IDC’s Primo Consiglieri, Dr. Joey P. Leviste Jr., launches book at Primavera Residences


Italpinas Development Corporation’s Primo Consiglieri (Senior Advisor) and now an author, Dr. Jose P. Leviste Jr., has launched his very own book titled “If the Philippines had a Lee Kwan Yu” last April 21, 2016 at Primavera Residences, Pueblo de Oro, Uptown Cagayan de Oro.


The event started with cocktails and was attended by special guests; among them were Mr. Antonio Samson (IDC Vice Chairman), Arch. Romolo V. Nati (IDC Chairman/COO) and Miss Earth England 2015 Miss Katrina Kendall together with her mother, Miss Floramae Kendall.


Dr. Jose “Joey” P. Leviste Jr. shared with the audience his experience in Singapore and how this has inspired him to create this book – a collection of articles and discourses written by the brightest minds of our country as a tribute to Lee Kwan Yu.

The title “If The Philippines Had a Lee Kuan Yew” evokes dashed dreams – a certain disenchanment with our 21st century history as a nation; but it also arouses bright visions – optimism and confidence iin the near future – depending on where you stand in the ideological spectrum.

“Tiger Joey” has assembled a powerful primer – the most incisive collection of vignettes by Filipino scholars and opinion leaders on the singular story of the City-State of Singapore and the leader who made it so. The challenge is not to compare but to be creative – Lee Kuan Yew knew that his country had few natural assets, but he was able to make Singaporeans believe in their potential and bigger role in our globalized world.” an excerpt from the back of the book by Fidel V. Ramos – Former President of the Philippines



During the event, we had the chance of listening to some of the book excerpts gracefully read by CDO’s very own Miss Earth England Katrina Kendall, who also experienced the life of Singapore. After which, some of the audience won copies of the book with an autograph by the author himself.


Together with Dr. Leviste, IDC envisions a bright future for the Philippines and for Cagayan de Oro. This is why its new groundbreaking project, Primavera City, has been designed to be a cut above the rest. The said project is to be launched at the end of 2nd quarter this year.

To know more about IDC’s latest project, you may visit or follow us at for the latest updates.

Miss Earth England Katrina Kendall experiences Primavera Residences

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY— Miss Earth England 2015 Katrina Manaya Kendall, together with her mother, Floramae Manaya have visited Cagayan de Oro again and was welcomed warmly by its people.

Kendall who is a Filipino-British citizen, 26, is back in Cagayan de Oro after visiting different countries to do charity work and environmental awareness campaign.

Shared Green Advocacy

While busy spreading her green advocacy by getting in touch with the local youth, whom she encourages to become eco-volunteers and plant more trees, she gets her much needed rest at Primavera Residences, which is currently her home away from home.

13054644_1030648126970269_1699605294_o   13054729_1030004297034652_1541961485_o

Photos: Miss Earth England Katrina Kendall with Italpinas Staff

Italpinas Development Corporation, the developer of multi-awarded Primavera Residences, shared the same advocacy as the reigning Ms. Earth England.

Kendall graduated with a first class master’s degree in chemistry from University of Edinburgh, specializing in environmental and sustainable chemistry.

Primavera Residences has been actively promoting green advocacies in the city and has won numerous local and international awards for its eco-friendly architecture. Featuring the best principles of passive cooling technology: shadow and sunlight control, wind cooling and shape performance, the project has been cited as one of Asia’s top 10 clean energy projects because of its capacity to help residents save as much as 32% on overall energy consumption.

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4 Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Date

Simple ways to Celebrate valentines

Valentine’s Day is the occasion when you can bask in the feeling of being in love and celebrate the glory of being loved.

George Elliot once said, “I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved,” and everyone agrees, as nothing warms the heart more than sweet thoughts and declarations of love on this special day. It doesn’t matter if you choose a grand gesture or a simple one, what matters is the thought and effort you put in.

So here are 4 creative ways to tell your loved one “I love you” not just this Valentine’s Day, but every day .

  1. Spend quality time. Go out to a nice restaurant or cook a special dinner. Cuddle on a couch and watch a movie. No matter what your chosen type of activity is, make sure to focus all your attention on your loved one and try to avoid distractions such as surfing the internet, chatting on the phone, or deciding to do other things by yourself or with another group of people.
  1. Make a homemade card. Your Valentine’s Day card will be more meaningful if it’s personalized. Instead of buying a card from a store, make your own and use your own words to express your genuine feelings. Create a poem or a note telling the person how much you love and appreciate him/her.
  1. Candy, chocolate, and sweets. If you are getting something for a woman, get a small box of sweet treats: it’s a no-fail gift albeit a little cliche. For women, there is a popular saying that says “A way to man’s heart is through his stomach”, cook for them  or bake them cupcakes. They’d surely love it.
  1. Express your words with a rose. Red roses are a timeless expression of love. If words fail, there are always red roses to convey your feelings.

To spread love and romance this Valentine’s day, Primavera Residences celebrates the special occasion with the #PrimaveraValentineRoses promo. Come, visit and get a FREE red rose  on February 14 and get a chance to win an overnight stay at Primavera.

Valentine Roses Draft

Not only that, Primavera Residences also offers a special Valentine treat for the whole family as buyers this February will get a free getaway trip to Dahilayan for 4 inclusive of an overnight stay and free rides.


We wish you happiness and love on February 14 and everyday!

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Join the #ManoPoInay Guessing Game Contest and Win Special Prizes!

Mano PoPhoto source:

Since November is Filipino Values Month, we seek to promote greater consciousness of the values that are uniquely and positively Filipino.

Values are the roots of traditions that Filipinos find important in their day-to-day events. They are instilled early in life, are deeply rooted, and are resistant to change. They are developed from people’s direct experiences with others who are important to them, such as parents, teachers, friends, and classmates.

As Primavera Residences celebrates the month of Filipino values, we want to engage to the public how well you know the core values that we, as Filipinos, are proud of.

#ManoPoInay: Isa Akong Mabuting Filipino

Starting this Tuesday, November 18, we will be posting a photo that indicates one unique Filipino value.

Contest Mechanics:

  1. On the following dates: November 18 and 25 (Tuesday) and November 20 and 27 (Thursday) at 10AM of this month, a photo will be posted on our Facebook page, Primavera Residences. The photo will depict a known Filipino value.
  2. To join the contest, all you need to do is post your answers in the comment box.
  3. Every Wednesday and Friday at 5PM, we will close the contest for the week.
    *The photo will be hidden from the page timeline.
  4. Winners will be drawn every Friday among contestants who gave the correct answers.
  5. For each photo, 3 winners will be announced on Saturday November 22 and 29 . Prizes will be announced soon.


Join now and be proud that you are a Filipino.

Primavera Residences is a twin-tower 10-storey eco-friendly building located at uptown Cagayan de Oro. It recently won as the Best Mixed-Use Development for the Philippines in the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

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Halloween in Cagayan de Oro: A Look at the Best Costumes

Kagay-anons are not only known as some of the friendliest people you could ever come across (not sure about this? Just ask #BecomingFilipino’s Kulas), they’re definitely the most fun-loving, too.

In a recent post, we shared what Halloween in Cagayan de Oro is like: the Undas traditions mingling perfectly with Halloween fun. Talk about the best of both worlds!

For this article, we’ll round up some of the best Kagay-anon Halloween costumes we came across this year.

1. The CDO Rugby Club dressed up and tackled Halloween

rugby 7


Who would’ve thought that these tough, national champions would play rugby football as “Prom Queen Latifah” or as “Fairy God Tooth Father”? Headed by the CDO Rafters’ founder and coach Noel Villa who came as a Pharaoh (see photo below), the guys came in to train at Pelaez Sports Center last Halloween all decked up in spook-tacular costumes.

Coach Noel as The Pharaoh
The CDO RFC Juniors came as assorted zombies!
The CDO RFC Juniors came as assorted zombies!
Coach Noel as The Pharaoh strikes a pose with Peter Pan


Photos courtesy of the Cagayan de Oro Rugby Club official page

2. A Raging Halloween Party at Lifestyle District

Lifestyle District is one of the hippest place to be in Cagayan de Oro, and last October 31, it played host to an awesome Halloween party. Several party-goers partied the night away in their most magnificent costumes.

Photo from Sean Moreno’s Facebook page

3. Not just one but a series of Halloween make up transformations!

A local blogger, Shaun Pilapil of wowed not just her fellow Kagay-anons but netizens all over with her amazing make up skills. For the entire month of October, she completed a series of Halloween make up creations, transforming friends and family into characters like Zombie Michael Jackson, Achmed the Terrorist, Cruella deVille, and even the entire Addams Family line up.

Check out some of her amazing creations (all photos from

It’s Freddy Krueger ready to haunt your dreams
The evil Darth Maul
Tim Burton’s the Corpse Bride
Hide your pets, it's Cruella!
Hide your pets, it’s Cruella!

4. Team Primavera goes vintage!

Last October 31, the entire Primavera Residences team went back in time to the roaring twenties with costumes largely inspired by the movie The Great Gatsby. Who says work and fun couldn’t come together? Let the folks at Primavera show you how to breeze through Halloween in style!

Photo by Diana Zamora
Photo by Diana Zamora

Halloween for Kagay-anons is a way of remembering and honoring friends and family who have passed away. It is also a time to get creative with costumes whether at work or at play.

So, how about you? How did you spend your Halloween? You can leave your message at the comments section below.


Primavera Residences is a proud kagay-anon development in uptown Cagayan de Oro, with units available for sale and for rent. Its world-class Italian design and eco-friendly features brought to CDO numerous international awards including the 2014-2015 Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines in the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

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Primavera #HOWLoweenPAWty Costume Contest Winners


Before we bid adieu to this year’s Halloween season, let us cap it off first with an announcement of the October Social media contest winners.

Our social media promo for the month of October is called #HOWLoweenPAWty pet costume contest, in partnership with PetPerk Grooming Services, the premier pet grooming destination in Cagayan de Oro City.  Located at Velez St. in Cagayan de Oro, PetPerk offers pet grooming services and all kinds of items for your pets’ every need.

pet perk

#HOWLoweenPAWty costume contest winners will be receiving the following prizes courtesy of PetPerk:

1st prize: 6 months free grooming services

2nd prize: 3 months free grooming services

3rd prize: 1 month free grooming services

No participating pet will come home empty-handed because Primavera Residences will also be providing treats and goodies to all our furry little contestants.

And now, for the winners.

[drum roll]

On third place, we have a tie!

It’s Whoopi as Little Pug Riding Hood and Pepper the Mummy!



Both garnering a total of 74 votes, Whoopi and Pepper are tied at 3rd place!


On second place, it’s Dixie dressed up as a minion!


Just when you thought you’re already immune to the minions’ popularity, here comes Dixie as an adorable little minion. Dixie the minion originally hogged the top place with 178 Facebook votes, but was unfortunately bumped off in the remaining days of the competition.

And finally, on first place, Bradd the Witch!


Bradd the witch must’ve put a spell on everyone’s hearts because his votes poured in during the last days of voting. The contest ended with Bradd surging ahead with 230 votes as of cut-off period. Way to go, Bradd!

Congratulations Whoopi, Pepper, Dixie, and Bradd!

We would also like to thank and congratulate the runners-up who will be taking home goodies and treats from Primavera Residences.

3Maxxiz as Minnie Mouse!


Mr. Patches as the cuddly little devil

 1Not one but TWO ballerina pugs!


Thank you so much and congratulations to all! Watch out for our next social media contest by tuning in to our official Facebook page and Instagram account (@primaveraresidences).

For the winners (top 3 and runners-up), please send a message via for instructions on how to claim your prizes.

To know more about Primavera Residences, visit or call 088-880-5002.


2 Italian Films to be Screened in 2014 Cine Europa Cagayan de Oro



It’s the time of the year once again when Kagay-anons are treated to a festival of European Films. This November 13 – 16, 2014, visit Rodelsa Hall, Liceo de Cagayan University for a free viewing of 21 films from 16 participating European countries.

Cine Europa 2014 is the sixth time since 2009 that the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines is hosting the film fest in Cagayan de Oro. Among the notable films in this year’s line up are the two movies from Italy, namely Una Sconfinata Giovinezza (A Second Childhood) and Scialla (Easy!)


Una Sconfinata Giovinezza

Una Sconfinata Giovinezza  or A Second Childhood  explores the story of a happily married couple and how things suddenly make a turn for the worst when the husband begins showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Looking for something thought-provoking and heart-wrenching to help you spend your Sunday evening? See this movie with family and friends on Sunday, November 16, from 6pm onwards.



Scialla! or Easy! Is a comedy film about a retired Italian teacher who tutors for a living. His world is turned upside down when he finds out that one of his students, a rebellious teenager, is actually his son. This movie will be shown on Friday, November 14, at 1pm. So if you’re looking for something fun to end your week, head over to Rodelsa Hall for a laughter-packed afternoon.

For more details about the Cine Europa 2014 Cagayan de Oro leg, visit the LDCU page.


Did you know that there’s a multi-awarded Italian building located in Cagayan de Oro? Primavera Residences is a twin-tower 10-storey development located in uptown Cagayan de Oro, a few steps from SM City CDO. Tower 1 is ready for occupancy with units available for short-term and long-term rental while Tower 2 is currently offered for pre-selling and ready to be turned over early next year.

For more information, visit


 Note: Cine Europa 17 poster courtesy of Liceo de Cagayan University website.


Primavera Residences Launches First Ever ‘Fiesta Sa Primavera’ Grand Bazaar



Last August 16, 2014, Primavera Residences’ ground floor was crowded with revellers of the festival-themed “Fiesta sa Primavera Grand Bazaar” just in time for the Higalaay Festival.

The bazaar ran from 2PM to 9PM and Primavera Residences invited different local goods owners to showcase their products. Though challenged with a sudden downpour during the bazaar festivities, local shoppers and business owners proceeded with business as usual and did not let the heavy rain dampen their spirits.

Among the local businesses present in the bazaar were the following:

  1. Julia’s Closet. Julia’s Closet started as an online shop that caters to what every woman wants: accessories and clothes.
  2. CDO Rugby Football Club. The first and only rugby club in CDO sold football equipments, rugby t-shirts and Higala-ay shirts.
  3. Dire Husi. Dire Husi is a community of self-reliant and socially responsible young people collectively reaching their full potential through social entrepreneurship, arts and music. Their representatives sold intricately designed and handcrafted items such as dream catchers, accessories,  wine bottles, and pens to name a few.
  4. Figure It Up sold varied collection of dresses and accessories that would totally suit this generation’s fashion
  5. Anjo’s Diner, where your favorite sandwiches are given a surprising twist and stuffed with generous servings of beef, chicken, ham – or whatever it is you’re craving for.
  6. Gulp Juicery, sold healthy juices and salads aimed at cleansing toxic substances in our body.
  7. Joy’s Boutique Shop, sold designer bags that were a big hit during the bazaar. The bags on display included items from Louis Vuitton, Zara, Gucci, Guess, Michael Kors, among others.

bazaar 4


bazaar 5


bazaar 6

Other independent sellers displayed various dry goods and food items. Smart Communications was also present during the bazaar to display their products and services.

The Fiesta sa Primavera Grand Bazaar was the best way to create camaraderie between the unit owners and the neighboring areas. Sometimes, all we need is to go the extra mile in reaching out to our community and help exhibit our local entrepreneurs.


For more details about upcoming events in Primavera Residences, call 088-880-5002 or 0917 794 221. You may also visit for more information. 



Watch the World Cup at Primavera Residences

Every 4 years, the world turns its eyes on the 32 teams that will be vying for the World Cup. The stage has been set in Brazil, the country with the most wins in the tournament. With that, they are burdened with the greatest of expectations.

But then again, Spain who won it 4 years ago will not give it up without a fight. The cup, the honor, the glory and the pride is up for grabs, with dark horses and strong teams like Italy, Portugal, Germany, Japan and France looming in and doing their best to run away with the win.

Superstars in this generation will be giving their all in the group stages as they progress to the sweet 16. Big names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr.,  Mesut Ozil, Andres Iniesta, Mario Balotelli, and Kisuke Honda will leave it all on the pitch as they will definitely try to outshine each other in their journey for the world cup.

This is the beauty of football, where anyone can be the hero at the last minute of the game. A game of two halves, 45 minutes each, and where a single miss or mistake can spell elimination and embarrassment to the team and to the nation they represent. The whole world will be watching and this is the beautiful game, this is the road to immortality. This is the FIFA World Cup.

Will you be watching it this year?

If you are, Primavera Residences, the eco-friendly Italian condo in uptown CDO has opened its doors to the football fans in Cagayan de Oro with a FREE screening of the 2014 World Cup.

In partnership with Parasat cable, football fans who register in advance will be given free snacks at the venue. To pre-register, simply visit the official Primavera Residences Facebook page at and send a message with your name, the names of the people who will be coming with you, the time and date of the game you wish to see, and the team you will be rooting for.

To know the list of  games, see below:

photo source: Balls Channel Facebook page

We’ll see you here at Primavera Residences!


To know more about Primavera Residences, the multi-awarded Italian-design condominium, visit


A Month-long Father’s Day Treat from Primavera Residences and Parasat!



It’s a Father’s Day treat like no other! This June, Primavera Residences and Parasat join forces to give fathers and sports fans, not just a day of celebration, but an entire month.

From June 6 until July 15, Primavera Residences will open its doors for a FREE viewing of the most-awaited NBA season finals and the FIFA World Cup. This free screening is powered by Parasat HD via its NBA Premium channel and Balls channel, the official broadcaster of the 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil.

How to avail of this Father’s Day treat? 

It’s easy.

Simply contact us on our official Facebook account ( or through the following mobile number: 0917 324 8755 and send us the following details:

1. Date and time of preferred viewing

2. The teams and game you wish to see

3. Number of people who will be joining you

4. Your name and contact details

As soon as we get these information, you and your friends will be entitled to FREE food and drinks upon your viewing date.

So round up your friends and enjoy this special treat from Primavera Residences and Parasat!


Primavera Residences is a 10-storey twin-tower condominium property located at Pueblo de Oro Business Park, in uptown Cagayan de Oro. Know more about this property and why it was recently awarded in the Asia Pacific Property Awards. Go here.

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