Who is responsible for the maintenance and management of Primavera?

Ultimately, it would be the Condominium Corporation who will be responsible for the maintenance and management of common areas and central facilities of Primavera. As the project is being developed and haven’t been turned over to the Condominium Corporation, Italpinas, Inc. shall manage and maintain on behalf of the Unit Owners. Moreover, the funds needed for the maintenance and management shall come from the Dues levied on each unit owner.
Monthly Dues are currently estimated at P45/sqm of liveable unit.

  • The Dues are assessed on a Monthly and an Annual basis. The Condominium Unit Owner, by its acceptance of the Unit, is deemed by covenant and agrees to pay to the Condominium Corporation the Owner’s pro-rata share in the Expenses for the maintenance of the Common Areas, Central Facilities, and other Expenses to be incurred for the whole or part of Primavera.
  • These funds will be used for the management and upkeep of the compound. Security Services, General cleaning, grass cutting, landscape maintenance, streetlights, pool maintenance and payment of utilities are examples of the costs that shall be covered by the dues.
  • Dues are the obligations of the Unit Owner and shall become a continuing lien on the Unit if not paid and shall constitute a personal obligation of the Owner and all other persons claiming an interest under it.
  • The Condominium Corporation shall have the right to impose upon any, some or all of the Owners the obligation to pay Dues or as an assessment not specifically covered herein but otherwise authorized by the By-Laws or its Board of Directors. In addition, reasonable administrative and other fees for the use of certain Common Areas and Central Facilities, and assessments for the cost of litigation may be imposed by the Condominium Corporation from time to time.