pesos each month could become 1 million in 40 years, when invested properly

Place it in the same investment for 30 years and you’ll get only 300,000

Bottomline is, it’s not timing that is important, but rather, it is the length of time

So if you’re asking when is the best time to invest, the answer is: YESTERDAY

And finally, the last concept

Concept No


Investment isn’t just a one-time thing

It’s something that should be part of our lives

Investment is something that a lot of young people sweep to the backs of their minds and label as “FOR LATER”

But the earlier we jump into this bandwagon, the better

Financial Management seminars can be quite costly, but Primavera and BPI Family Savings Bank were generous enough to impart these knowledge to us for free

You should grab this chance too and let it help you carve better plans for the future

Find out more about the upcoming investment and business opportunity programs of Primavera Residences


5 things you need to know about business and investment opportunities in CdO

5 things you need to know about business and investment opportunities in CdO


I recently attended the Sustainable Opportunities and Advocacies in the Region (SOAR) Business and Investment Forum conducted by Primavera Residences and BPI Family Savings Bank. It turned out to be a very exciting and fruitful few hours.

The event was divided into three parts:

• an Economic and Investment Opportunity Briefing conducted by Mr. Louis Sidney “Mark” T. Capanzana the Investment Counselor/ Trust Officer of BPI-Cagayan de Oro
• a talk about Green Architecture Design and Construction conducted by Italpinas CEO Mr. Romolo Nati, and
• a discussion on Bank Products and Services by Ms. Tyrene Tanaka of BPI Family Savings Bank

As a quick rundown of the thoroughly enlightening activity, here are 5 important things that every investment-savvy individual must know.

1. The Different Concepts of Investing

Before you decide to put your money in an investment, make sure to arm yourself with the basic knowledge first. Are you already familiar with the 7 concepts of investing? If not, head over to this link to get the blow-by-blow account of the topic.

2. Eco-friendly investments

Did you know that green properties are appraised 10 – 15% higher than its non-green counterparts? And that retail sales of eco-friendly buildings are higher by 20%, and they sell twice as fast as conventional homes? If you’re planning to invest in real estate, green properties are the way to go. Not only will you be helping the environment, you are getting a surefire win-win investment too!

3. Housing Loans

If you need a little help on securing finances for your dream home, let your friendly neighborhood bank help you out. BPI Family Savings Bank has easy loan terms and friendly rates to help you get going. Visit their CDO Business Center at the 2nd floor of BPI Lapasan Branch in C.M. Recto Ave, Cagayan de Oro for more details and sound advice that is perfectly tailored for you.

4. Franchising Loans

Thinking of opening up a franchise but lacking funds to start? No worries because there’s BPI Ka-Negosyo Franchising Loan to the rescue! Here are some details that you might be very interested in.

5. The first and only eco-friendly location in CDO

In just 3 years, Primavera Residences, the first green building in Cagayan de Oro, has already sold 188 units with a total value of Php 367 million. Why are these units selling like hotcakes, you ask? Aside from its eco-friendly design that allows lesser costs in upkeep and maintenance, its chic uptown location is carefully picked. Not only is it 110 meters above sea level, it is also strategically located in Pueblo de Oro Business Park.


Click here to know why Primavera Residences is the perfect real estate investment in Cagayan de Oro.


ITPI SOARS in green architecture design & construction



Primavera Residences recently partnered with BPI Family Savings Bank to conduct a Business and Investment Opportunity Forum. The event called Sustainable Opportunities and Advocacies in the Regions or SOAR was held last October 17, 2013 at the Multi-purpose Hall of Primavera Residences in Pueblo Business Park, Cagayan de Oro City.

Among the topics discussed during the event was “ITPI Green Architecture Design and Construction: The Primavera Residences Experience”. The talk was conducted by ITPI Executive Chairman and CEO Arch. Romolo Nati and he discussed not only what sets Primavera Residences apart from the rest, but also the importance of sustainable architecture.

Here are 10 key points of his discussion.

1. Inspired by nature. ITPI believes that nature holds the answer to sustainable design. Taking a cue from Mother Nature herself, the company strives to develop self-sustaining, flood-free, and earthquake-resistant structures which are inspired by the beauty and functionality of nature. These green structures fuse human technology with the best that nature has to offer.

2. Cross-disciplinary Approach. Primavera Residences is a brainchild of three strong forces: ITPI’s real estate ingenuity, CEC’s  (Constellation Energy Corporation) renewable energy initiatives, and the expertise of RVN+ in Green Architecture and Design. The result? Beautiful, sustainable, and cost-effective designs.

3. Where no one has gone before. Primavera Residences, just like the rest of ITPI’s projects, offer a unique value proposition to its clients. With its eco-friendly design, unique innovations, prime location, and cost-efficient models, ITPI is leading the market in sustainable development.

4. The impact of real estate on the environment. Arch. Nati pointed out that the world’s cities occupy only 2% of the Earth’s land area, and yet it accounts for 70% of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. At the rate we are going, it is expected that by 2030, 59% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas, and by the year 2050, the consumption of energy for cooling will be grow tenfold. Increased energy consumption could lead to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions which will eventually lead to climate change and environmental degradation. Real estate development plays a big role in this, making sustainable architecture a necessary long-term solution.

5. Human resource consumption versus nature. Relying too much on technology coupled with our misconception that we have unlimited resources – this has led to the rapid deterioration of our environment. Where our cities once adapted to the local environment, we now manipulate our environment to adapt to us, hence the big change. To become sustainable, we need to reverse this mindset and change our perspective. We need to go back to nature.

6. Nature as the solution. There are patterns which can be found behind natural living structures. These processes, when studied and thoroughly examined can be translated into architectural designs and sustainable solutions. This is known as biomimicry and it has long been in existence, but has simply been overlooked amid all the new ways of doing things. Making nature as the basis of design allows ITPI to lower energy and resources consumption thereby reducing costs on electricity and water, among others.

7. Performance-based design process. While the traditional way of doing things calls for low tech design and high tech construction, ITPI does the exact opposite with high tech design and low tech construction. This result to lower cost and maintenance as well as low power requirement.

8. Environmental Analysis Tools. To aid ITPI in harnessing the power of nature, different software programs are being used. The different analysis involved include calculations for sunlight hours, wind patterns, and internal daylight. This is a great example of  technology working hand in hand with nature.

9. ITPI Projects. Taking inspiration from the beauty and efficient design found in nature, the completed and upcoming projects of ITPI are of stellar quality and are highly-recognized internationally. These projects include Coral City (Quezon City), Stellar of Light (Payatas, QC), Sto. Tomas (Batangas), and of course, their pet project, Primavera Residences in Cagayan de Oro City which has already sold 188 units in a span of three years.

10. Why go green? Green properties are appraised 10 – 15% higher than its non-green counterparts, retail sales of eco-friendly buildings are higher by 20%, and they sell twice as fast as conventional homes. Therefore, not only are you doing your share in helping reduce environmental degradation, it is also so much more profitable and beneficial in the long run. 


Italpinas’ award-winning designs and innovations are all based on ideas drawn from nature, coupled with the foresight, vision, and creativity of the people behind it. For example, did you know that the concept behind Cagayan de Oro’s very own Primavera Residences was actually based on the ventilation system found inside a termite’s mound?



Want to know more about CDO’s first and only eco-friendly building? Go HERE.



Movie: Mid-August Lunch (Pranzo di Ferragosto) at Cine Europa 16

It was Cine Europa season once again, and this year marks the sixth time that the film fest graced Cagayan de Oro City. High quality European movies were shown to the public (for free!) from October 10 to 13 at the Rodelsa Hall in Liceo de Cagayan University, drawing cinema enthusiasts from all over the city.

I happen to be one of those movie fans who mark my calendar each year to head to Rodelsa Hall and catch European films galore. So last Saturday, I met up with a couple of friends for a quick brunch before catching an Italian comedy called Pranzo di Ferragosto or Mid-August Lunch. Here are some of my thoughts about this simple and light-hearted movie.

Movie Review - Mid-August Lunch (Pranzo di Ferragosto) | Cine Europa 16

1. Food, food, food!

Good thing we had a hearty brunch before the movie, otherwise my stomach would’ve been rumbling in protest. There were so much food featured in the movie! Almost each scene had some form of delicious food lurking somewhere, and an ever-present glass or bottle of wine. Ahhh. The Italians sure know how to tease not only the taste buds, but the imagination as well.

Food played a great part in the storyline too. There was a funny scene with the old lady who raided the fridge for some pasta casserole, and a huge chunk of the scenes were of the main character Gianni going around town looking for ingredients for the meals he’s cooking. And of course, the title itself says ‘lunch’.

I left the theater feeling hungry and craving for some pasta al forno and some good old Filetti Di Persico Con Patate. So when I got home, I immediately scoured the net for some recipes. So here, I’m sharing them with you too.

Movie Review - Mid-August Lunch (Pranzo di Ferragosto) | Cine Europa 16 | Pasta Al Forno Recipe

Pasta al forno was the dish cooked by the character Maria. It was so delicious that Grazia (the one who’s forbidden from eating pasta, cheeses and tomatoes) raided the fridge and ate all of it!

This is the recipe prepared by Gianni for their Ferragosto lunch. They had to find the ingredients from all over town, but it was totally worth it!

Fileti di Persico Con Patate Recipe | Movie Review - Mid-August Lunch (Pranzo di Ferragosto) | Cine Europa 16

2. Family Always Comes First

It is known the world over that the Italians place very high importance on their family (just like us Filipinos!) The family is always considered as the center of the social structure and everyone looks after the interest of another.

In the movie, we meet Gianni, the 60-ish man who lives with his 90-year old mom to take care of her. The movie opens up with him reading The Three Musketeers to his mother, with the quite spry and opinionated mom voicing out her funny comments every now and then.

The story doesn’t fail to tug at your heartstrings. It’s a no-frills cinematic fare – utterly delightful in its simplicity. The focus: selflessness and love for family. It’s something Filipinos could very much relate to.

3. Promoting Relationships through Good Food

A big part of the movie is all about preparing meals together and bonding while making casserole, chopping potatoes, or what-have-you. And of course, the actual meals itself. This simply reiterates the importance of eating together and talking in meals, and how it truly does wonders to human relationships.

All in all, the movie is fantastic. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you look for a copy of the movie, grab some family and friends, and watch it with some good food and wine.

So.. bon appetit! Arrivederci!

In the mood for some more Italian culture? Check out this link for a slice of Italy in Cagayan de Oro!

Photo source: Central Coast Foodie blog 

Zumba Craze Hits CDO!

5 Reasons Zumba is Effective - Zumba Craze Hits CdO

Fun meets fitness at the Primavera Residences Zumba sessions

You’ve probably heard about Zumba so many times, and chances are, you have already joined a session or two (or more!) Whether at the gym, at your fave fitness center, or at home in front of YouTube, Zumba is everywhere and it has definitely come a long way from its roots in Latin America.

Here in Cagayan de Oro alone, there are several Zumba groups scattered all over the city with the latest one in uptown CDO at Primavera Events Venue. If you’re looking for some fun events to go to in uptown CDO, head on over on Wednesday evenings to join in the fun!

For those who are wondering why Zumba has become such a hit, here are the [awesome] reasons why you ought to be adding it to your fitness routine.

1. It is so much FUN!

Ask anyone who has tried Zumba and they will all tell you the same thing: it’s filled with loads of awesomeness and crazy fun! Melt the fats away while sashaying to hiphop, salsa, merengue, mambo, soca, and yes, even a few martial arts moves thrown in for good measure. It’s a mixture of aerobics and dance which makes up for a fantastic and fun-filled cardio.


Goodbye exercise monotony! With Zumba, every session is an instant party. That’s exactly what happens when you fill a room with fun-loving fitness enthusiasts, lots of dancing and upbeat music. There’s no way a single session could bore you, and you’ll come out of each session filled with that euphoric party high!


Whether you’re the dancing type or not, Zumba can definitely teach you some moves. Groove to the beat of hiphop tunes and shake those hips to some sexy Latin music. With your new dance moves, you’ll feel like a star in you own music video in no time!

4. It’s so TRENDY!

In the early 90’s there was Step Aerobics, followed by Tae Bo and kickboxing in the late 90s. The 2000s came and made spinning the “it” cardio exercise. Zumba took the throne when the 2010s rolled in, and it became the world’s most successful dance fitness workout. Now wouldn’t you want to be part of this latest worldwide craze.


What’s the point in doing a workout if you won’t get to lose at least a few pounds? With Zumba, regular exercisers have reported weight loss up to 50 pounds or more! Amazing? Yes indeed! But the key reason behind this is the fun factor. Fitness programs often fizzle after a few months because it could not maintain the interest of its participants. But since Zumba is all about good old sweaty fun, people just keep coming back for more!

Each session could melt away an average of 369 calories, according to a study done for the American Council on Exercise, making it even more effective than cardio kickboxing, step aerobics and power yoga.

So dance the fats away and stay in shape with the biggest and most enjoyable cardio workout to hit town!

Looking for a Zumba venue to join in? Check out the Wednesday evening sessions at Primavera Residences. For only P25 per person, you get to train with a certified Zumba coach. So grab your friends, pick out some comfy (but sexy!) sweats and head on over to the  Primavera Events Venue in uptown Cagayan de Oro City. You may call +63-917-7921080 to reserve a slot.

Sweat out the calories, Zumba-style! Click here to get into the newest fitness craze to hit uptown CDO!

What you missed in this year’s housing fair in CDO

In case you weren’t able catch the 2013 Housing Fair at Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City which ran from September 27 – 29, here are the things that you missed.

1. The Opening Fanfare

So guess who came and opened the Housing Fair? None other than Vice President Binay himself. He officially opened the event and graced the awarding ceremony for LGUs, housing beneficiaries, homeowner associations, and other partners to the Comprehensive Land Use Program (CLUP) Zero Backlog program.

VP Binay, who is also the chairman of the Housing Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), issued a challenge to the LGUs and the organizations present during the event: to ensure that everyone in their communities will have homes.


What You Missed in This Year's Housing Fair
VP Binay in the house (photo by CDO Construction Facebook page)


2. The Exhibitors

A total of 10 private developers and builders, 6 different suppliers of construction materials, and a couple of banks all gathered in Limketkai Rotunda to promote and showcase their different projects and products. Among the exhibitors was Primavera Residences, the affordably luxurious and eco-friendly condominium in uptown Cagayan de Oro.


What You Missed in This Year's Housing Fair2

  People trooped to Limketkai Mall to check out this year’s Housing Fair


It was definitely the perfect time to check out the available housing options in Cagayan de Oro. Those who were scouting for their family’s dream house certainly got truckloads of help and ideas!

3. The Housing Clinic

Industry experts, officials from government housing agencies, and representatives from financial institutions also came to share their expertise in the field. They gave wonderful presentations about updates on the different developments in the city and gave talks about various real estate topics.

So in case you weren’t able to visit, those were basically the biggest things you missed. And oh, PAG-IBIG or HDMF was also there to give the public more information about their offerings.


What You Missed in This Year's Housing Fair4

Booth of Primavera Residences, eco-friendly condominium for families in uptown Cagayan de Oro


To those who were able to make it during this year’s Housing Fair, well good for you! You’re probably well on your way now to building the home of your family’s dreams. Don’t forget to share the information you got at the Housing Fair with your friends and family!

The 2013 Housing Fair was led and conducted by the HUDCC and the different government housing agencies in partnership with the Local Government of Cagayan de Oro City, the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association – Northern Mindanao Chapter (SHDA-NMC) and the Philippine Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP) .

This year’s theme was “Hamugaway Sa Kaugalingong Panimalay” which basically means being at peace in your own home.


What’s the best thing you missed in this year’s Housing Fair in CDO? Click here!



5 reasons Ms. Primavera rocks

Beauty queens come and go, but there are those who truly stand out from the sea of pageant winners. Miss Primavera 2013 Kristia Jolina Alde is one of them. With a stellar mix of beauty, charm, personality, and smarts, she’s a certified knockout who is sure to win the hearts of not only the Kagay-anons, but the rest of the world as well.

Here are the top 5 reasons Kristia is a real world-class Kagay-anon beauty.

1. She’s drop-dead gorgeous!


5 reasons Ms Primavera rocks | Kristia Jolina Alde


Time to close your gaping mouths, guys, and for Pete’s sake, rearrange those slack jaws! But I can’t blame you though. This girl is sizzling with timeless elegance, loads of appeal, and that undeniably beautiful and classic Filipina look. Aside from Miss Primavera 2013, she was also crowned Miss Silka Cagayan de Oro 2011, as a testament to her flawless beauty!


2. She’s Got a Fun & Fab personality

 What’s a pretty face without the great personality to match? Luckily, Kristia has both. With her funny and carefree disposition, positive yet realistic perspective, plus her awesome confidence, she’s quite beautiful in the inside too!

3. Family-oriented? Check!


5 reasons Ms Primavera rocks | Kristia Jolina Alde

When style effortlessly blends with substance. Miss Primavera at the Primavera Residences.


She loves her family dearly and looks up to her mom as her main role model in life. Following her mom’s footsteps, she strives to become the selfless, caring, and inspiring woman that other young ladies could look up to.


4. She’s not just a pretty face! She’s smart too!

She’s pretty eloquent and knows exactly what we could do and how we could help Cagayan de Oro reach its potentials as a booming, world-class city.


5. She’s a soon-to-be Civil Engineer!


 5 reasons Ms Primavera rocks | Kristia Jolina Alde

A true-blue Kagay-anon beauty


Speaking of intelligence, this girl’s surely got the brains to become a kick-ass civil engineer someday. She is currently on her 3rd year of studying BS Civil Engineering in Ateneo de Cagayan University (Xavier University), and she believes that being a civil engineer is “the most rewarding, hands-on, and people-oriented profession because it makes people’s lives easier”.

No wonder she is crowned Miss Primavera, right? She absolutely embodies the qualities that make Primavera Residences stand out not only in Cagayan de Oro but in the rest of the world. A world-class beauty to match a world-class eco-friendly facility. Simply two of a kind!

Want to see where Ms. Primavera hangs out? Click here.


Top 5 Things to Do in CDO

Every city in the Philippines will tell you why it’s “MORE FUN” there, but not all of them could provide the thrills that only Cagayan de Oro can. Before you start to raise your eyebrows, let me give you a quick run down of the attractions, tourist spots, and all the fun things you can do while you’re in CDO.

1. Go on an adventure!

You can’t go to CDO without getting in touch with everything nature has to offer. And when we say you got plenty of exciting adventures to choose from, you really do!

Whether you’re in the mood for some trekking, ziplining, kayaking, river tubing, skimboarding, whitewater rafting, canyoneering, rappelling and all sorts of heart-pumping, breathtaking action, CDO has all that to offer! You can choose to stay within the city for those exhilarating high-adrenaline action (Makahambus Adventure Park, Mapawa Nature Park, Jatico Adventures, Gardens of Malasag)  or you can venture into the nearby Dahilayan Adventure Park for even more choices of adventure!

CDO is also near the beautiful provinces of Bukidnon (with its cool air and beautiful scenery) and Camiguin (with its jaw-dropping white beaches). And if you still have time to spare, there is the City of Iligan nearby, and its majestic waterfalls will surely have you coming back for more.

So make sure you got your cameras ready because you’ll definitely come across a lot of picture-perfect (and Instagrammable) sights here!

Top 5 Things to Do in CDO - Whitewater Rafting

Haven’t tried this yet? Oh my, you’re missing half of your life! (Photo courtesy of Cagayandeoro.com)

2. Eat!

The city is teeming with restaurants that offer mouth-watering creations. From the usual Filipino fare (with a twist!) to Italian, Korean, Japanese, American diner-style, and fancy restos, CDO’s got it covered! Wanna give your taste buds a different kind of treat? Then how about some delicious Turkey or Wagyu steaks? You should try the wildly popular Kagay-anon fare Sinuglaw too!


Top 5 Things to Do in CDO - Sinuglaw

It’s the sinuglaw! Ta-daaah!!! (photo from the adventuringfoodie.com)


3.     Partaay!

If you’re in the mood to chill out, dance the night away, or simply see and be seen, there are plenty of spots scattered around the city that you can choose from. There’s a bunch of restos and bars at J.R. Borja Extension, Rosario Strip, Centrio, Corrales and Divisoria where you can party the night away!

4. Go Shopping!

Heads up ladies, there’s plenty of malls and shops popping up all over the place! Whether you’re on the lookout for some bargains or pricier finds, you can check out the different shops all over the city. Be sure to ask the locals for some recommendations, we’d be absolutely glad to help!

5. Hang Out With The Uber-friendly Locals!

But of course, CDO isn’t called the City of Golden Friendship for nothing. Come on over and experience first-hand the delightful smiles and the sparkling friendly laughter of the Kagay-anons. We’d looove to hang out with you!

Cagayan de Oro is pure fun, exciting adventures, gorgeous sights and fun-loving locals all rolled into one and wrapped up in a delightful, friendly package. Spend a week or two and you could be so enamored you might never want to go back home. In which case, there’s always the Primavera Residences that’s a perfect new home for you.  Located in a posh neighborhood, it’s eco-friendly uptown living at its finest!

So see you soon in Cagayan de Oro. And oh, don’t forget to say “tsada!” when you’re here!

Love top 5 things to do when you’re in Cagayan de Oro?  Click here for more.


Where do you find classic Filipino comfort food in CDO?

A modern take on the classic Filipino comfort food. How do you feel about that? As for me and my ex-bf (now husband), we looove it!!! I’ve always been a big fan of burgers, especially the grilled and juicy ones, and this is what started our love affair with what used to be a simple and nondescript restaurant in the center of Divisoria in Cagayan de Oro. The first Barkadahan Grill opened in 2005 and we discovered it first because of its burgers – the burgers that we consider the best ones in town.

Barkadahan Grill Burger - Cagayan de Oro Restaurant - CDO Cuisune



The burgers reined us in, but it was the overall atmosphere of the restaurant that made us keep coming back: good customer service, clean interiors, relaxed setting, and of course, the delicious food.

Fast forward to eight years later and today we see that the Barkadahan Grill business has grown so quickly.What started out as one restaurant now became four, scattered in the top spots all over the city. First was Divisoria, followed by J.R. Borja Extension, then Centrio Ayala, and the latest one at the ground floor of Primavera Residences in uptown Cagayan de Oro. Next year, they’ll be opening up more branches in Iligan City and in Quezon City.

So what made Barkadahan Grill become such a favorite among local Kagay-anons? I met with the lovely couple Mr. Noel and Ms. Aileen Martinez for lunch at Barkadahan Grill in Primavera, and it was easy to figure out why their business is such a hit. The happily married couple run and manage the family-owned business, and it is something they both know and love since their family has been in the restaurant business for quite a while. Both foodies, they love to take trips and try different new restos and cafes and bond over their shared passion for food. This kind of genuine love for what they do is reflected in the atmosphere of their restaurants and you can just feel it with every visit.

Barkadahan Grill - Cagayan de Oro Restaurant - CDO Cuisune

Mr. Noel and Ms. Aileen Martinez of Barkadahan Grill


Even though I’ve always been a fan of this chain of restaurants, it was my first time to visit their newest branch in Primavera. Here’s what I thought about it.


The ground floor of Primavera Residences is a fantastic choice of location. It is just beside SM City and located right smack in the middle of the housing developments and business complex of Pueblo de Oro. The exteriors are clean and well-maintained, with ample parking spaces available.


Barkadahan Grill - Cagayan de Oro Restaurant - CDO Cuisune



Clean, well-ventilated, comfortable and spacious. It’s the perfect mix of cozy and stylish comfort. The ambiance has the right blend of laid back fast food-type atmosphere with just the right amount of upscale feel.

Barkadahan Grill - Cagayan de Oro Restaurant - CDO Cuisune

The main dining area


Barkadahan Grill - Cagayan de Oro Restaurant - CDO Cuisune

The conference room



One of the things I love about this place is their happy and friendly staff. Everyone is sporting a smile on their faces, and they all look truly happy to be of service! This is something you won’t find in most restaurants in the same range. Here is a place where you will always feel welcomed and treated like the special customer that you are!

Barkadahan Grill - Cagayan de Oro restaurant - CDo cuisine

The customer-friendly staff



Whether you have the budget of a well-paid yuppie or a student living off of your meager allowance, this is a place where you can afford to eat good food. The prices are quite affordable and reasonable, which is one of the reasons you’ll definitely keep coming back for more.

Barkadahan Grill - Cagayan de Oro restaurant - CDo cuisine

All your Pinoy food favorites are here – at a price you can afford!



Of course, this is the most important part to consider. And does Barkadahan Grill make the cut? You bet!!! Try their house specials and see for yourself! I especially love the grilled blue marlin (flavorful and cooked just right!), but I’m quite fond of their chicken inasal too! Aside from the burger (which I already mentioned that we’re crazy about), the lechon kawali, fresh lumpia, sisig, and the fresh fruit shakes are all winners! For dessert, you can’t go wrong with their buko pandan and buko halo-halo!


Barkadahan Chicken

Barkadahan Grill - Cagayan de Oro restaurant - CDo cuisine

Barkadahan Grill - Cagayan de Oro restaurant - CDo cuisine



Barkadahan Grill - Cagayan de Oro restaurant - CDo cuisine


Barkadahan Grill - Cagayan de Oro restaurant - CDo cuisine

Given all these things I have just said, is it any wonder why Barkadahan Grill is among the favorite food destinations here in Cagayan de Oro? Fab food, good place, great location, excellent customer service – we could definitely expect to see a lot more from Barkadahan Grill. So if you want to find awesome new restaurants in CDO, visit their new location at Primavera Residences and enjoy awesome Filipino food at a very affordable budget!

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