5 Useful Tips to Maximize Your Space


maximize space

The rising cost of the real estate assets in the Philippines is generally based in two things: location and size. Especially for properties in prime locations, it is sometimes necessary to downsize in order to achieve a cost-effective investment. In this case, for a condominium unit.

A typical condo unit in the Philippines comes in different sizes and structures that are expectedly smaller than our usual homes, however, this does not imply that condo occupants need to sacrifice the comfort of their property.

Living in a studio or a small apartment (pad) can be quite difficult. There’ll be little space for desired furniture and appliances. This challenge somehow gives the owner an idea to hire professional interior designers, but we know that this can be very expensive. With just the right amount of planning and organizing, maximizing the space in your unit and apartment could be put off easily.

Here are some 5 useful condo design ideas that can maximize the space and make it visually bigger:

  1. Buy things that are dual purpose

Before resorting to any cheats to create an illusion of space, think first of ways on how you can actually make space. Double-purpose furniture, such as sofa beds, allow you to accommodate guests for daytime chit-chat and night time sleep over, without actually wasting space on added furniture. There are also sofa tables where extended chairs are available which could save you a lot of space in your home.

  1. Store things neatly

Small things, when put together, can be potentially big. Your usual clutters may eat up your tabletop and floor space when not arranged accordingly. These refer to your small belongings, cleaning items and tiny figurines and decors.

You may look around for potential storage spaces. Under your bed, a secret cabinet under your couch, or buy a stool that has hidden drawers or compartments. The space under the staircase may be used for shelves and cabinets to hide bigger items such vacuum cleaner and baby stroller.

  1. The brighter, the bigger

Perhaps the most basic step in creating a grand optical illusion is to maximize light. Proper lighting combines the right use of natural and artificial lights. Use lamps to bounce off light towards the ceiling, making it appear higher. Using corner spotlights, instead of a center chandelier, provides added brightness and more visual space. For spotlights, consider using LED bulbs for an energy-efficient home design.

  1. Choose vibrant colors for your furniture

Neutral base paint that matches neutral furnishings can be very dark and boring. Bright and eye-catching furniture such as sofa, throw pillows, curtains and carpets can add texture to your space. It also lets you see the amount of space you have in your unit or apartment.

  1. Looking through

Put on light-colored, thin draperies to allow guests to look through your windows, creating an impression of the outside view as an extension of your home. What’s better than visually pushing back the walls? You can also let the mirror do the trick. Mirrors never fail to create an illusion to make your space look wider. Use them in living room and hallways. Putting these ideas together essentially points out one thing – allow people to look through.

On May 24 last year, Primavera Residences in partnership with Truly Wealthy Realty and interior designer Anna Christina Sagarbarria began a series of workshops that tackled how to maximize small spaces. For details on upcoming events and learning sessions, like the Primavera Residences Official Facebook page or visit www.primaveraresidences.com.


5 New Year’s Resolutions for your Home

New Year is a time to make resolutions for the upcoming 12 months, not only for yourself, but for your home. As 2015 has now started, now is the time to ask what property goals you would like to accomplish in 2015.

Global real estate marketplace Lamudi has compiled a list of five simple suggestions for revamping your home for the New Year.

  1. Go Green


To go green, you do not have to spend a lot of money installing solar panels; simply make a few changes. By unplugging appliances and turning off lights when they are not in use, you can save both energy and money. If you want to take it one step further, switch to energy-saving light bulbs or LEDs and reduce usage of your washing machine and dishwasher by ensuring they are full before pressing “start.” For more tips on how to go green, follow the Official Facebook Page of Primavera Residences and get updated regularly with eco-friendly tips.


  1. De-clutter

Start the year by deciding what you really need in your house, and what you can leave in 2014. Once you have given away unnecessary items to charity, you can begin to clear the clutter. Houses, apartments, and condos all have an abundance of storage possibilities; whether it be installing high shelves, or under-bed boxes, secret compartments within your sofa or hiding places beneath the stairs, be creative with your space.

  1. Embrace Technology

Make 2015 the year of the hi-tech home by embracing the vast number of smart products on offer. Whether it be a connected fridge that you can text to check on food supplies, or a television that you can program from the other side of the world, treat yourself to a new appliance as they become increasing innovative, yet affordable.

  1. Learn a New Skill

Learn a New Skill (Shutterstock)

Whether it is how to reupholster your sofa or make your own curtains, learn something new next year. Either sign yourself up for a local course or search online for a tutorial and let 2015 be the year that you develop your DIY skills. Basic skills in plumbing and maintenance, such as unclogging a drain or re-plastering a wall can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

  1. Refresh and Recycle

A new year is a time to make changes, so why not repaint a room in your house? Perhaps there is a more daring color for your front door that you have been considering or a new refrigerator that you have been eyeing up—2015 is the year to make that change. Furthermore, why not recycle old items to freshen up your home; use empty bottles or old light bulbs to create a chic new light fitting or an old bathtub to brighten up your garden. Check out Upcycle That for more tips and inspiration.

Launched in 2013, Lamudi is a global property portal focusing exclusively on emerging markets. The fast-growing platform is currently available in 28 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, with more than 750,000 real estate listings across its global network. The leading real estate marketplace offers sellers, buyers, landlords and renters a secure and easy-to-use platform to find or list properties online. View the listings of units for rent and for sale from Italpinas by visiting this link.

(article source: Lamudi PR)

For more details about Primavera Residences, the multi-awarded eco-friendly property in Cagayan de Oro, visit www.primaveraresidences.com.

Cagayan de Oro Developer’s Coral City Project Featured in Science Textbook


One of the design projects of Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corp. (ITPI) – the developer of Primavera Residences – has recently been featured in a Philippine science textbook. In its “Exploring Life through Science” textbook series for Grade 9 students, Phoenix Publishing House featured Coral City as a perfect example of biomimicry.

Coral City is ITPI’s architectural design concept for a socialized housing project in Quezon City. Biomimicry is a new field in science that studies the natural form and functions found in nature and imitates them to create solutions.


Coral City is a 30,000-sqm green complex comprising individual buildings shaped like corals. The complex is designed to address disaster resiliency and sustainable development in the Philippines. It is the developer’s official entry to the Design Against the Elements (DaTE) international architectural competition held in Manila in 2011. It won a Special Energy Award in the competition.

The textbook highlighted the unique biomimetic design of Coral City, particularly its green features that make the complex sustainable and disaster resilient.





Live in Elegance and Comfort at Primavera Residences

UNIT 910
Enjoy family bonding in the spacious living room

When it comes to condo living in Cagayan de Oro, Primavera Residences is the ideal choice for home buyers. Primavera Residences is more than just your ordinary condo. Aside from its elegant, Italian-inspired design, it is also the first eco-friendly condo complex in Cagayan de Oro.

The twin tower, ten-storey green building is located in the uptown part of the city, a prime spot situated 110 meters above sea level. It boasts of 161 units for each building, with all units at Tower 1 ready for occupancy. You wouldn’t want to miss your chance of owning a condo unit with a nature-inspired design, would you?

Primavera Residences boasts of beautifully designed units that are categorized into three: studio type, one bedroom, and two bedroom. Each unit is designed with the occupant’s utmost comfort in mind.

I would highly recommend the two-bedroom unit for home buyers and those planning to rent a condo. This is a perfect solution, especially if you live with your family. This is also ideal for singles who love entertaining friends. Since the unit is spacious, you can invite your friends over to lounge at your place.

Find everything compact and easy-to-find in this beautiful kitchen
Find everything compact and easy-to-find in this beautiful kitchen

This two-bedroom unit at Primavera Residences (Unit 910) has a floor area of 46 square meters inclusive of a balcony. It is simply the most ideal for entertaining visitors. It is also perfect for sunset viewing or a chat with family members over coffee. This unit is also furnished with essential amenities like kitchen, living room and a bathroom.

One distinct feature of Primavera Residences’ facade is the set of cantilevers that surround the building. Apart from making the building look unique and modern, these ledges serve to create a shadow from within, thus keeping direct sunlight from getting through the windows and reducing the heat in the unit. This is best experienced especially in the balcony of a two-bedroom unit.

Living in this unit won’t be a rip off for any home buyer. In fact, when it comes to saving energy, you get to control and even minimize your own energy consumption because the building itself is designed to be energy self-sufficient. Because the cantilevers help reduce heat, unit owners can minimize their use of air-conditioners, thus saving energy and electricity costs of up to 20%.

The green inner courtyard within the building is also designed to increase natural ventilation, keeping the air across the units cool while pushing warm air out through the roof. Photovoltaic solar panels will also be installed on the rooftop to produce the building’s own energy and power its common areas.

If you are in search of an apartment for sale in Cagayan de Oro, why not just get yourself a condo unit at Primavera Residences. You are not only guaranteed of comfort and wellness, but owning an environment-friendly unit will add more value to your investment.

For more information on two-bedroom units at Primavera Residences, check out www.primaveraresidences.com.

On MyProperty.ph: The Marriage of Harmony and Comfort in Architectural Design


We all appreciate beautifully designed buildings, but if the design does not serve any other purpose beyond what it is essentially built for, then the building would be just another ordinary structure.

Things are different with Primavera Residences, though. Behind that admiringly beautiful façade of an elegant, nature-inspired design lies a deeper purpose for its construction. As the cliché goes, there is more to Primavera Residences than meets the eye.

There are two things that make Primavera Residences unique: its sustainable architectural design and its energy efficiency features. Its design is based upon the analysis of wind flow, solar positioning and the local climate.


Featured in MyProperty.ph blog, 30 July 2014

The Marriage of Harmony and Comfort in Architectural Design


We all appreciate beautifully designed buildings, but if the design does not serve any other purpose beyond what it is essentially built for, then the building would be just another ordinary structure.

Things are different with Primavera Residences, though. Behind that admiringly beautiful façade of an elegant, nature-inspired design lies a deeper purpose for its construction. As the cliché goes, there is more to Primavera Residences than meets the eye.

There are two things that make Primavera Residences unique: its sustainable architectural design and its energy efficiency features. Its design is based upon the analysis of wind flow, solar positioning and the local climate.

If you notice the brown cantilevered edges that give the building a sophisticated look, they are not just there for aesthetics. Those cantilevers actually provide shade and reduce heat as they prevent direct sunlight from getting through the window surfaces. The building’s inner courtyard also provides natural ventilation for the residents as it collects cool air while expulses warm air out through the roof. This passive cooling system of the building enables unit owners to minimize their aircon use, thus saving on energy consumption and electricity costs. These green features further enhances the health and well-being of its occupants as comfort is one of the most important factors in condo living. As a result, residents at Primavera Residences are able to live in harmony.

Nowhere in the city can you find a building that is designed with nature in mind but only at Primavera Residences.

Want to know more of the only eco-friendly building here in CDO? Click here.

Taking Inspiration from Nature for Sustainable Design


If there is one thing that makes Primavera Residences stand out from the rest of the urban developments in Cagayan de Oro particularly, it is the advocacy of its creators Arch. Romolo V. Nati and Atty. Jojo Leviste of promoting sustainable living through the development of eco-friendly residential units. The two bigwigs, through Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation (ITPI), the developer of Primavera Residences, collaborated and came up with a brilliant plan to put up a nature-inspired residential space in uptown Cagayan de Oro where business opportunities are flourishing.

The unique nature-based design of Primavera Residences is actually patterned after a concept called biomimicry. In architecture, it pertains to the understanding of various forms and elements of nature in achieving sustainable design. Basically, the application of biomimicry is to understand the principles behind it, rather than replicate the natural form.

Primavera Residences was structured after the natural ventilation scheme of a termite mound or anthill. The inner courtyard located at the center of the property was patterned after the hollow central opening of a termite mound where it acts as a natural cooling process. The courtyard keeps cool air at the ground and evenly distributed across the units while warm air is expulsed upwards and out from the building through the rooftop. The cross ventilation allows unit owners to use air conditioners sparingly, saving energy consumption up to 32 percent.

In addition, the cantilevers surrounding the entire building façade prevent the sun’s rays from directly hitting the window surfaces, thus reducing heat temperature.

This nature-inspired scheme in building Primavera Residences is what Nati also calls “performance-based design” which calls for analysis of the building’s prime location in order to maximize its energy consumption and saving approach. Through this, ITPI stays true to its goal of developing sustainable design with a positive impact on the environment.

While most commercial properties are too focused on generating revenue, Primavera Residences was built with a far more significant purpose geared towards caring for the environment. Unit owners don’t just own a condo at this eco-friendly property; they also become promoters of sustainable living and advocates of the environment.

Want to live in an environment-friendly home? Primavera Residences offers condos for rent in Cagayan de Oro. Visit www.primaveraresidences.com for more details.

Feng Shui vs. High-Performance: The Battle of Building Designs

the cantilever at Primavera_resized

Skeptics and believers alike, we all feel how our surroundings affect us throughout the day.

Admit it. When our room is cluttered, we think it a coincidence that our thoughts also hit a wall – a writer’s block, a brain freeze, a migraine, a laziness – it can be in different forms.  We then most likely grab our bag to go somewhere we can breathe and get our inspirations back. What is just the mere ‘feel’ or ‘ambiance’ of a place that motivates us to do something we are supposed to be doing is not just an innate attachment we have to a place. It is actually the energy in that place.

Yes, skeptics, it has a logical explanation. This ‘energy’ in formal circles can actually take on the elaborations on lighting, airflow, and other such elaborations that are quite acceptable to everyone. So when we are confronted with the dilemma of choosing feng shui or picking high-performance design guides in deciding how to construct our homes, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. We can have both.

Feng shui gives importance to the flow of energy. Anything that would block good-flowing energy is removed, which is why airy rooms are preferred than cramped spaces that could suffocate the occupants of the building. High-performance design actually also revolves around the principle of energy – natural energy. It analyses how the wind and sun would affect the different parts of the house and how the inhabitants would prefer to have their activities affected by these.

High-performance buildings actually try to harmonize the construction with the environment around the building. Feng shui is about harmony as well – being one with the forces of nature, the yin and the yang balanced. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of terminology. In the end, everything really works according to the basic principles of living on a breathing and living space – the earth, which is made up of different forces we need to live in harmony with.

Primavera Residences, a high-performance condo complex in Uptown Cagayan de Oro, is built around this principle. To learn more about its environment-friendly features, check out: www.primaveraresidences.com.

Green Properties: The Goldmine of the Future

Primavera facade

When the ice started to melt in Antarctica, resistance to the idea of a ‘new norm’ in the climate finally started to wane. It is hopeless to refuse to believe that there is something wrong when centuries-old ice is finally starting to disappear. While scientists say this process is irreversible, how we deal with this reality is up to us.

First, now that the environment has slapped us back at the face after man has continuously abused it, we have to see how best to realign our lifestyles to something more in harmony with nature. We are seeking, therefore, for an eco-friendly design in our structures. It does not mean we tie some sticks together and camp-out under the stars au naturel. Reality check, we are rabid consumers of resources. We cannot change this in a matter of days. But there’s hope. For now.

Going green can simply be a matter of choosing to live in an energy-efficient building. A fine example of an energy-efficient building would be Primavera Residences in Cagayan de Oro. Its design allows residents to save on energy through features that cool the units, lessening the need for air conditioning. Soon it will also have a layer of solar panels on top of the building’s roof to provide additional protection from the heat of the sun and at the same time generating electricity for the building’s needs.

In the long run, this type of building allows residents to save on energy costs. Especially with the power rates climbing in a steeper incline lately, green buildings are obviously smart decisions. Although the initial investment – because to buy a green unit is indeed a form of investment – may look high, eventual savings would actually defray the capital.

In addition to the benefits unit owners would get, green buildings will help with the situation of the locality in terms of energy efficiency. Since it is partly – or wholly – sustainable, it can alleviate power load stress.

The further beauty of buildings like this is that obviously, with the trend of development anxious to ‘go green’, eventually this would appreciate in value. Already, a preference for less environmentally harmful products is growing. Green buildings may still be relatively new right now but they are no longer luxuries. They have become a necessity.

Want to own a green property? Check out Primavera Residences’ condominium for sale in Cagayan de Oro.