Health and fitness in CDO: get back into shape!

Health and Fitness in Cagayan de OroZumba Experience at Primavera

Have you stepped on a weighing scale lately? If you haven’t, you have to go get find one and check if you’re over or under weight

Sometimes we get so caught up with work or school that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves, our health, bodies, families, even our lives as a whole

Getting back into shape is a pretty hard thing to do, but it is doable

Doing this requires a change of lifestyle

One has to be ready and prepared for these changes if you really love yourself

I for one have been so caught up with a whole lot of things in life that getting sick was a wake-up call for me to stand up and check on my health – for myself and my family

Changing lifestyles is one of the major changes; it’s like exploring a new world

Doesn’t mean you have to do the changes abruptly – but if you want, you could

Changes in food, daily routine, even people you hang out with matters

For meals, as you plan out the menu for the week you could slowly change or add healthier menu choices that your family would love also – this way you could move up altogether to that healthier lifestyle or you could also choose to take a quicker route and do the abrupt change from everything meaty to green, no meat, and leafy – if there’d be no problem with that

But from my experience, there usually are especially with kids in the picture

With the diet change, you need to go get active also

Recently, I’ve been hooked on checking into this new place uptown, Primavera Residences, that’s eco-friendly and has almost all the amenities that I want in life

They have a gym and a pool! Who wouldn’t want that? I have been thinking of moving there really soon so me and my family could get easier access to everything fun, healthy, and eco-friendly

If ever you have the same goal as I do, you have to check their place out

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Animal welfare in Cagayan de Oro – what can you do to help

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Or maybe you love all kinds of animals equally? Then there’s great news for you! Primavera Residences, the newest eco-friendly location here in Cagayan de Oro, is a partner of CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) Welfare  Philippines. They actually keep rescued cats in their premises –  all properly taken care of, and spayed/neutered to prevent overpopulation. Dogs are welcome too! So far they have one adopted dog and two cats. Now, how many businesses in the city actually does that?

Compassion to animals contribute to being a “world-class Kagay-anon” and it goes beyond mere appreciation of “how cute and cuddly” a pet is. It entails a lot of responsibility, initiative, awareness of animal rights, and a genuine care towards the plight of animals.

You can be a world-class Kagay-anon animal advocate in your own little way! Here are three ways you can help improve animal welfare in the city.

1. Be a responsible pet owner.

Having a pet is not merely about fun and play (or even making it as a prop to talk to members of the opposite sex). It comes with a lot of responsibility. When you get a pet, you are responsible for the life of that living creature, and it is your duty to nurture your pet for as long as he lives. Make sure that you are capable of investing time and money for the well-being of your pet. The selection process matters too. Choose a pet that is well-suited to your environment. This means, you need to do some research before you go out and get a pet.

Aside from the pet’s compatibility with your home, family, location, temperament, and schedule, you also have to ensure that the pet gets the complete preventive vaccines and proper training. That way, both you and your pet, will get the best out of your relationship.

2. Adopt stray pets!

Unfortunately, not everyone is a responsible pet owner. There are those who do not bother caring for their furry family members. As a result, many strays live on the streets – getting exposed to diseases, cruelty, hunger, malnutrition, and all sorts of suffering. Instead of being impounded, or worse – euthanized, why don’t you consider rescuing that poor cat or dog who lives off the scraps in your street? With a bath, a visit to the vet, and lots of attention, that scrawny little stray is sure to bloom under your care!


Animal Welfare in Cagayan de Oro

Meet Kitkat, the stray cat we adopted a few months back. Look how she’s bloomed!


3. Talk to like-minded friends.

Whether you choose to form an animal advocacy group or join an existing one, more heads are always better than one! So get together with your animal lover friends and discuss what you can do together to help the animal welfare situation in Cagayan de Oro. Every little help counts!

Be an animal welfare advocate in CDO! Click here to talk with fellow animal lovers.  

To find out how to volunteer with CARA, an animal welfare group in the Philippines, click here.



Travelling Eco-friendly to CDO

Global warming or climate change has been the talk of the world ever since there has been a visible and feelable effect on all our places, even in Cagayan de Oro. Not everyone is aware of this, no idea of it, or no care about it at all because they have no idea how it affects them and their families.


Travelling eco-friendly in CDO

Waterworld if climate change isn’t controlled. As it is, polar bears are fast losing their glacier homes because of global warming.  Th effect is global as well as local, as we Kagay-anons know very well.


Climate change means the global rise in temperature change of the air and the sea. People are seeing all the change all over the world. Glaciers are disappearing, the arctic sea is melting, storms, heat waves are forming everywhere, plants and flowers are blooming earlier than expected, and unfamiliar insects in our territories are emerging from all angles, birds and other animals are multiplying before they are expected to and those animals that are supposedly hibernating are all awake – the cycles are distorted.

So you ask, what is going on? The planet is getting warmer. Any change in our climate affects each and every one of us. Humans are known to be high energy consumers. No one can deny we consume almost all the energy than any other living creature there is on the planet.

We use tons of energy in our everyday tasks – from cleaning, heating, pumping, even disposing of water. Even the food that we eat is an enormous source of greenhouse gases: the fossil fuels we use in fertilizers and farm machinery, the processing of food, transportation – cars, ships, even jets, the cooking and packing. Even construction requires all kinds of building materials that can only be made with massive amounts of energy.

Even the major necessity we have which is electricity isn’t captured magically – it takes the burning of immense amounts of fossil fuel to convert energy into electrical current. Majority of the things in our lives – clothes, mobile phones, toothbrushes, etc. – are all made using energy.

Individually, we may not be able to make much of a difference. But if we all combine our habits of conservation, I do believe we can do something to minimize our carbon footprint. Even when we travel.

When travelling to CDO, here are a few tips to help conserve energy:

  1. Book your next flight to an airline that is environmental friendly
  2. Stay in a green hotel – (in CDO it’s Primavera Residences)
  3. Drink eco-friendly water (bring your own stainless water containers instead of buying plastic bottles).
  4. Reduce any excess use of carbon or plastic use.
  5. And lastly – Reduce, reuse, recyle in any way possible – even hotel freebies.

Interested in an eco-friendly travel to Cagayan de Oro? Click here to find out how to check in into the only eco-friendly condotel in Mindanao.


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Yolanda Relief Drive at Primavera Residences and ITPI Makati office



Dear friends, let us now help the families affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Primavera Residences is now accepting relief goods to be turned over to ABS-CBN Foundation.

Drop off centers are:
Cagayan de Oro: Primavera Sales Office: Pueblo Business Park, Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City

Makati: ITPI Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation | Unit 9A, 9/F Country Space 1 Bldg, 137 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Salcedo Villagers

You may call +63 917 7921080 for details.

On Business Week Mindanao: Italpinas Growing Fruit Trees for Sendong Victims

Green Earth

THE award winning developer of Primavera Residences is extending its advocacy for an eco-friendly lifestyle from design and construction to actively growing fruit trees to help curb global warming.

Last March 16, 2013, Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation, joined hands with Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Philippines Community Development/Partnership Department to undertake the planting and growing of fruit trees in two of Habitat’s resettlement sites for Sending victims: Calaanan 2B and Calaanan 3 Extension.

“We are undertaking this tree growing activity with HFH Philippines as part of our commitment to promote a sustainable lifestyle,” said Romolo V. Nati, Italpinas chairman and president. “Beyond constructing the first real green building in Northern Mindanao with Primavera Residences, we wish to share our advocacy for a sustainable lifestyle with other like-minded organizations like HFH Philippines and their home partners who were victims of Sendong.”

“This is part of our mission to create a safe, clean and green environment,” said Melva B. Gontinas, ComDev / Partnership Building, HFH Philippines. HFH Philippines has constructed permanent concrete houses for its home partners affected by the Tropical Storm Sendong flash flood in the two sites. “This is just a beginning, we will continue with the advocacy of growing trees for all HFH Philippines construction sites for a safe, clean and green environment that is resilient from man-made and natural calamities.”

One hundred (100) fruit bearing seedlings of five varieties (Rambutan, Nangka, Guyabano, Marang and Mango) requested by the home partners were provided by Italpinas under its Social Responsibility Project dubbed “Go Green, Plant a Tree”, said Gladys Ivy M. Echano, Italpinas Sales and Marketing Director.

Some 30 of Italpinas’ office staff, accredited brokers and their sales personnel joined the HFH Philippines CDO team for the whole day activity.

“We wish to invite other organizations who advocate a sustainable lifestyle to join forces with us so we can share our vision for clean and green living not only within Uptown Cagayan de Oro but in other areas as well,” said Mr. Nati.

Featured in Business Week Mindanao, 11 April 2013