“Primavera Residences near to completion” announced at International Leadership Conference in CdO


Last August 15, 2015, a crowd of 500 gathered for the International Leadership Conference organized by Capitol University for their Executive Management Class of the Graduate School SY 2015-2016.

With the honorary presence of Filipino, American, Turkish, German and Italian lecturers and personalities, among which the Governor Vicente “Bambi” Emano who, during his speech, underlined his commitment to contintue to help Misamis Oriental grow in terms of Tourism and in terms of overall support to businesses  with needed infrastructure.

Mr. Lorens Ziller, IDC Director for Corporate Affairs, spoke on behalf of Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), the developer of Primavera Residences in Uptown CdO and announced that the second building of Primavera Residences is near to completion underlining the strong commitment of the company to deliver results for its many investors.

Ziller, also Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines held a speech about the “Challenges and Opportunities in International Trade and Business” in which he underlined the new opportunities for business and partnerships that the Philippines has with ASEAN with a brief on what we should learn from the European Union Integration process on how it happened and who benefited the most in the aftermath.


He also spoke about the new GSP+ “tariff-zero” admission of the Philippines with the EU for a large variety of goods manufactured and produced in the country and how this benefits and cascades into different industries from logistics and banking to real estate.

In the end he spoke about the importance of international networking and the participation in associations or entities like the ICCPI (the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines) which promotes partnerships and cooperation between Filipino and Italian companies for import/export opportunities and cross-country investment.

The Italian Chamber, after the very successful “Aperitivo Italiano” networking events, is seeking new tie-ups with local chambers and plans to hold a series of similar events also in Mindanao and Visayas. On behalf of IDC he said that the exciting designer building should possibly be handed over within the next 60 days.

This proves the value behind this young development corporation who, apart from keeping up to the promise of his investors is also apparently preparing for public listing within the next few months increasing the returns for its own investors even further.

Explaining the success of this Filipino-Italian company citing Napoleon Hill he finished with: “The only limits are those created by our mind” meaning that, where there is a will to succeed even in difficult circumstances there is a way if we don’t allow our imagination to see our success, which gained him a large applause by the present crowd.

The conference underlined the commitment from several private and institutional parties that a successful and growing Misamis Oriental with and International mindset will benefit all classes of society and bring new jobs and opportunities into an already thriving business environment. Where education, business and institutions are cooperating harmoniously there is definitely a strategic advantage for all concerned parties and ultimately for the people and our next generations. (Lorens Ziller, Corporate Affairs Director)

World Green Building Council visits Oro Sustainable Development

Photo from: http://www.vebidoo.com/

Last August 26, 2015, Mr. Autif Sayyed, a Green Building Specialist of World Green Building Council, visited Primavera Residences to meet with Engr. Aldwin Nilles and Ms. Melissa San Jose, general manager of Primavera Residences.

Mr. Sayyed visited the green building to complete the stages of Primavera Residences’ EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) certification. EDGE is a new building resource efficiency system created for emerging markets, providing clients with technical solutions for going green and captures capital costs and projected operational savings.

Autif Sayyed is the Regional Green Building Specialist for the East Asia Pacific Region at International Finance Corporation (IFC). He provides technical support to IFC’s green building programs in the emerging EAP countries, namely Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and China. His primary focus is on close cooperation with government counterparts and private sector stakeholders in order to initiate and implement green buildings regulatory changes. He also provides support to governments in the region on development of long term green building strategy, capacity building of building professionals and government officials and creating opportunities for funding green buildings.

Do you want to know more about Primavera Residences? Call us now at +63 917 794 2221 or (088) 880-5002.

Pueblo de Oro Golf Club official Golf Partner of Primavera Residences


On August 18, 2015, Primavera recently established partnership with Pueblo de Oro Golf Club as the green condominium development’s official golf partner. Pueblo de Oro Golf is an 18 hole, par-72 championship golf course intricately designed by Architect Robert Trent Jones II International.

The golf course was inaugurated on May 5, 1998 by President Fidel Ramos and was heralded as one of the finest in the Philippines with a majestic driving range, clubhouse, and tee houses. Strategically placed sand bunkers and grass add to the variety of challenges in this course.

“Our partnership with Pueblo de Oro Golf Course is just one of the add-ons that we give our tenants. We aspire to always provide them with the best options and deals,” Melissa San Jose, IDC general manager, said.


As the first eco-friendly property in Cagayan de Oro, Primavera Residences is a front-runner in promoting and supporting green advocacies and projects in the city. Also committed in sustainable properties, Primavera makes sure to fully support projects that stimulates environmental campaigns in the city.

Primavera Residences’ developer, Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), won numerous local and international awards for its contemporary design with natural airflow through inner spaces, and architectural elements designed precisely for the location’s latitude to shade the building’s surface from the sun throughout the year. The project has been cited as one of Asia’s top 10 clean energy projects because of its capacity to help residents save as much as 32% on air-conditioning energy consumption.

Primavera Serviced Residences offers long and short term stay

The 10-storey condominium property in uptown Cagayan de Oro offers serviced apartments with hotel-like services that are a less expensive and homier option for visiting businessmen and travelers and golfers.

All the units for rent are fully fitted with kitchen, cable TV, refrigerator, and air conditioning. Amenities include a green inner courtyard for natural lighting and ventilation, 24-7 security, CCTV, indoor pool, gym, function hall, laundry station, and twin elevators. Located in the booming business and commercial area in uptown Cagayan de Oro, it is just walking distance to SM City CdO, and easily accessible to public transportation, and Pueblo de Oro Golf Course.

“This coming August 27-30, Pueblo de Oro Golf is holding a tournament. I’m inviting all golfers to join the event and experience “Higalaay”. As you join this prestigious gold tournament, make Primavera Residences your home as we have prepared exciting promos just for you,” San Jose concluded.


To know more about Primavera Residences and its partners, you may reach them at (088) 880-5002, (+63) 917 864 4061, or email them at leasing.pso@italpinas.com. You can also access their website at www.primaveraresidences.com.

Why a Condo Unit is the Best Graduation Gift

Condo Grad Gift_03072015

It’s always exciting to see someone graduate from school—especially a college graduate who feels liberated from school and eager to start a new career. Graduating is exciting as it is terrifying especially when one starts to be independent.

Yes, there is no question that the best investment parents can give to their children is equipping them for the future—the gift of education. But what happens after graduation? As their child goes through the “real world”, worrying in silence would be very excruciating. Parents want nothing but the best for their children and for graduation, they would probably give their child the best gift ever.

Well, here are some reasons why a condominium is the best gift ever.

Worthy investment

Buying a condo unit as a graduation gift is a worthy investment for both parents and children. Not only that it could be considered a second home but also making sure that your child is in a place that is convenient and secure even if you decide to let him go.

In the Philippines, condo units are reasonable with its easier and efficient modes of payment. Why not help your newly-grad with the down payment or the deposit if it’s a rent? When he lands on a job, tell him to chip in. This way, your child becomes responsible enough to handle such investment. A condo unit will not only be a real estate investment but an investment into his character and sense of responsibility.

The reality of adulthood

Dependency is over and slacking’s done. Sooner or later, when your child gets his diploma, he will have to face reality and start doing things on his own.

Buying him a condo means driving him to get his act together. Through proper guidance and timing, you’ll be amazed on how independence can do to a child. Also, with significant amount of supervision, your child will soon live responsibly and maturely.

As parents, come prepared with your list of what-to-bring, from kitchen wares to appliances, when he starts living on his own. Living away from your comfort zone is no easy task, but at the same time, there is no better training than getting your hands a little dirty.

Financial responsibility

When your child takes off from college, you would want him to become financially responsible and independent. Though it will be challenging but it sure is worth it. We cannot keep away from the fact that sooner, when he lands a job, he will feel the need to reward himself every payday and might spend on things that do not help him to become financially stable someday.

If he owns a condo or rents one, he will value every peso he spends since he has bills to pay. Little will you know that he will be responsible enough to save electricity and water consumptions and manages his social life.

This way, you’re teaching him to be financially responsible and how to save for the future. He will know the value of hard work and ensure himself of a better life ahead.

For a better future

Giving a newly-grad a condo helps him become responsible of his own space and own life. It will help him grow maturely and responsibly as a professional. Most importantly, he will have a better chance at living the life he knows he deserves.

How’s this kind of “congratulations” for your child’s future?


This March, Primavera Residences offers special discounts worth P70,000 to its condominium buyers. In addition, buyers with graduating family members may also avail of an additional P5,000 worth of gift certificates which can be claimed at Bigby’s SM City CdO branch.

Primavera Residences is a multi-awarded green property development situated in Uptown Cagayan de Oro. Its passive cooling features include ledges on the exterior walls that provide shade and reduce the amount of direct sunlight hitting the windows, thus minimizing the use of air-conditioners. An inner courtyard at Primavera Residences also provide natural ventilation by expulsing warm air out through the rooftop.

Do you want to know more about the multi-awarded green building’s promos and treats? You may contact Primavera at (088) 880-5002, 0917 794 2221, or you can visit their website by clicking here.

Entrepreneur Magazine PH Cites CdO as one of The “Three Surprising Cities that are Best for Business”


Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines, a prominent business and economy magazine in the Philippines, dubbed Cagayan de Oro as one of the “Three Surprising Cities that are Best for Business” in the mag’s February 2015 issue.

Together with the cities of Iloilo and Naga, Cagayan de Oro has once again raised the bar for being cited as a city of good economy and an emerging business center.

Labelled as “The Speedster”, data show that business registration processing and business permit renewal could be done in less than an hour making Misamis Oriental’s highly urbanized city rake in almost 18,000 business registrations as of 2011. This success has brought in more tourists and investors in the city amounting to the total investment of P1.34 billion in 2014.


The consistent rise of Northern Mindanao’s economy fueled a remarkable upsurge of 94.4 percent in the region’s employment rate which can also be attributed to the consistent efforts of the city’s Public Employment Services Office (PESO).

In 2014, Cagayan de Oro made it to the top list of the Philippine’s most competitive cities with a score of 49.36 percent after Makati’s 53.24 percent.

“The city government and the private sector have a long standing partnership that has only grown stronger over time and we have worked hand-in-hand, enduring trials and enjoying triumphs together,” Eileen San Juan, the city’s local economic investment promotions officer, said.


She also said that Cagayan de Oro is primed to be strategic as the city aims to be the business, eco-tourism, agro-processing, and leisure hub in Mindanao.

In the wake of the devastating calamities that hit Cagayan de Oro in recent years, the city has bounced back and continued its positive growth. “Its relative peace and order situation provides a context of stability that will propel the city towards a significant role in the dynamics and challenges of tomorrow,” she concludes.

Primavera Residences, CdO’s first and only sustainable condo development, is internationally recognized and multi-awarded for its eco-friendly features. Located in Uptown Cagayan de Oro, the green building offers residential and office spaces for sale and for rent.

Do you want to know more about the Primavera Residences? Please click here.

PAF-TOG 10, Various Groups Lead Coastal Clean-up Activity


In accordance with the AFP’s Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) “Bayanihan” which endeavors to engage all sectors in addressing environmental issues, the Tactical Operations Group 10 of the Philippine Air Force headed by LTC Leo Fontanilla PAF (GSC) successfully conducted a coastal clean-up drive at the Mangrove shorelines of Barangay Cugman last Saturday, January 24, with the help of more than 50 participants from various groups in Cagayan de Oro including Primavera Residences.

“Through these kind of activities, AFP is committed to combat and mitigate the effect of global climate change. These simple acts of community service can very well serve the residents of this city,” Fontanilla expressed.

To support the green building’s advocacy to a clean and green environment, Primavera staff took the opportunity to continue serving the community as they clean the coastal area in Cugman to help protect, preserve, and sustain the environment through participating in the local policy development and promotion, and supporting environmental campaigns.


“The coastal clean-up made me realize that it does not limit its goal in cleaning the environment but also creating awareness to the society that waste/garbage should be thrown properly. Especially the mangroves being planted in the coastline are needed to be preserved and protected since these are very important to also protect the residents in the area,” Rhapsody Binasbas, Financial Accountant, said.

In an article about mangroves, it is said that Mangrove forests are among the most productive ecosystems and are especially helpful in coastal areas such as Cagayan de Oro City. Aside from providing goods worldwide that account to approximately US$186 million each year, mangroves also serve as protection and shelter against extreme weather conditions – something Kagay-anons are unfortunately quite familiar with.

“It was not my first time to participate in a clean-up drive yet it’s still a fulfilling experience. Most of the wastes are obviously from the coastal residents which saddens me. We don’t have a perfect society but through continuous learning and proper education, I know we can achieve our environmental goals,” Sayzon Verallo, Documentation and Compliance Officer, said.

Primavera Residences’ developer, Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corporation (ITPI), won numerous local and international awards for its contemporary design with natural airflow through inner spaces, and architectural elements designed precisely for the location’s latitude to shade the building’s surface from the sun throughout the year. The project has been cited as one of Asia’s top 10 clean energy projects because of its capacity to help residents save as much as 32% on air-conditioning energy consumption.

“I am pleased to know that there are agencies committed in serving the larger community. TOG-10, 3rd Air Division, Philippine Air Force will continue to work with the government and private companies  in protecting our precious environment in the region. Also seeing the residents help out give me enough hope that this city will soon progress,” Fontanilla concluded.

The multi-awarded building is located in a master planned community in uptown Cagayan de Oro, was built in 2009 and has been effectively on the lead in promoting green advocacies in Cagayan de Oro.

Do you want to know more about our advocacies? Call (088) 880-5002 and 0917 794 2221 or visit our website here.


What Makes it More Fun in Cagayan de Oro?

Photo by Tom Udasco

Being the gateway hub that connects the city to the rest of the region and other neighboring provinces, Cagayan de Oro City indeed offers big opportunities for a very promising future. From street food to restaurants to scenic views to adventure, Cagayan de Oro is the place to be.

As the gateway of Northern Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro is also proud to be dubbed as the “adventure capital” in the Philippines. After all, it is home to the most scenic and exhilarating whitewater rafting in the country.

Also tagged to be the city of “golden friendship”, the Kagay-anons are some of the friendliest folks around. In fact, the city is one of the more colorful ground zero for the many cultures in the Philippines where Christians, Catholics, Muslims, foreigners and various mestizos in equal concentrations.

Let me show you why it’s more fun in CdO and truly a unique travel destination according to the official website of It’s more Fun in the Philippines.

1. Cagayan de Oro’s much talked-about whitewater rafting and river trekking make it the premier whitewater destination in the country. The Cagayan de Oro River is famed for challenging rapids that quickly follow one after the other. It’s really an experience like no other and well worth the initial scare. They say the wild river helps you discover your inner strength and endurance. Nice! Character-building fun!

Photo source: skyscanner.com.ph


2. Still not enough thrills for you? Make sure you visit the Macahambus Hill Cave and Gorge.The Battle of Macahambus Hill was the first Filipino victory against the Americans. Admire the view from the 120-meter long Sky Bridge suspended 120 feet from the ground, and then take the 120-meter breathtaking zipline.

wandering grace
Photo source: wanderinggrace.com



3. More action-packed fun awaits you at Jatico Adventures. A five-course zipline, ATV rides, and hiking trails are among the many things on offer.

its more fun
Photo source: itsmorefuninthephilippines.com


4. Not to be missed are the Mapawa Nature Park for its waterfalls, trekking, and rappelling.

Photo source: misskimpe.com


It’s not all thrill rides though. What’s a great adventure without culture and heritage?

5. Understand local customs and traditions at the Museo de Oro. Or acquaint yourself with the people of Northern Mindanao at the Museum of Three Culturesand the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village for its showcase of tribal houses set amidst nature trails.

Photo source: ensogo.com.ph


nomadic experiences
Photo source: nomadicexperiences.com


6. At the General MacArthur Marker, you’ll learn more about the role played by Cagayan de Oro in history and about US General MacArthur, one of the most important figures of World War II.

Tom Udasco
Photo by Tom Udasco


7. Admire the centuries-old stained glass panels of the Gothic Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral. While nearby, the tree-lined Gaston Park is a relaxing haven in the city.

lakat travel
Photo source: lakat-travel.blogspot.com
tom udasco
Photo by Tom Udasco


8. In Cagayan de Oro, the month of August is synonymous with the Kagay-an Festival. This almost two week-long celebration has a carnival-like atmosphere, and is dedicated to its patron, St. Augustine. It’s a full-blast party, with activities such as agricultural trade fairs and a cultural street dancing parade and competition. The highlight of the celebration is the Golden Float Parade. Make sure to bring your shades! The bright colors will dazzle you.

Photo by Tom Udasco
Photo by Tom Udasco

Cagayan de Oro has something for the eco-tourist as well as the sports lover. So, grab your backpacks and head to where nature’s beauty will thrill you. This happy place could very well leave you with a smile on your face.

Do you need a place to stay for your Cagayan de Oro vacation? Check out the units for rent at Primavera Residences! You can choose between sunrise or sunset view from your very own picture-perfect balcony and window for a thoroughly relaxing vacation. For more information, go to www.primaveraresidences.com.


Primavera to Furnish Units with Paintings by Italian Artist


Primavera Residences has recently partnered with distinguished Italian painter Nino Quartana to furnish its two towers with 50 specially commissioned art pieces. This coming February 2015, in time for the National Arts Month, the project’s furnished units will be home to high-quality Italian art, further enhancing the multi-awarded property’s interiors.

“Mr. Quartana’s paintings are incomparable. To add value to the elegance and style of the living experience of our guests and clients, his Water-Sky and Fire-Earth-themed paintings perfectly capture the sense of serenity and peace our clients would need,” ITPI CEO Romolo Nati expressed.

Nino Quartana is not only a painter but also a stage designer and a ceramist as well. Having attended an Arts High School and specializing in Fine Arts at University in Palermo, Sicily, the Sicilian painter honed his artistic qualities through years of practice and study. His art works have been showcased in Italy and other international exhibits since 1979.

While in Milan, Quartana worked for an Italian television network, Radiotelevisione italiana (RAI), making a name for himself in the television and theater industry. He also ventured in teaching painting techniques and stagecraft in several qualifying courses funded by public and private organizations and also worked for programs funded by the European Union and the Sicilian Regio, aimed at the rehabilitation of children at risk by means of painting, stagecraft and drama.

Since January 2007 until the present, he relocated to Manila, where he continued to master his painting techniques. His works have been exhibited in many art galleries around the metro such as Galleria Deumila and Rico Renzo among others.

In 2008, he participated in “Europa sa Maynila”, an art exhibition where Manila-based European artists showcased their one-of-a-kind art works. It was organized by the Delegation of European Commission to the Philippines and co-presented by Ayala Museum.

Primavera meets Quartana

Primavera Residences, a locally and internationally recognized property for its sustainable features and commitment to green architecture and design, was named among the winners in the prestigious International Property Awards in the 2014 Asia Pacific regional competition being the Best Mixed-use Development in the Philippines.

“Primavera Residences is designed, developed and managed following the criteria of sustainability. This means using natural resources in a smarter way. To weave sustainability, elegance, and style, we asked Mr. Quartana to create elegant environment-friendly artworks to fit the needs of our clientele,” Nati said.

The green building actively promotes environmental sustainability without compromising the Italian elegance and serene living of its residents.

“Mr. Quartana impressed me with his works and has fulfilled our expectations in creating an atmosphere fitted for our development. As an artist myself, I am really honored to display 50 artworks made by the one and only Nino Quartana,” Nati concluded.

As the building is designed to be energy-efficient, unit residents save 20% in energy consumption and 32% savings in aircon use. The installation of solar panels will further reduce electricity costs for the building as the energy from the solar panels will power the common areas.

Interested to see Nino Quartana’s art works? Primavera Serviced Residences offers short-term and long-term stay for those on business trips and long-term project assignments. Book now to experience a one-of-a-kind Italian elegance at Primavera Residences.

Panache’s Shlaen Eyes Investment Opportunities in Cagayan de Oro


“Your country [Philippines] has been known as always a laggard, but the ascent is real, and there is opportunity in the secondary cities with upside (for investors),” Alexander Karolik Shlaen said to Powerplay Magazine.

Alexander Karolik Shlaen, one of Asia’s top luxury connoisseurs and CEO of SG’s Panache Management, made it in papers, magazines and televisions talking about the Philippines as the next big thing in the real estate industry.

Hailed as the “Luxury Expert in Singapore”, he also works closely with developers and real estate companies since Panache’s brands deliver the luxury experience his clients look for.

“There are only a few good investment companies and wealthy houses watching the [Asian] region, and I’m doing my own investments as well, I’m not just a middleman,” Shlaen explained.

Schlaen made his second visit in the Philippines in 2014, and has predicted the Philippines as the up-and-coming player in Southeast Asia.


Talking to CNBC, Panache’s Shlaen, who is chairman of the judges for the Asean Property Awards, eyes a property in Cagayan de Oro City which is the first condominium development in the city.

He visited the Philippines in September 2014 to experience first-hand CdO’s premier green condominium development, Primavera Residences.

Shlaen told Powerplay that he was impressed by Primavera’s modern eco-friendly condo concept despite being located in a secondary city. It’s a move, perhaps a trend, which he and his Singaporean clients would put money into.

“The reality is that Primavera is of exceptional quality and the strategy of building condos in the Philippines secondary cities is worth looking into for investors,” Schlaen said.

Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corporation (ITPI) is an Italian-Filipino company that designs and develops sustainable property developments nationwide and Primavera Residences, its flagship development in CdO, recently won in the 2014 Asia Pacific Property Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“It’s a chance for the country to get some real foreign investors, and any positive views about the country should go viral,” Shlaen emphasized.

Alexander Karolik Shlaen visited Primavera Residences as guest of honor during the topping off ceremony of the building’s second tower.

Do you want to know more good news about the property? Click here.

Asian Dragon Mag Features ITPI Executives


In the spotlight of the November-December 2014 issue of Asian Dragon magazine is a feature story on Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation (ITPI), a sustainable real estate developer and the passion behind the executives’ vision for green developments.

The first bilingual business and lifestyle magazine in the Philippines, Asian Dragon reports on ITPI’s journey into the real estate industry with Chairman/CEO Arch. Romolo V. Nati and President Atty. Jojo D. Leviste and an in-depth story of the premier eco-friendly condominium development in Cagayan de Oro, Primavera Residences.

ITPI is an Italian-Filipino company that designs and develops sustainable property developments nationwide and Primavera Residences, its flagship development in CdO, recently won in the 2014 Asia Pacific Property Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“Sustainable design is more than just designing green. Aside from aesthetic design and caring for the environment, it has to help develop the communities,” Nati expounds. “That’s why our developments incorporate sustainability features and are built in secondary Philippine cities, where they can help develop local communities.”

When asked about the company’s definition of ‘growth’, “Growth is not about hitting a certain target per year. It would definitely be great to do that, don’t get us wrong. What is more important is that we get to promote sustainable design, especially in the sense that it doesn’t need to be so expensive,” explains Nati.

Together, the two brought over their experiences and ideas from other countries to set up ITPI, in response to the need for genuine sustainable development in the country.

“We don’t necessarily have to be the biggest, but we want to be the most admired,” Nati concluded.

To know more about the multi-awarded development, Primavera Residences, you can visit primaveraresidence.com or call 088-880-5002 and 0917 794 2221.

Asian Dragon Magazine is available in bookstores and select newsstands nationwide.