Couples are in Love with Primavera Residences!

This article is the winning piece from the Marketing Management 61 class of Xavier University Section B. The photo essay was created by the “D’ Big Bang” team which bested two other groups. The original article was posted HERE.


What makes Primavera Residences the perfect home for newlywed professionals?

1. Sometimes it’s hard to find condominiums that are not far from the city, but still have a homey and suburban atmosphere to it. This is what makes Primavera the best place to spend each day with your partner. Primavera Residences provide couples with a cozy and comfortable space to enjoy each other’s company in an incredibly convenient location so that newlyweds wake up and greet the new working day with a pleasant smile, not having to worry about being too far from the work place, and not being near enough to hear the loud cars drive by.

2. The green and lush garden of Primavera located at the 3rd floor, and the pool just a few steps away are tranquil venues for men and women to find their inner peace– nothing’s better than doing yoga poolside or hitting the gym while waiting for the husband to get home from work!

3. Weekends don’t have to be spent away from home when Primavera Residences provide couples with a relaxing and blissful living area, complete with a huge window to keep the bright light in, a television set for entertainment, and a comfortable couch you wouldn’t mind sleeping in when you’re watching a late-night movie with the wife.

4. The size of each unit is perfect for busy newlyweds; it provides a seamless flow in the home that bring you from one room to another with ease. Storage is not a problem since Primavera has provided numerous cabinets and drawers for all cooking needs, making it easier to prepare meals, and clean up! Music to any busy worker’s ears.

5. The calm, serene and romantic atmosphere of Primavera residences keep couples falling more and more in love, and hurrying to get back from work to spend a little more time together in this wonderful condominium with balconies, big windows and a front row seat to an amazing sunset view.

Against other condominiums in the city, Primavera stands out because it is only walking distance of SM City, but it is not surrounded by bustling traffic or the noise of the city. Primavera Residences provide complete customer satisfaction by providing anything and everything that anyone may need, may it be a chance to take a quiet walk around the block, or a little shopping with the husband/wife. Couples and professionals, among others in the market should look no further than Primavera Residences to answer all home and comfort needs.


Isn’t it refreshing waking up to a cozy home and enjoying breakfast with the one you love?



Getting ready for work is never a hassle when you can get dressed and appreciate the lovely view at the same time.


And what is the wife to do while the husband works to bring home the bacon? Enjoy Primavera’s amenities of course!




What could be better than to come home to a loving wife, and the best view of the sunset?


Congratulations to the winners! Selected photos from the 24 different groups may also be viewed at the Primavera Residences booth in SM City CDO from September 15 to 22, 2014.

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