Travelling Eco-friendly to CDO

Global warming or climate change has been the talk of the world ever since there has been a visible and feelable effect on all our places, even in Cagayan de Oro. Not everyone is aware of this, no idea of it, or no care about it at all because they have no idea how it affects them and their families.


Travelling eco-friendly in CDO

Waterworld if climate change isn’t controlled. As it is, polar bears are fast losing their glacier homes because of global warming.  Th effect is global as well as local, as we Kagay-anons know very well.


Climate change means the global rise in temperature change of the air and the sea. People are seeing all the change all over the world. Glaciers are disappearing, the arctic sea is melting, storms, heat waves are forming everywhere, plants and flowers are blooming earlier than expected, and unfamiliar insects in our territories are emerging from all angles, birds and other animals are multiplying before they are expected to and those animals that are supposedly hibernating are all awake – the cycles are distorted.

So you ask, what is going on? The planet is getting warmer. Any change in our climate affects each and every one of us. Humans are known to be high energy consumers. No one can deny we consume almost all the energy than any other living creature there is on the planet.

We use tons of energy in our everyday tasks – from cleaning, heating, pumping, even disposing of water. Even the food that we eat is an enormous source of greenhouse gases: the fossil fuels we use in fertilizers and farm machinery, the processing of food, transportation – cars, ships, even jets, the cooking and packing. Even construction requires all kinds of building materials that can only be made with massive amounts of energy.

Even the major necessity we have which is electricity isn’t captured magically – it takes the burning of immense amounts of fossil fuel to convert energy into electrical current. Majority of the things in our lives – clothes, mobile phones, toothbrushes, etc. – are all made using energy.

Individually, we may not be able to make much of a difference. But if we all combine our habits of conservation, I do believe we can do something to minimize our carbon footprint. Even when we travel.

When travelling to CDO, here are a few tips to help conserve energy:

  1. Book your next flight to an airline that is environmental friendly
  2. Stay in a green hotel – (in CDO it’s Primavera Residences)
  3. Drink eco-friendly water (bring your own stainless water containers instead of buying plastic bottles).
  4. Reduce any excess use of carbon or plastic use.
  5. And lastly – Reduce, reuse, recyle in any way possible – even hotel freebies.

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Top 5 Things to Do in CDO

Every city in the Philippines will tell you why it’s “MORE FUN” there, but not all of them could provide the thrills that only Cagayan de Oro can. Before you start to raise your eyebrows, let me give you a quick run down of the attractions, tourist spots, and all the fun things you can do while you’re in CDO.

1. Go on an adventure!

You can’t go to CDO without getting in touch with everything nature has to offer. And when we say you got plenty of exciting adventures to choose from, you really do!

Whether you’re in the mood for some trekking, ziplining, kayaking, river tubing, skimboarding, whitewater rafting, canyoneering, rappelling and all sorts of heart-pumping, breathtaking action, CDO has all that to offer! You can choose to stay within the city for those exhilarating high-adrenaline action (Makahambus Adventure Park, Mapawa Nature Park, Jatico Adventures, Gardens of Malasag)  or you can venture into the nearby Dahilayan Adventure Park for even more choices of adventure!

CDO is also near the beautiful provinces of Bukidnon (with its cool air and beautiful scenery) and Camiguin (with its jaw-dropping white beaches). And if you still have time to spare, there is the City of Iligan nearby, and its majestic waterfalls will surely have you coming back for more.

So make sure you got your cameras ready because you’ll definitely come across a lot of picture-perfect (and Instagrammable) sights here!

Top 5 Things to Do in CDO - Whitewater Rafting

Haven’t tried this yet? Oh my, you’re missing half of your life! (Photo courtesy of

2. Eat!

The city is teeming with restaurants that offer mouth-watering creations. From the usual Filipino fare (with a twist!) to Italian, Korean, Japanese, American diner-style, and fancy restos, CDO’s got it covered! Wanna give your taste buds a different kind of treat? Then how about some delicious Turkey or Wagyu steaks? You should try the wildly popular Kagay-anon fare Sinuglaw too!


Top 5 Things to Do in CDO - Sinuglaw

It’s the sinuglaw! Ta-daaah!!! (photo from the


3.     Partaay!

If you’re in the mood to chill out, dance the night away, or simply see and be seen, there are plenty of spots scattered around the city that you can choose from. There’s a bunch of restos and bars at J.R. Borja Extension, Rosario Strip, Centrio, Corrales and Divisoria where you can party the night away!

4. Go Shopping!

Heads up ladies, there’s plenty of malls and shops popping up all over the place! Whether you’re on the lookout for some bargains or pricier finds, you can check out the different shops all over the city. Be sure to ask the locals for some recommendations, we’d be absolutely glad to help!

5. Hang Out With The Uber-friendly Locals!

But of course, CDO isn’t called the City of Golden Friendship for nothing. Come on over and experience first-hand the delightful smiles and the sparkling friendly laughter of the Kagay-anons. We’d looove to hang out with you!

Cagayan de Oro is pure fun, exciting adventures, gorgeous sights and fun-loving locals all rolled into one and wrapped up in a delightful, friendly package. Spend a week or two and you could be so enamored you might never want to go back home. In which case, there’s always the Primavera Residences that’s a perfect new home for you.  Located in a posh neighborhood, it’s eco-friendly uptown living at its finest!

So see you soon in Cagayan de Oro. And oh, don’t forget to say “tsada!” when you’re here!

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On Business Daily: What’s the rush this August?

The month of August remains to be one of the busiest months in Cagayan de Oro thanks to the yearly festivities of the Kagay-an Festival.

People from all over Mindanao flock to Cagayan de Oro during this time to attend the week-long fiesta that is bursting with competitions, exhibitions, dances and trade fairs that all boast the local culture, tradition and products.

Aside from that, a large number of OFWs also returns this month, especially those who live in the western countries where it is currently the summer season, to be with their family and friends and to be home.

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Featured in Business Daily, 1 August 2013

Italpinas joins U.P. Vanguard Inc. Golf Tournament

ITALPINAS Euro Asian Design and Eco-Development Corporation, owner developer of Primavera Residences participated in the U.P. Vanguard Inc. National Commanders Golf Cup held at the Palmers Course, Forest Hills Golf and Country Club, Antipolo City last March 4, 2013.

To expand the awareness for its pioneering green condominium project and in line with its corporate social responsibility, ITALPINAS showcased its Primavera Residences which is a twin tower green residential condominium located in Cagayan de Oro City. Its banner advertising was prominently displayed at the registration area of the Forest Hills Golf and Country Club house which attracted a lot of interests.

The U.P. Vanguard Inc. is an organization composed mainly of professionals and businessman who have graduated from the rigorous cadet officers training course of the University of the Philippines system.

During the awarding ceremony, Mr. Meliton Salazar, National Commander of the U.P. Vanguard, Inc. thanked the sponsors and the golfers who played representing different organizations such as the Management Association of the Philippines, the military, the Rotary and the U.P. Barkadan. Mr Salazar is currently the Vice President of Manila Bulletin and was a former member of the Monetary Board and Board of Investments. The annual golf event was organized to raise funds to support the development of the students of the University of the Philippines who are taking the citizen military training program in various U.P. campuses nationwide. More than 150 avid golf players played in the tournament.

The golfers fielded by ITALPINAS were led by its Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Harold J. Dacumos and Mr. Albert Pascual, SVP, Bank of the Philippine Island and Mr. Gil Pamaymat, SVP, Banco de Oro.

‘Green jeepneys’ now ply Cagayan de Oro

THE first ever electric passenger jeepneys in Northern Mindanao are only found in this capital city and regional center.

Environment-friendly and cost-efficient, these e-jeepneys can be found in Mindanao’s benchmark for eco-friendly developments—Pueblo de Oro Business Park—plying as shuttle services in its environs, especially to and from the surrounding subdivisions, mall and universities.

But plans are in the boards to bring the e-jeepneys out of Pueblo de Oro and into the city’s thoroughfares as part of Pueblo de Oro’s campaign for the environment.

The only hindrance to make this a reality is the lack of franchise from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), said Rommel T. Juan, vice president of PhUV Inc., one of Filipino companies that make the e-jeepneys.

Juan told journalists during a press conference, July 5, following the launching of Primavera Residences, the first environment-friendly condominium high-rise in Northern Mindanao, that e-jeepneys are the commuters’ vehicle for the future, which he said is already here in the present.


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– Bong Fabe

Featured by Business Week Mindanao, 19 July 2011